Over the years I’ve made it my unofficial, self-appointed mission to eat as many ice creams as possible during my travels. In fact, I haven’t even really been trying that hard. You could say this journey of ice cream discovering has come quite naturally. Surprising, I know!

So it turns out my friends over at TripAdvisor put together an epic list of the 10 Best Ice Cream Spots in Australia, based on travellers reviews, of course. I was pretty stoked to see I’ve eaten at a few of them, but even more excited to see there are a lot I haven’t tried yet! This gives me a great starting point of where to eat on my Aussie travels over the next 12 months. Thanks, TripAdvisor! You guys are great!

This epic Aussie ice cream list got me thinking about my own awesome ice cream experiences from around the world. So, I wanted to share with you guys my favourite ice cream memories from my travels and, hopefully, decide once and for all which country makes the BEST ice cream.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Where was the best ice cream you’ve ever had and what was it? Spare no detail! I love a good food story. Here are mine.

The best (and worst) places to stay in Singapore
Photo by Miguel Sousa on Unsplash


When people think of Singapore, quite a few would probably think about luxury and wealth. When I think of Singapore, I think of super cheap eats and hidden locals spots! So it’s no surprise I think the best ice cream in Singapore comes from a street vendor and costs $1 – $1.50. So cheap and so delish.

If you’re walking around Singapore keep your eyes peeled for a street vendor with a push-cart, selling ice cream. Sometime you’ll hear them before you see them as they may ring a bell to get your attention. The process here is simple, you choose your flavour and they cut off a rectangle of ice cream for you. It can be served in a cup, wrapped up in a slice of sweet bread or sandwiched between two wafers (my personal favourite). It’s simple, delicious and addictive. My favourite flavour is the triple chocolate and, let me tell you now, it’s very easy to eat more than just one.

Singapore Ice Cream Best Street Vendor
Singapore ice cream


Some of my best memories of Italy are food ones, which is exactly what I think they’re supposed to be. It’s a well-known fact that Italian Gelato calories don’t count because, firstly, you’re on holidays and, second, it’s Italy!

Both times I’ve visited Rome I’ve made absolutely sure to eat at least one gelato per day. I love that you get to sample all the flavours before choosing which one to go with and that they pile up lots of different flavour combinations for you in the one cup. The gelato in Italy is next level, it’s so creamy and delicious, bursting with flavour and doesn’t leave you feeling icky as it’s freshly made. Sitting somewhere beautiful, eating ice cream and watching the world go by in Rome is one of my favourite travel memories.

Rome 2

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong may not be a destination that immediately springs to mind for most people when they start thinking about their favourite ice cream experiences, but it is for me! I did a LOT of research before visiting Hong Kong and realised a trip to Oddies Foodies was absolutely essential and I was 100% right.

The guys at Oddies combine delicious, traditional Hong Kong Egg Waffles with modern dessert genius to make one of the tastiest ice creams I’ve ever eaten! It’s so good I wish fewer people knew about it. Be sure to try the Night Wolf: Italian low-fat soft gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate and served with buttery crumbs, caramelised banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chip eggettes and crunchy flakes. That combination shouldn’t taste good, but it does. It really, really does. My tummy is rumbling just thinking about it.

Oddies 47 Things to do in Hong Kong Travel Blog
‘Night Wolf’ at Oddies…. get in my belly!


I can’t write about my favourite ice cream experiences and not talk about my home country! Are you mad!? Oh, Australia, thank you so much for all the beautiful ice cream memories you’ve given me. Goodness knows we’ve had more than our share of delicious times together.

I’ve eaten a lot of great ice creams in different places around our gorgeous country, but I have to agree with the reviewers of TripAdvisor and the put Gelato Messina as my top spot! I’m so thankful there’s now one on the Gold Coast because it makes for one heck of an amazing treat. The ice cream is just so, so good. I love the rotating flavours on the specials board but also go particularly nuts for their raspberry sorbet (so tangy!) and their classic chocolate chip gelato – all the noms!

Gelato Messina Gold Coast
Gelato Messina

If you need some inspiration on amazing ice creameries to visit in 2016, here are TripAdvisor’s top 10 ice cream spots in Australia. They pulled together this list based on the quality and quantity of reviews and opinions from millions of TripAdvisor travellers, so you know it’s reliable! How many of the 10 below have you visited?

Top 10 Ice Cream Spots in Australia:

  1. Gelocchio, Cairns, QLD
  2. Nitrolato, Cairns, QLD
  3. Zanette’s Gelato, Surfers Paradise, QLD
  4. Devine Gelato, Cairns, QLD
  5. Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shack, Tea Gardens, NSW
  6. Coffee Barn Gelateria, Moonta Mines, SA
  7. My Gelato Kirra, Coolangatta, QLD
  8. I Scream, Grafton, NSW
  9. Gelato Messina, Fitzroy, VIC
  10. Amo Gelato, Noosaville, QLD

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