Some of the best memories are waiting to be had on the road. Piling in the car with all your gear, inevitably forgetting to pack something important, stopping along the way, blasting your favourite music and laughing while scoffing down chips. Long summer days spent on winding roads, nowhere to be and nothing to do but drive. A road trip with your significant other is always a fun idea! Matt and I spent a few days doing just this, road tripping through New South Wales and Queensland, exploring places we haven’t been before. Before you watch our video, here are our 8 essential tips to properly prepare for an awesome couples roadie!

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1. Source great snacks

Before you set off on the road, make a visit to your local grocery store and stock up on snacks. A couple of bags of chips, a few sweet treats as well as fresh fruit, muesli bars and plenty of water are all good options. It’ll save you money and time on the road while keeping you fuelled up for the adventure. If you’re super organised, you might like to bake your own snacks, like fresh muffins.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

2. Cosy blankets and picnic gear

One of the best things about a road trip is you get to stop whenever and wherever you like! Matt and I love to pull over somewhere scenic, lay down the seats, open up the boot and get cosy in a nice pile of blankets and pillows. You can sit and soak in gorgeous views for as long as you like, all in the comfort of your own car. I’d recommend organising yourself a picnic if possible, maybe some cheese, cured meats and fresh juice sourced from a local vendor.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

3. Get your car checked out before you leave

It always pays to be prepared! Make sure your car is in tip-top shape before you leave home. Take your car to get a service or a check-up before you set off and be sure to tell the mechanic you’re taking a road trip so they know what to look for. You may need to have your wheels balanced, get new tyres, have your brake pads replaced or get a new car battery. It’s also really important to have the contact details for your roadside assistance in the car, just in case.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

4. Play fun games

It’s not just fun to play games in the car, it’s also a really great way to help the driver stay alert! Some of my favourite memories as a little kid are playing eye-spy on the drive up from Brisbane to Townsville with my mum. Before you leave, look up some fun games you can play. Matt and I love to play trivia games so I usually look up pub quizzes for us. We also play this really fun game where we take turns saying a random word and the other person has to tell the first story that pops into their mind, it helps us pass the time, stay alert and hear stories we haven’t before.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

5. Do an in-car cleanout

Before you take off, give your car a good clean. Give it a wash, if needed, but also go through the inside too. Clean out any unnecessary clutter and rubbish, making sure you’ve got plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable. I always pack a few extra plastic bags in the car so we can throw our rubbish right in them and keep the car tidy. It’s also a good idea to pack some baby wipes or pre-packaged cleaning wipes, just to give the car a wipe down and keep it clean of sticky fingers, spilled soft drinks and other weird, yucky things that find their way inside a car on a road trip.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

6. Rest and switch up drivers regularly

This one is really important. You should make lots of rest stops along the journey to allow the driver to rest and refresh, helping them stay alert on the road. It can be a good idea to pre-plan your rest stops but you can also just keep an eye on the clock and be sure to stop every two hours, at least, for around 15-20 minutes to stretch your legs. Try picking a nice scenic spot and consider packing a thermos with tea or coffee and a few biscuits or a slice of cake. Drink plenty of water, rest as long as you need and remember to switch up the driving responsibilities too.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

7. Get an emergency kit together

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Imagine yourself in a situation where the car breaks down, what are you going to need? Make sure you have a first-aid kit and a few basic tools, like a screwdriver, duct tape and zip ties. Makes sure you have a LOT of water and some non-perishable food stashed away, you may even like to keep a small stash of cash, just in case. Throw in a blanket or two and make sure you have jumper cables, motor oil and radiator fluid. Also, make sure you have all the details of your car insurer (policy number, contact number etc) and your roadside assistance (phone number etc) on hand.

8 Essentials to prepare for an awesome couples road trip

8. Prepare the perfect playlist

Obviously, this one is the most important tip of all. I would recommend both you and your partner prepare a few playlists each! Make them themed and take each other on a musical journey, try making playlists like, ‘My 10 favourite songs from the ’90s,’ ‘My turn-up tunes,’ and ‘My ultimate break-up jams,’ they’re not only a great way to find out more about each other’s favourite songs, but you end up hearing really funny and interesting stories too.

A big thank you to the lovely team at Mitsubishi Motors Australia who hooked up us up with this gorgeous, brand-new MY17 ASX. We put it through its paces, whizzing through Queensland and New South Wales in style and comfort. We also gave our neighbours the impression we’re real pimps! It’s always a dream working with Mitsubishi and that’s down to how great the cars are and how genuinely wonderful their team is too. So, thank you Mitsubishi. We love working with you and, as usual, we had a blast!

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