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Phoebe Lee - Little Grey Box

Phoebe is a travel writer and blogger with a love for storytelling and capturing dreamy photos. Through her relatable and engaging voice, she creates practical, fun and engaging written content to energise readers. Follow her on Instagram here.

Matt is a videographer with a passion for the great outdoors and big adventures. He creates beautiful videos that tell a story, taking the viewer on a journey and leaving them filled with wanderlust. Follow him on Instagram here.

Together we travel the world, sharing written guides, beautiful photos and fun videos to inspire others to live a life they love and have their own big adventures. Follow our journey through our YouTube channel here.

Our Growing Audience

  • 58,000+ unique visitors a month and 90,000+ page views each month
  • Our readers come mostly from Australia, the United States, the UK, Singapore and Canada
  • 13,000+ blog subscribers, and
  • 21,000+ social media followers (combined across all channels)

We’ve worked with…

Media Kit

If you’d like a copy of our media kit or want to talk to us about opportunities for working together please email us:

Travel plans for 2017 & beyond

Matt and I intend to see a whole lot more of Australia and the world in 2017. If there’s an opportunity for us to work together, please email me:


It was a pleasure to work with Phoebe and Matt right from the get go. They clearly love what they do, which really comes through in the exceptional content that they build. They have the ability to understand and communicate ‘the best’ aspects of a destination in a way that is motivating and engaging. In our experience, they also had a good understanding of the issues that owner-operators face and were more than happy to recommend other bloggers, Instagrammers and techniques we could use that might help us build our business and shape our social media presence. Everyone that we have shared their content with has loved it. My strong recommendation would be to get involved. You’ll get a lot out of the ‘conversation’, as well as lots of really valuable content. Anthony & Louise –Mt Hay Retreat

I have worked with Phoebe multiple times with Spicers Retreats, a leading Australian luxury accommodation provider. Phoebe is a total pleasure to work with; engaging, consistent and a fantastic collaborator. Through her engaging blog and social media platforms, professionally shot videos and her knowledgeable grasp of the tourism and accommodation sector, Phoebe has delivered significant value for the Spicers Brand. We have worked with Phoebe several times so far, and would highly recommend working with her on any travel project in the future. Jess –Horizon Communication Group

We are proud to call Phoebe Lee a Cancer Council Queensland ambassador! She’s endlessly energetic, full of enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity and a passion for our cause – helping the one in two Queenslanders who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Phoebe is always approachable, extremely easy to work with, willing to go the extra mile and even suggest ideas that can take our campaigns to another level. We are grateful for all her support and look forward to working with her for many years to come! Katie Clift, Executive Manager, Media and Spokesperson –Cancer Council Queensland

8 Comments on Work with us

  1. Hey Phoebe, Any chance you could do a youtube video or 2 on how you started your career. Im a very keen traveler and really love sharing my advice/info and experiences with everyone but suck at putting together videos. How did you get started? How’d you get your sponsors? Any tips and hints?
    Thank you for all your awesomeness.


    • Hello! We’re filming something about this but it’s going to take a while to finish 🙂 I have a whole section of the blog dedicated to all the things you mentioned – its under ‘for bloggers’ you can find it using the menus – hopefully that helps 😀 xx


      • Yes stupid me found all of your awesome information on your blog after I commented that thank you for your reply and I can’t wait to watch. I literally spent all night until early hours of this morning watching and reading all of your information. Congratulations on how far you’ve come and it’s a real inspiration watching you follow your dreams I hope one day I’m able to follow my dreams x


  2. vicky wong kin ying // March 17, 2017 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    i love travel, what do you want from partner with your travel go?
    from Vicky Wong, Hong Kong


  3. Hello there,

    How about a little taste of snow in Canada? I am also planning to do some amazing things like you, but not right now, maybe some years later. well, hope we can see each other one day, crazy to say that but yeah, why not. Bon courage, keep what you do, it is great !

    Jeff (hello from Quebec, Canada)


  4. Hey Phoebe,
    what camera do you use?
    nims xx


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