31 Insanely wander-full travel gifts hiding on Etsy

31 Insanely wander-full travel gifts hiding on Etsy

So, you know someone who loves to travel… an adventure-seeking, experience-loving, wanderlust-fuelled travel addict. You probably already know, but travel lovers make the best friends, family members, and loved ones. So it makes sense you want to spoil them with a special gift to inspire their wild soul and show them how much you care. To take the hard work out of it for you, I’ve scoured Etsy and unearthed these 31 incredibly good gifts, perfect for travel lovers.

  1. This gorgeous watercolour world map, perfect for using pins to mark all the places they’ve been (or need to go)
  2. A DSLR camera strap, complete with world map printed on it
  3. This super cool, vintage, Travel To Tokyo poster (Godzilla!)
  1. A reusable travel mug with a personalised message, perfect for the eco-conscious, caffeine-addicted traveller
  2. Maple and rosewood photo album, because it’s so easy to forget about all the great photos you take when they’re on a phone, camera or hard drive
  3. These stunning, copper foil travel prints sure to inspire adventure
  1. A handmade sleeping mask, covered in a galaxy of stars
  2. personalised, monogrammed passport cover and travel wallet
  3. One of these adorable travel-inspired laptop decals
  1. This gorgeous geometric print travel pouch and organiser
  2. A gigantic, personalised world map printed on fabric
  3. This very fancy leather backpack, for the stylish traveller
  1. A beautifully simple and elegant rose gold wanderlust bar necklace
  2. One of these folding travel water bowl for the four-legged travel companion
  3. Calming facial mist spray, ideal for stressful travel days and long haul flights
  1. This mason jar money bank, to encourage saving up for a big adventure
  2. One of these uber-cool canvas camera bags
  3. A t-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘permanent vacationer’
  1. This wanderlust necklace, an outline of the USA
  2. Or this wanderlust necklace, the famous Paris skyline
  3. A waxed cotton toiletry bag, lined with waterproof fabric
  1. This convertible, handmade leather backpack and tote all-in-one
  2. A personalised wanderlust bracelet, adorned with lovely little charms
  3. One of these stunning Alaska travel posters, for anyone who loves Into The Wild especially
  1. A compass bracelet in gold or silver, for the navigational expert
  2. These fantastic luxe Turkish travel towls that dry fast and feel great
  3. One of these, ‘The Moutains Are Calling And I Must Go,’ t-shirts 
  1. This teeny, tiny, perfectly delicate rose gold mountain necklace 
  2. A colourful map of America’s National Parks 
  3. This ‘Never Stop Exploring,’ wall decal 
  4. A wooden sign, adorned with the words, ‘Stay Wild.’

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Phoebe Lee - Profile - Australian Travel Blogger Writer Photographer Little Grey BoxPhoebe Lee is a travel writer and award-winning blogger with a love for storytelling. Phoebe creates practical, fun and engaging written content designed to inspire and energise travel-lovers and dreamers. Follow her and Matt’s adventures at home and around the world, right here on Little Grey Box and through InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring/recommending my travel mug on your blog. I really appreciate it. ❤


  2. Ohhhhhhh no.17…..


  3. what cool items –


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