Given the craziness of the last few years, it’s likely been a while since you’ve been on a proper adventure, am I right?! Most of us have been tucked up at home, waiting patiently to travel again. To help you dive back into the wonders of exploration, here’s a list of 6 must-have travel products that will elevate your travel game to a whole new level. So buckle up, because travel is back, baby!

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1. The Comfy

At some point during the never-ending lockdowns, I shed my skin and replaced it with The Comfy and, honestly, I haven’t looked back. It’s everything I look for in clothing a.k.a it’s a blanket you can wear! The super-soft material is very warm and cosy, fashioned into a generously oversized hoodie complete with an actual hood, long sleeves and a pouch-style pocket on the front. So, how does this awesome item fit into the travel space? Well, hear me out here, because based on the amount of time I’ve spent living in it I believe it will be amazing for long-haul flights. When it’s time to sleep, just pull this cosy item out of your carry-on and you’re good to go! No more scrunching beneath a tiny airplane blanket, freezing the whole way.

Buy The Comfy here

2. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Despite them mostly being used to walk to and from the pizza shop lately, my walking shoes are another of my most beloved travel essentials! There was a time I would spend days walking around in flat shoes that offered the same support as a piece of cardboard. Over time, my ankles, knees and back all began to suffer. Finally, I got a great pair of white sneakers and they changed the game for me. Now, I can be on my feet all day and not have that same terrible pain and fatigue. My personal preference is to get a pair of white New Balance sneakers with a nice thick, bouncy bottom (same!) They cushion my feet, go with most of my outfits and they’re really easy to keep clean as I just give them a quick wash in a shower or basin with some stain-removal soap.

Buy New Balance Sneakers here

3. A Good Suitcase

Before you set off on your first big trip since ‘it that shall not be named,’ it’s time to get a good suitcase sorted. I remember the first time we invested in good luggage for our honeymoon. It was daunting spending the money but, in the long run, our luggage was so much sturdier, reliable and, when we did have an issue, we were able to get support to get it fixed under the 10-year warranty! If you’re still lugging around some crusty suitcase that pulls on your back, weighs a lot, has dodgy wheels or doesn’t close properly, now’s the time to up your game. My personal preference is a suitcase that has latches instead of zips as I’m forever over-packing.

Buy awesome luggage here

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While they’ve mostly been used to drown out the sounds of my depression over the last couple of years, my noise-cancelling headphones are one of my most essential pieces of travel tech. Seriously, I wouldn’t leave home without them. They come in very useful in a wide range of situations including actually being able to hear the movie during a flight, blocking out all the loud noises in public spaces like airports and having some much-needed me-time when travelling as a couple (if you know, you know!) I highly recommend investing in a good-quality set of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones and, if you can, a Spotify Premium account so you can make your playlists available offline and listen to your music wherever you are in the world!

Buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones here

Sennheiser Momentum

5. Sun Safe Gear

I’m firmly in my 30s now and, interestingly, that seems to come with an alarming awareness of the sun! While a good ‘base burn’ was the standard operating procedure in my younger years, I now find myself taking every possible precaution to protect myself from harsh rays. If you aren’t doing the same, allow me to help you out! When I know I’m going to be out in the sun and heat all day I will bring with me either my beloved wide-brim Akubra or an umbrella if I’m unable to wear a hat that day. Seriously, those two things make all the difference. Not only will they protect your skin, but you’ll also find you’re able to enjoy yourself more as you won’t be melting in the sun and heat. Trust me. It’s also important you wear quality sunscreen on your face and body each day, reapplying regularly!

Buy an Akubra here, and my favourite face sunscreen here

6. Packing Cubes

If you don’t already have them, packing cubes are an absolute game changer! I remember the first time I saw someone open their luggage to reveal their perfectly organised suitcase. Instead of rummaging through the usual mess of clothes, cords and toiletries, they knew exactly where to find what they were looking for. Packing Cubes are also great for keeping track of clean vs dirty clothing and help stop the standard suitcase explosion that occurs when you arrive at a hotel.

Buy Packing Cubes here

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