This year hasn’t exactly been the best for travel but, then again, it hasn’t been the best for a lot of things. While it certainly felt for a while there that we may not be able to travel again for a very long time, things have slowly been easing and the need to explore has been growing stronger. As we start to dream and plan again, Christmas is the perfect time to give the travel-lover in your life a thoughtful gift to remind them their next adventure is just around the corner. To help you find the perfect one, here are 9 great gift ideas perfect for travellers.

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1. Travel Eyewear

For outdoor adventures, a great pair of sunglasses or snow goggles always come in useful! We wear our sunglasses every time we step outside for a trip away and definitely put our snow goggles to good use when visiting the ski slopes. MessyWeekend has a great range to choose from, they’re super comfortable with cool styles and, best of all, a part of every sale goes to clearing plastic from our oceans. Definitely keep your eyes out for some great Black Friday sales over on their website!

2. An Unforgettable Experience

When you get someone an Adrenaline gift voucher, you’re giving them an awesome experience! And what is travelling if not the collecting of experiences? You choose a gift voucher of your value choice and, when the time comes, your travel-loving friend can choose from thousands of experiences across Australia. Vouchers are valid for 5 years so don’t worry, they’ve got plenty of time to put it to very good use. Gifts range from exciting adventures like skydiving, quad biking and V8 Supercars to kayaking, horse riding, fishing and more. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and they even have a Christmas experience gift guide to make it easier to find that perfect gift.

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

The mother of all Christmas gifts has to be a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones. After years of travelling without them, we finally invested in a pair of Sennheiser Momentum over-ear headphones each and they have been nothing short of amazing. Make sure you get a set with Bluetooth and the cord and converter you’ll need to plug into an airline headset system and, if you can, always go for over-ear as opposed to on-ear. On-ear headphones tend to hurt very quickly and don’t cancel sound as well as their over-ear counterparts.

4. Cooling Neck Fan

If you know someone who’s heading off to a hot climate or someone who struggles with heat, a bladeless neck fan is a very cool gift. Yeah, we went there. I started using a compact fan when we visited Bangkok a few years ago and I felt my soul melting out of my body. Honestly, a couple of people I was travelling with at the time laughed at me and then about 45 minutes later they were all buying one too! The JISULIFE bladeless neck fan is lightweight, quiet, hands-free and energy-efficient so you can simply pop it around your neck and still have your hands free for food, photos and activities. It comes in an awesome range of colours too!

5. Travel-Friendly Clothing

Every traveller will put travel-friendly clothing to good use and there are plenty of options to choose from. A really good quality, 3 or 4-in-1 coat, for example, is something you can have and use for years to come in a range of climates. Activewear like leggings, shorts, tops and sports bras are fantastic for those who love hiking or outdoor adventures. A comfortable pair of sneakers are great for long travel days, exploring cities and mountains and everything else in between. For anyone who loves flip-flops but doesn’t love the lack of support, Matt highly recommends his beloved Archies and I wear my Saltwater sandals on every trip as they’re comfy, washable and stylish.


6. Awesome Camera Gear

If budget allows, a piece of camera equipment is a game-changer! As people who love to travel and capture all our adventures, our favourite pieces of equipment are the DJI Mini 2 and Pocket 2, Sony Alpha 6400 and 6500 cameras, GoPro Hero8, and Apple iPhone 11. Sony has a great range of cameras at different price points and their mirrorless range are lightweight, powerful and reliable for every adventure. Read our guide: ‘How to actually choose the BEST new travel camera,’ here. 

Sony 6400
Sony 6400

7. Travel Towel

A travel-friendly towel is a simple yet effective gift that will put to use time and time again. We love the range from Tesalate as they’re extremely light-weight, meaning they don’t take up much room or space in our luggage. Importantly, they’re also sand resistant so you don’t end up with a suitcase full of sand. Given they’re quick-drying, you can use them, hang them out to dry and have them packed and ready to go in your luggage quickly, meaning no musty-smelling clothes! Tesalate towels come in a range of colours and sizes from standard beach size, an XL size perfect for sharing and workout size too. Find Tesalate towels here.

Tesalate beach towel
Tesalate beach towel

8. Quality Luggage

Great suitcases, backpacks and camera bags are something that can last for years and years, constantly put to very good use on every adventure. We started using the Lojel Voja range a few years ago and still love them! These suitcases are stylish, sturdy and reliable (we literally launched a Lojel off the roof of my parent’s 3-story house and it survived!) The best part, though, is they have a really sturdy click lock system in place of zips so you never have to worry about busting a zip! I also love my Lo & Sons camera bag, which I’ve been using for years as a stylish and practical accessory. A travel backpack, like the Nomatic range, is fantastic too.

Lojel Voja
Lojel Voja

9. Bluetooth Speaker

When Matt gave me a portable Bluetooth speaker as a Christmas gift a few years ago, neither of us knew how much we would put it to use while travelling. It comes everywhere with us and has helped us create some pretty special memories. Hanging out by the pool in a gorgeous villa, watching the sunset from a balcony or simply getting ready for a big day of exploring, having music playing makes the moment that much better! We’ve been able to discover new music and some really cool music memories. You know, that thing where you associate a specific song with a time and place. Find Bluetooth Speaker here.

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