Tis the season! With Christmas creeping up on us once again, it’s time to start looking out for great gift ideas. To help you find them, here are some of the BEST Christmas Gift Ideas for this year! Remember, Christmas is about more than just gifts… it’s a chance to spend time with those you love and let them know how much they mean to you. Often, the most meaningful thing is the memories we have long after the day is gone.

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1. Silk Pillowcase

For a luxurious gift that oozes ‘treat yourself’ goodness, look no further than a silk pillowcase. Blissy offers a range of decadent products all crafted from 100% mulberry silk. Their pillowcases come in a range of sizes and colours, offering an array of benefits including improved hair and skin health. Check out their sets and other goodies like scrunchies, face masks, eye masks and loungewear.

Image credit: Blissy

2. Pampering hair products

I started using Hask this year and, honestly, it’s one of the only brands I’ve used that I’ve seen instant changes in my hair health. Plus, their products smell so good! I love their Argan Oil range and they also have other products to suit a range of needs including curl care, anti-frizz, invigorating, nourishing and, my current obsession, the Biotin Boost range for thickening! Gift your loved one the whole set, including shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo, deep conditioner and, my favourite items, the repairing oil and leave-in spray!

Image credit: Hask

3. Sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses will be put to use for years to come, especially on those sun-drenched days when adventure calls (or maybe just the morning after a big night!) Pamper their peepers with polarised sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses, which offer a wide range to choose from. You’re sure to find sunnies to meet your budget (hint: their Arise Collective is great value!) and, if buying for a loved one, try sticking to classic frames that never go out of style.

Image credit: SmartBuyGlasses

4. Apple Watch

As someone who was on the receiving end of an Apple Watch this year, I can confirm it is a great gift! Perfect for a fitness lover, my favourite features are being able to run, listen to music, track my workouts and stay connected (mostly for safety reasons) without having to lug my phone around. It also tells time.

Image credit: Apple

5. Travel Bag

A great travel bag will be put to good use year after year and, weirdly, ends up becoming somewhat of a travel buddy! Treat someone to something a little special with a handcrafted leather backpack from Leather Neo. Stylish, long-lasting, durable and functional, these bags are perfect for the travel lover in your life!

Image credit: Leather Neo

6. Japanese Snack Box Experience

Know someone who loves Japan? The Sakuraco Snack Box Experience will deliver a unique box of Japanese snacks, teas, and authentic home goods right to your front door. Each box is a treasure trove, including genuine home goods such as ceramics, chopsticks, and furoshiki sourced directly from traditional Japanese makers, all hand-packed and shipped from Japan. It’s a great way to try something new each month and enjoy the flavours of the world in your own home.

Image credit: Sakuraco

7. Beach Towels

Enjoy a day at the beach without the mess of bringing all that sand back home with you! Tesalate offers a range of sand-free towels that are super absorbent and incredibly quick to dry. Made from a lightweight fabric they double as the perfect travel towel, taking up little space or weight in your luggage and drying off fast for quick packing. Available in a range of designs, their beach towels come in regular and XL sizes (perfect for two!) and they have workout towels as well.

Image credit: Tesalate

8. Apple Watch Accessories

Know someone with an Apple watch? Perfect! Grab a few new accessories and they’ll be stoked. A new watch band or two will always be put to good use and be sure to stick to classic, timeless styles if you’re unsure. You could also get them a fancy charging dock.

Image credit: Marge Plus

9. Pet Portrait

A custom pet portrait is the pawfect (yeah, I went there) gift idea for anyone obsessed with their fur baby. All you need is a great photo of their beloved pet and you’re good to go! There are plenty to choose from on Etsy so you’re sure to find one that matches their personal style. Have it printed, get a frame and you’re good to go!

Image credit: Etsy

10. An Oodie

If you know someone who loves to get cosy, wear baggy clothing or simply loves snuggling up on the couch under a blanket, an Oodie is going to make their day. It is, essentially, a blanket you can wear and comes with a pouch (perfect for snacks) and a hood. There are loads of sizes and styles to choose from and they also have family packs and weighted blankets too.

Image credit: Oodie

11. Fine Art Prints

Brighten someone’s day and their home with colourful, beautiful fine art prints for their wall. Bonus points for being a thoughtful friend or loved one if you can get a print to match a memory. Maybe they mentioned how much they loved their solo trip to Paris in their 20s or shared a childhood memory you could find a piece to link to. Whatever it is, dig deep and find a print to capture that special memory or moment.

Image credit: Etsy

12. Personalised Jewellery

You can’t go wrong with a piece of personalised jewellery. A delicate chain with their initial on it or, if they are pet obsessed or have recently lost a loved one, their initial can be a thoughtful touch. You may like to opt for a name plate necklace, an engraved initial and birthstone combo or something that reflect their star sign.

Image credit: Etsy

13. Plush Pyjamas

Fancy pyjamas are a classic, timeless gift that always makes someone feel special! Go the extra mile by finding a beautiful satin set and having them monogrammed with your loved ones initials. It’s a simple touch that will have them floating around the house, feeling like royalty.

Image credit: Etsy

14. Sunrise Alarm Clock

A sunrise alarm clock makes waking up that much easier by simulating a slow sunrise, rather than the jarring sounds of your iPhone screeching at you in the dark. With different colours, adjustable brightness, snooze function and natural sounds to wake you gently, it’ll start your day off with much less rage. Shop sunrise alarm clock here.

15. Activewear

Good quality activewear is always a great gift idea! Perfect for outdoor adventures, long-haul flights, days running errands and everything in between, a comfortable set is always going to come in handy. A few great ideas include leggings of all lengths, bike shorts, sports bras and breathable tops. Basically, everything/anything! Shop activewear here.

Lorna Jane activewear

16. Hair Volumizer

This gadget took social media by storm in 2021 and with good reason! The hot air brush styles, dries and adds volume to hair in one step. With different heat/speed settings and a cool option, it’ll help reduce damage and frizz while leaving hair silky smooth and beautifully styled. Shop Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer here.

17. Travel Gift Card

Give the gift of a holiday without any of the pressure of choosing dates! A travel gift card allows you to shout your loved one a weekend away, or longer, encouraging them to take some much-needed time out. Best of all, they get to choose it themselves so they’re guaranteed to love it and you get all the brownie points! Shop travel gift cards here or here .

18. Board Games

Board games are another classic gift idea that keep on giving year after year! Grab a few nostalgic favourites and relive your childhood or grab something funny and new like the Bad People Party Game or Friends TV Series Trivial Pursuit (how you doin?!) You could even choose something that gets people outdoors like giant pick up sticks or cornhole. Shop games here.

19. Masterclass Annual Membership

An annual membership to MasterClass gives access to over a hundred instructors, all experts in their field, with classes on a huge range of topics. Think of it as Netflix for learning! Your loved one can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, photography from Annie Leibovitz, singing from Christina Aguilera, the art of negotiation from Chris Voss, makeup from Bobbi Brown and so much more. Shop MasterClass here.

20. Experience Gift Voucher

Enrich your loved one’s next adventure with an experience gift voucher! The beauty of this is they get to choose an experience or activity they want to do so there’s no risk of getting it wrong. Simply select the dollar amount of your gift card and they can peruse hundreds of options including tours, activities, watersports, relaxation, culture and more.

21. Quality Hairdryer

The emphasis is on the word quality! A really good hairdryer will last many, many years! I received a Parlux 385 from Matt 4 years ago and love it. It comes in a range of colours, is eco-friendly and is made from recyclable materials. It also features ionic and ceramic technology for silky-smooth, shiny hair and is light, powerful and, in my opinion, relatively quiet. It also has a 3-metre-long cord! Shop Parlux Hairdryer here.

22. Quality Hair Straightener

A good quality hair straightener is another investment piece that will last for years. I bought mine around 10 or 12 years ago and it still works just as well as the day I bought it and I believe that’s because I invested in a ghd (short for good hair day!) There’s a wide range to choose from including cordless, limited edition colours, gift sets, different widths, materials and more. Mine is one of the original straighteners and it works like a dream.

Image credit: ghd

23. Dr. Martens Boots

Let’s keep going with investment pieces! A pair of Dr. Martens Boots are always going to be stylish and they last a lifetime. I bought a pair of classic black boots a few years ago and they are a travel staple for me, especially in cold weather. They’re comfortable and versatile, keeping your feet warm in cold weather and adding style to any outfit!

Image credit: Dr. Martens

24. Suitcase Set

A fresh set of wheels is an exciting gift idea for the travel lover in your life. Go with a new matching set of suitcases in different sizes or curate a set by choosing a medium-sized suitcase and matching vanity case. Beauty cases, packing cubes, duffle bags and travel wallets also make for great gifts.

This strange suitcase will change the way you look at luggage

25. Outdoor Apparel

Spoil someone with a few pieces of quality outdoor apparel from The North Face. I have a black jacket I got from the North Face some 6+ years ago and it’s still as warm, fashionable and cosy as it was the day I got it. It’s the first thing I pack on an overseas adventure somewhere cold and it always keeps me toasty. Quality gear like this lasts forever and will be used adventure after adventure.

26. Face Mask

Face masks have become quite the staple in the last few years but, as we’ve all learned, not all face masks are created equal. evolvetogether create face masks that are made in a socially responsible factory using 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Their masks can be recycled, look stylish, are breathable, hypoallergenic, well-priced and offer superior filtration. They also come in a wide range of colours.

Image credit: evolvetogether

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