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After you climb the Great Wall you can do a Toboggan ride down! Here's a screenshot from some dare devil #gopro work I did on the way down. Clearly I'm having the time of my freaking life 😀 Can't wait to share all my travel videos with you guys. #Mutianyu #beijing I thought I would've been sick of eating dumplings by now, but nope... I still can't get enough! I'll be writing a 'best dumplings' post on the website at the end of my trip, to share my favourites and help you guys plan your own dumpling feast when you visit China :) Great Wall! I've only seen 2 of the 'new' 7 modern wonders of the world (Great Wall + Roman Colosseum) but it's a good start. Maybe just the inspiration I need to see the Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, Petra and Chichen Itza. How many have you seen? This is a stall from Wangfujing Snack Street. There are heaps and heaps of little stalls set up selling sweets and food including things like bugs and scorpions. But here's the deal, it's all for show and just for tourists, so go for the photos but Don't eat here. You can get much more delicious, local food for better prices at restaurants. The stairs at The Great Wall are no joke. I was huffing and puffing like a mofo trying to haul my big bogan butt up them!! This photo isn't taken at an angle to exaggerate them, they're really like this. #Mutianyu #GreatWall Woohoo! Made it to The Great Wall! We found an awesome private driver who picked us up and drove us out to the #Mutianyu section of the wall for the day. It was surreal stepping out onto the wall for the first time and it's bloody tiring walking it. #GreatWall We visited The Great Wall today and it was absolutely spectacular! To get up to the wall you catch a quick shuttle bus then you can either walk up (ahhhh, no thanks) or take super cool ride on a cable car. I chose cable car ✌🏼 #GreatWall #Mutianyu #Beijing Get in, loser. We're going shopping. #RubberDuckMobile


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