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    29 things to do in Singapore

    If you’re planning a trip to Singapore and don’t want to read the usual list of ‘things to do’, like Raffles, Marina Bay Sands and the Night Safari, [...more]
  • Portugese local at Sintra

    Things to do in Lisbon

    In moving from my sun kissed native land to a cold, damp and grey London, I said goodbye to any chance of being warm and tanned and hello to being cold and extremely white. [...more]
  • View from Ibiza Old Town

    Things to do in Ibiza

    Ibiza does not immediately conjure images of total relaxation, tranquility and a peaceful holiday. But that is exactly what we were met with when we arrived on Thursday last [...more]
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    Things to do in Turkey

    When I first thought of Turkey I had an image in my mind of a rocky, relatively undeveloped country with large Turkish men that resemble Aladdin in his mid 50’s. You [...more]

Hotel reviews

  • I spent two nights staying at Oasia Hotel Singapore, but wish I had been able to stay longer. From the outside the hotel looks modern and grande without being over the top or imposing. When you arrive the concierge and front desk staff are really warm and welcome, offering to help with bags and [...more]
  • Boat at Marina
    Last week I headed south to the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, with my best friend Claire, for some mid-week rest and relaxation. The resort is easy to find, around 10 minutes drive from the freeway and it has a grande, sprawling feel, it reminds me of Billy Madison’s mansion. [...more]
Featured real adventurer

Real adventurer: Kasper Nielsen

by littlegreybox in Real adventurer

Kasper Nielsen’s Instagram feed is amazing! He’s a young guy from Denmark who cares a great deal about our planet. He loves to travel off the beaten track, [...more]

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Phoebe’s weekly column

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    There was a time when I used to party hard-y, I’d rage against the machine and fight for my right to do so. At 26, those days are over. I’d say I had a good 4 years in the limelight before it started to fade away. Do I feel bad about? Hell no. I really enjoy staying home and watching Louis Theroux or Cops Uncut. Don’t judge me, Louis is a [...more]

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The Fullerton Hotel #Singapore. It was an overcast old day today, but still beautiful. #Singapore Mmmm steamed dumplings for lunch. #Singapore Streetwise in #Singapore. #Latergram form Camden Haven last week. The mean streets of #Singapore. For the bargain price of $5.50SG, Two serves of Kaya toast, a rocket-fuel iced coffee and an iced tea. Take that, Starbucks! #Singapore It's good to be home, even if it is just for 2 nights. #Brisbane is where my heart is :) Off to #Singapore on Sunday. I got to feed this gorgeous little meerkat at Billabong Zoo in #PortMacquarie. It was a real dream come true!! Look at him waiting patiently :)

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