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Afternoon drinking local beers in the sweet little town of Tunxi 😊 Cool alleyways at every turn in the little Old Street of #Tunxi. Today we're moving up the mountain! Exciting! #ExploreChina This snuggly chocolate dog keeps guests company at the hotel we're staying at in #Tunxi. I can't wait to have a dog of my own one day. At the moment I travel so much it's just not possible. But hopefully I'll find a way to make it work soon :) The gardens around the #WestLake in #Hangzhou were really grounding and made me feel like myself again. So lush and green and calming. #ExploreChina When you're a straight thug, but dem puppies melt your heart... #Tunxi It's the mother of all party boats... All aboard, bitches! 🎉 #WestLake in #Hangzhou I never imagined #China could look like this. My first thoughts are of large cities and tall buildings, but there's a softer side to this country too. No wonder #Hangzhou is such a sought after holiday destination for the Chinese too! These colourful boats can take you and your sweetie for a romantic paddle around the #WestLake... Or you can spend that money on pizza and beer instead. #wechosepizzaandbeer


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