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  • Beautiful hotel at Uluwatu

    Things to do in Bali

    Australians have been making the obligatory bogan pilgrimage to Bali for years, and why not? It’s a beautiful country with friendly locals, gorgeous beaches and it is [...more]
  • Scar Reef

    Things to do in Sumbawa

    Indonesia is the perfect holiday destination, especially if you live in Australia. The flight isn’t long and budget airlines like Jetstar have sales throughout the [...more]
  • Portugese local at Sintra

    Things to do in Lisbon

    In moving from my sun kissed native land to a cold, damp and grey London, I said goodbye to any chance of being warm and tanned and hello to being cold and extremely white. [...more]

Hotel reviews

  • Lost in translation - view from our room.
    The general advice I got, before going to Tokyo, was that hotel rooms are expensive and tiny. I was terrified. We stayed in Tokyo for nearly two weeks, spending the first week split between two budget hotels, which really were tiny. The last week, we saved up our pennies and splashed out on staying [...more]
  • I spent two nights staying at Oasia Hotel Singapore, but wish I had been able to stay longer. From the outside the hotel looks modern and grande without being over the top or imposing. When you arrive the concierge and front desk staff are really warm and welcome, offering to help with bags and [...more]
Featured real adventurer

Real adventurer: Kasper Nielsen

by littlegreybox in Real adventurer

Kasper Nielsen’s Instagram feed is amazing! He’s a young guy from Denmark who cares a great deal about our planet. He loves to travel off the beaten track, [...more]

Travel tips

Phoebe’s weekly column

  • tumblr_nc4lx316rv1qfirfao1_1280
    As much as I love the internet, and believe me when I say I bloody love it, there are certain things it has made more difficult. One of these is finding a real bricks and mortar book shop. I really wanted to buy a book, but I wanted to have it in my possession and start reading it today (because I’m impatient like that) so ordering it online [...more]

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Great coffee this morning at Moose & Gibson with @elliefarrington ☔️ This gorgeous, big, fat green tree frog was waiting patiently to catch some dinner outside my cottage at #spicershiddenvale. He jumped right on my camera after I took this photo 😮 So beautiful! #Australia #thisisqueensland Two of the beautiful kangaroo residents at Spicers Hidden Vale, #Australia @spicersretreats. How beautiful is our country!? The picture perfect view from the back deck of a #Spicers Hidden Vale cottage. @spicersretreats Chilli the wonder dog! She's the very sweet hound of #Spicers Hidden Vale activities coordinator, Ash, and she has all the guests spoiling her. #PuppyClucky Sunset at #Spicers Hidden Vale yesterday afternoon. #thisisqueensland @spicersretreats I had an awesome trail ride this morning at Spicers Hidden Vale. Riding horses is one of my most favourite things, but something I rarely get to do. I had so much fun :) @spicersretreats I'm spending the weekend at the gorgeous Spicers Hidden Vale. It's the perfect spot for the first ever Little Grey Box Christmas party and I'm celebrating by jumping around in my robe 😀 @spicersretreats #Spicers #Brisbane... where our river is blue... I swear! 😳

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