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It's a beautiful day for a swim! ☀️What are you guys up to on this perfect Sunday? Absolutely delicious food this morning at Banneton Bakery. Pumpkin and feta tart and cherry Danish. So good! 😳 Everybody panic! ⚡️ #brisbane #storm #takecovermofos I'm the kinda G the little homies wanna be like, on my knees in the night, sayin prayers in the streetlight ✌️ or.... Leaning casually against a street lamp in a really safe neighbourhood. #moderatelythugishlife I've spent the past few days slowly working on drawing my first ever mandala, inspired by my friends at @_thelittlesage. This sounds lame but it was a really chilled out, spiritual thing to create and I loved doing it. What do you guys do to chill out and reconnect? #intuitiveliving #mandala #Flashback to our #USARoadtrip: we took a cruise on the water at sunset and it was the highlight of our time in #SanFrancisco. Absolutely beautiful! One of those moments where you feel totally free. I'm blissing out at the launch of super cool new lounge, restaurant and bar; #NestBrisbane  Delicious food, amazing cocktails... I'm pretty pleased with myself, guys 👻🍍 @nestbrisbane Woohoo! I'm heading out to the launch of #NestBrisbane on Roma St. Looking forward to some yummy food 😀 @nestbrisbane I'm terribly awkward in social situations, so here's hoping I don't balls it up. Best not say balls. 😐 #Flashback to our #USARoadtrip: find a beautiful spot and swim in it!


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