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Real adventurer: the Thrusta lads

by littlegreybox in Travel

Today’s featured real adventurers are the inspiring lads from Thrusta. But woah, wait a minute, what the heck is Thrusta? Are these guys named after a crude dance move? [...more]


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  • Goats

    11 jobs that require travel

    August 26, 2014 // 0 Comments

    For a long time it was my dream to have a job that allowed me to travel. I needed to earn money, or I’d wind up living in my parents garage, and I loved to write and [...more]


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    Best of Brisbane: takeaway food

    May 29, 2014 // 0 Comments

    There are a lot of good reasons to order takeaway instead of cooking. Sometimes you’re tired or out of food and sometimes you wake up after a very big night of drinking and need sustenance, immediately. Whatever the reason, you need to get your hands on delicious food and you need it fast. This week, I got to work with a super cool new website [...more]

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Yahooooo! I'm the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Pro 😀 it's a writer's dream come true!! #truelove {} Sans yolo. {} #blog Yummmm! The BEST Indian vegetarian for dinner from Mirch Masala in Woolloongabba. Delicious curries, Dahl, roti, raita and other bits and pieces. The restaurant is a no frills, well-priced place with amazing food and great service 😋 {} #Brisbane #blog Old Museum Building in Spring Hill. Beautiful! Like a candy cane castle. Mmmm candy cane. {} #blog My @superamart1 shopping spree entry! I would love to own these items: because my sofa is literally falling apart and my pre-historic bed creaks like an old house when I move in my sleep! #superamartspree ✌️ Straight lines🚩#Brisbaneanyday {} #blog

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