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    43 things to do in Tokyo

    Tokyo is amazing, it’s a bright and colourful city where you’re free to do whatever you want and be whoever you want. The Japanese people are friendly, quirky, [...more]
  • Portugese local at Sintra

    What to do in Lisbon

    In moving from my sun kissed native land to a cold, damp and grey London, I said goodbye to any chance of being warm and tanned and hello to being cold and extremely white. [...more]
  • View from Ibiza Old Town

    What to do in Ibiza

    Ibiza does not immediately conjure images of total relaxation, tranquility and a peaceful holiday. But that is exactly what we were met with when we arrived on Thursday last [...more]
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Real adventurer: Kasper Nielsen

by littlegreybox in Travel

Kasper Nielsen’s Instagram feed is amazing! He’s a young guy from Denmark who cares a great deal about our planet. He loves to travel off the beaten track, [...more]


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    Cool travel gadgets

    June 23, 2014 // 4 Comments

    These cool travel gadgets are going to make your next trip a lot easier! What are your favourite travel gadgets or travel hacks? Which gadgets do you never leave home without [...more]


  • Soy cappuccino - I just love a good coffee

    Best of Brisbane: The Little Prince Espresso

    October 3, 2012 // 12 Comments

    Just last week I was talking with a good friend about the lack of good coffee shops in Brisbane. There are a number of great spots in West End, New Farm & the Valley but sadly, none of them are  near my house and the only one that was recently went out of business. So when I wake up looking like the post-apocalyptic zombie bride on a Sunday [...more]

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      Sharing isn’t fun, nobody really likes to share what it is they have. Why would you? If you had the option of enjoying something entirely for yourself or only having [...more]
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  • Matt and I in Morocco before 'the attack'

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