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  • I spent two nights staying at Oasia Hotel Singapore, but wish I had been able to stay longer. From the outside the hotel looks modern and grande without being over the top or imposing. When you arrive the concierge and front desk staff are really warm and welcome, offering to help with bags and [...more]
  • Boat at Marina
    Last week I headed south to the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, with my best friend Claire, for some mid-week rest and relaxation. The resort is easy to find, around 10 minutes drive from the freeway and it has a grande, sprawling feel, it reminds me of Billy Madison’s mansion. [...more]
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Real adventurer: Barry & Deanna

by littlegreybox in Real adventurer

Barry & Deanna are an Australian couple who relocated to the remote Indonesian island of Sumbawa early this year. Barry works as an expat at a copper & gold mine on [...more]

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  • IMG_0408
    Here’s something I never thought I’d say, “I got trolled.” No, not ‘trollied’, I didn’t have too much to drink at a work function and I didn’t get ambushed under a bridge by a bunch of nude plastic dolls with oddly coloured hair (damn!). I got trolled, you know, where strangers write nasty things to you online. The trolls have [...more]

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It's good to be home, even if it is just for 2 nights. #Brisbane is where my heart is :) Off to #Singapore on Sunday. I got to feed this gorgeous little meerkat at Billabong Zoo in #PortMacquarie. It was a real dream come true!! Look at him waiting patiently :) How about this awesome view from the lookout at Camden Haven. I held a snake today and looked really comfortable doing it! 🐍 #latergram from Sunday afternoon at @spicerspeaklodge, it's one of my favourite places. Look at that sky, it's absolutely perfect. Everything here feels so peaceful, it was hard driving back to a busy city. Beautiful Port Macquarie today. Having a lovely time with my girl Claire @agnesstreet ☀️ Pickin dem strawberries at Ricardoes Tomatoes👌🍓 #IAintSayinSheAFruitPicker I love this place, I've never seen anything like it. This is the hydroponic tomato setup at Ricardoes Tomatoes in Port Macquarie. These little babies were planted last week and will produce around 400 tonnes of fruit over the next 12 months. #travelwriter #Latergram of me being super classy, sprawled out on the grass at @spicerspeaklodge 😀

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