Divorce. It’s like you’ve been thrown into the ocean on a rickety boat, right? The ups and downs, the uncertainty—it’s all off the charts. But guess what? I’ve been navigating the storm and found some strategies that have turned things around in unexpected ways. I’m hoping these insights can be a bit like a guiding light when things seem pretty dark.

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Here’s the lowdown on what worked for me:

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Take care of you

Prioritise the basics—fitness, sleep, and eating well. Working out, getting enough rest, and treating your body right will work wonders.

Set goals

Amid the chaos, setting clear goals is like having your own personal compass. They’ll guide you through even the murkiest waters.

Routine matters

Having a daily routine is like a safety net in a storm. And a structured approach can help you navigate those emotional whirlwinds.

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Dream on

The world is still out there. Even if it’s just in your mind, plan trips and imagine new adventures. It’s a boost for the soul.


Don’t let go of those friendships that have been there through thick and thin. Patch up relationships that mean something to you and let them in on your journey.

Get to know yourself

Divorce should lead to introspection. Embrace it! You will uncover strengths and dreams you never knew you had.

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Read and learn

Books are like passports to new horizons. Listen and read books that speak to you, whether it’s about personal growth, business, or inspiring stories.

Seek help

Sometimes, a pro’s advice can be your best travel guide. Don’t hesitate to reach out to therapists for extra guidance.

Imagine your future

Make a vision board with pictures and words that show where you want to go. It’s like your personal GPS for the road ahead.

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Learn from others

Connect with folks who’ve walked this path before. Their insights can light up your way and ease the uncertainty.

Rediscover passions

What makes you tick? Dive into hobbies and interests that light you up!

Talk it out

A psychologist can help you navigate the emotional ups and downs, just like a local guide in a foreign land.

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Be vunerable

Life is full of surprises. Embrace change and be open to new opportunities. It’s like leaving space in your itinerary for unplanned adventures.

Share your story

Your journey could be a source of inspiration for others. Sharing your experiences can be healing for you and guide others too.


Use this time to explore your own identity, including your sexuality. No judgments, just exploration.

Step out of comfort

Just like travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone, growth happens when you challenge yourself.

And now, the flip side. Here’s what to avoid:

Watch the booze

While it might feel like a lifeline, leaning too heavily on alcohol will only lead to more trouble.


Jumping into new relationships without healing? It’s like hopping onto a boat with holes.

Unhealthy coping

Spending recklessly or hiding away won’t help in the long run. These are like storms waiting to happen.

Letting go

Just like you shed old souvenirs, it’s time to say goodbye to habits and relationships that weigh you down.

Positive vibes only

Negative thoughts are like extra baggage you don’t need. Toss ’em and let in the good stuff.

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Divorce might feel like a rollercoaster with a blindfold on, but guess what? It’s also a chance to build something new. Think of it like this: every new destination has its tourist traps, but also hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, my fellow traveller, pack your resilience, all your positivity, and a whole lot of adventure. The road ahead might be twisty, but remember, you’re the one in the driver’s seat. And trust me, the journey can turn out to be pretty extraordinary.

(Note: This is just my personal tale, not professional advice. If you’re taking leaps, make sure there’s a soft landing.)

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