Planning a trip to Melbourne and need some inspiration for weird, wonderful, quirky and unusual things to do? Looking to uncover a few hidden gems and have a unique Melbourne experience? You know I’ve got you covered! Steer clear of the path well worn and check out these 14 things you didn’t know you could do in Melbourne and be sure to read our epic guide on 48 of the BEST things to do in Melbourne!

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1. Hanging Rock Llama Treks

Yes. Yes. Yes. Someone take my money. Spend a day with Hanging Rock Llama Treks doing a 12km moderate walk with gorgeous Llamas who carry your lunch and gear, while acting as the ultimate travel companions. Beautiful scenery, the great outdoors and Llamas… what more do you people want from the world?!

2. The Break Room

Got some anger you need to unleash? Harness your rage and go directly to The Break Room where you’re handed a baseball bat and unleashed on a ton of breakables. You can smash things with the bat, throw plates and glass objects against walls and not be judged in any way whatsoever. It’s bliss. They also offer a badass yoga class, aptly named Fury Yoga. Brilliant. This is a brand that knows what the people want and isn’t afraid to give it to them.

3. Disco Yoga

Combining Vinyasa Yoga with freestyle dance and, you guessed it, a live DJ, Disco Yoga is an incredible combination of two things that shouldn’t go together but somehow do. Dance, stretch, hydrate.

4. Have a Sleepover at the Melbourne Zoo

Ever wondered what it’s like to snuggle up next to a tiger for the night? Well, keep wondering cos that’s not happening. What IS on offer is the chance to join a Roar ‘n’ Snore Overnight Camp (also a great name for a one-night stand). You get to meet keepers and experience up-close animal encounters, camp out in a tent and are given food and wine too.

5. Be a Better Plant Parent

Do you continually murder your house plants? tsk, tsk. Thankfully, the guys at Petite Green run workshops that’ll teach you everything you need to know to take better care of your green babies. They also run terrarium workshops – sweeeeeet.

6. Flinders Street Station Ballroom

Wanna see something really cool/discover an amazing space for photographs? Check out the Flinders Street Station Ballroom, an abandoned space at the top of the station, offering a step back in time and an awesome spot to try out your fully sick dance moves… Step Up 2: Flinders Street.

7. Play Boardgames

Join a Melbourne Boardgames Group event! There are a staggering number of board game events held all over Melbourne each week, so if you love yourself some board game fun and you’re not the type to become overly aggressive and competitive when playing, you might want to check it out.

8. Rap Jumping

Jump off the top of a building face-first with the guys at Rap Jumping, attached to an assortment of safety equipment of course. It’s equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. Be sure to pack a spare pair of clean undies.

9. Aqua Donut BBQ

Head on down to Docklands and have yourself the world’s sweetest little BBQ, floating along in an aqua donut! It reaches the break-neck speed of 9 MPH and comes equipped with LED lights and a fully sick sound system. Perfect for you and nine of your closest mates.

10. Join a Live Studio Audience

There’s a heap of TV shows filmed in Melbourne and a lot of them need people to fill up the live audience! This is where you come in… sign up and get yourself a seat in a studio audience for free. Peep this list here or check out this, that and those.

11. Learn Parkour

Impress your friends by learning parkour and being able to jump over, under, through on and around things like never before! I mean, really, it’s the closest any of us are going to get to actually being Spiderman.

12. Punt Ride on the Lake

Climb aboard a guided Punt Tour in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens and enjoy a serene cruise along Ornamental Lake. Your old-world wooden punt (it’s a boat) is chartered by a professional punter. Sort of like Venice, but not really at all.

13. Take a Ride in a Coffin

Ahhhhh nope, no, noppity no, no, no! Hell to the nawwwwwwwh. I don’t care if it is the only coffin ride in the country, it’s weird.

14. The Haunted Bookshop

Step inside The Haunted Bookshop and explore a range of other-worldly occult books and much, much more. You’ll find volumes on vampires, witches, aliens and magic as well as psychics, tarot and beyond. They also run ghost tours. I feel creeped out just writing this.

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