Planning a trip to Canggu? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be planning each day’s activities around your meals. I love to try as much great food as possible when I travel, which makes my trainer a little unhappy when my squidgy white butt finally gets back home to Brisbane.

The cool thing about Canggu is that it’s a food-loving, beach-dwelling, surfing-hipster paradise. You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to great restaurants, fantastic coffee, local delights and even healthy treats! There’s no shortage of great bars, too. So, prepare yourself, cos you’re about to get a whole lot of food-spiration for your trip to gorgeous Canggu. Given I’m a vegetarian, you’ll find all of these places have great vegetarian-friendly options. #HerbivoresUnite

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Canggu before and have your own top tips, I’d love to hear them! Share your recommendations in the comments below.

Little Flinders

A must-try spot for amazing coffee and delicious brunch, lunch and dinner, Little Flinders is a Melbourne-inspired cafe that doesn’t disappoint. This place was my go-to for a fantastic soy iced latte. I love the presentation of their coffee, in gorgeous white ceramic mini-jugs, served with a slice of fresh orange peel. Some of the best coffee I’ve had, at home or abroad. The food here is also not-to-be-missed. Not only is it insanely delicious, it’s also really well-priced and fresh to death! Find Little Flinders here. 

12 Great places to eat and drink in Canggu

Nalu Bowls

My favourite place to eat lunch in Canggu has to be Nalu Bowls. This sweet lil love shack serves up some absolutely freaking delicious blended bowls that taste good, look beautiful and feel real good in the tummy afterwards. These guys serve up yummy bowls, like pink papaya or peanut butter, in super cool coconut bowls. They offer free wifi, which is shit-hot, and it’s a really cosy cool space to just sit and chill for a while. I would like to have one of these bowls every day of my life, if possible. Find Nalu Bowls here. 

12 Great places to eat and drink in Canggu

Grass Terrace Cafe

Another favourite spot of mine, Grass Terrace has an all-day 2 for 1 happy hour that makes your life that little bit better. You can get your hands on two vodka, soda and limes for around $6au. That’s a real bargain if you ask me. I love this place because they always have good music on and some cosy outdoor seating under big trees with lights strung up in them. The staff are great, the food is yummy and it’s really affordable. My favourites would be the quesadillas and nachos. Find Grass Terrace Cafe here.

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La Mexicana

For great Mexican food, get your chimichangas over to La Mexicana. They offer you a really cool chilled-out vibe and sweet decor, complete with a gorgeous cactus garden for the succulent lovers out there. Not only that, but the food here is da bomb. It’s fresh, bursting with flavour and will leave you feeling full and happy, without breaking the bank. Find La Mexicana here. 

12 Great places to eat and drink in Canggu


This small, but mighty, cafe sits next to BaliFit, a Crossfit style space for people who like to workout (not me). They deliver iced coffees and a range of smoothies, juices and blended bowls as well as a healthy, simple and delicious food menu too. Their breakfast menu is where it’s at though, which includes stuff like smashed avo on toast with poached eggs, chilli and a little bit of salad. Find BaliFit here. 

12 Great places to eat and drink in Canggu

Betelnut Cafe

If you haven’t worked it out yet, Canggu’s cafe scene is pretty wonderful. Another fantastic must-try spot is Betelnut Cafe. These guys offer up delicious breakfasts, yummy smoothie bowls, great coffee and more. Their menu includes Indonesia food and your usual breakfast cafe kinda stuff. For lunch, they offer a range of yummy wraps and burgers that’ll really hit the spot. Find Betelnut Cafe here. 

12 Great places to eat and drink in Canggu

Old Man’s

Old Man’s is the spot to be in Canggu. I’m not usually one for the super-well-known places, but I gotta admit that Old Man’s is pretty cool. It’s a huge open-plan bar and dining space that offers views of the water, perfect for sunset drinks. The menu is simple and didn’t have many options for vegetarians, but hey, I can lower myself to drink beer and eat fries if I have to.  Make the trip here at least once for sunset drinks. Just be prepared to see a whole lotta hot bodies roving around the place. Find Old Man’s here. 

Old Man's © Little Grey Box
Old Mans

Ruko Cafe

For great coffee and a yummy breakfast, stop in at Ruko Cafe. You’ll find breakfast favourites like smashed avocado, pancakes and eggs Benedict, for lunch their menu includes some healthy and delicious sandwich options as well as great smoothie bowls. Another really chilled out space, Ruko is an awesome spot to lose a few hours of a day. Find Ruko Cafe here. 

Ruko Cafe © Little Grey Box

Corn Man

There’s no cafe or restaurant called Corn Man, that’s just what I call the street food guys who sell the best cobs of corn I’ve ever eaten! You’ll find these guys down at the beach, near Old Man’s. They are easy to spot, a small push-cart with big cobs of corn on to and a grill at the back. Walk up and ask for a cob of corn or two and it’ll change your life! They use beautiful fresh corn, cook it over charcoals and slather it in the most delicious blend of butter, chilli, lemongrass and more. It’s so cheap and, honestly, my favourite thing to eat in Bali.

Roast corn on Indonesian BBQ cart © Little Grey Box

Roti Canai

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to eat Roti Prata before, you’ll know all about how tasty it is. It’s pretty much a flatbread, but it’s really flakey and moreish. You can get your paws on roti at this sweet little cafe, as well as other yummy bites like satay (meat and vegetarian options) as well as a whole range of other delicious meals. Next door, you can find salads and more healthy options. Find Roti Canai here. 

Warung Dandelion

For delicious local food, head directly to Warung Dandelion. The vibe here is where it’s at, a really low-key, relaxed and chilled out space that offers views over a rice terrace. Tucked away from the main roads and loud noises, you’ll find this place an oasis, complete with rabbits hopping around. I’d recommend a trip to Dandelion for a relaxed lunch or delightful dinner. You’ll find tasty local fare, bursting with flavour. Find Warung Dandelion here.

12 Great places to eat and drink in Canggu

Echo Beach House

Another popular watering hole, Echo Beach House comes alive as the day starts to wind down. Get yourself down here before sunset so you can soak it all in with a nice cold beer. You’ll find it packed with surfers, offering up well-priced booze and tasty bites. Find Echo Beach House here.

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