Holiday seekers, it’s your lucky day. We’re going to tell you about a place on the southern-most tip of Bali, a place that’s still golden and gorgeous and blissfully peaceful. It’s a slice of heaven called Bingin Beach, and we at Checkin-Out recommend you go there. ASAP. Need an uncomplicated holiday to nourish your body and soul? Bingin Beach is the place to be.

So where you should stay?

We love the options atop the cliffs – they’re amazing (duh); they’re convenient to the road and catch a sweet breeze off the ocean, and the views are unparalleled. Read on for Checkin-Out’s two favourites, gleaned from personal experience.

Mick’s Place

Mick’s Place is a Balinese institution. With a 180 degree perspective of the Indian Ocean and an infinity pool regularly named amongst Bali’s best, Mick’s Place in our opinion touts the top view on the island. “Less is more” is the motto here. The simplicity of the seven Polynesian-style bungalows, complete with woven cushions, earthy wooden furnishing and bamboo accents in the bathroom win us over every time.

Options also include one incredible honeymoon suite with a private pool for visitors to enjoy alone, plus air conditioning for complete 24-hour comfort. Daily yoga at 8.00 am, an outdoor spa with a view and a healthy all-day menu mean your rest and relaxation needs can be taken care of without stepping foot off the property. It’s perfect for yoga enthusiasts, surf lovers and lovers alike who prefer a communal atmosphere.

Mick’s Place Insider Tips
  • People with mobility issues will struggle with a steep path to the beach.
  • Mick’s Place is for guests over 12-years-old only (ahem B L I S S).
  • With the “less is more” mantra, there is no air-conditioning available. However, there are fans. We visited in November, one of the hottest and most humid months of the year, and stayed in the “Treehouse” and the temperature was for the most part manageable.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available (dinner’s pricing ranges from 90,000 Rp to 150,000 Rp).
  • At Mick’s Place Spa you can’t go past a “relax” massage followed by the signature facial. Cue floating for the rest of the day.
  • The team are fantastic – beautiful people who are happy to help with every request.
Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in Out
Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in Out
The Temple Lodge

The Temple Lodge is another gem overlooking Bingin Beach. With a holistic focus, another breathtaking infinity pool and a rustic aesthetic (think aged timber doors, polished stone walkways and quirky tiling), this is another killer place to stay in Bingin.

They also have the Eagle’s Nest Suite in their arsenal. This is genuinely one of the most amazing rooms we’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in (our photos don’t remotely do it justice). It’s on the cliffside itself, so to reach it you climb down a set of stairs first to a huge day bed, then the second set to reach your bedroom and outdoor bathroom. With an incredible view like this, even the simple act of going to the toilet has never been such a pleasure!

The Temple Lodge Insider Tips
  • Again, reaching Bingin Beach from The Temple Lodge is not ideal for people with mobility issues.
  • If you require air conditioning please confirm availability directly.
  • Daily yoga classes here are a must!
  • If you’re looking to neutralise all the mojitos you gulped yesterday the menu has a fantastic emphasis on clean eating.

Now that your accommodation is sorted, what else must you do when staying in Bingin – apart from getting in your R&R?

Start your day right

Do a yoga class. For the early(ish) risers, you can catch a class at Mick’s Place or the Temple Lodge at 8.00 am, or there’s also Mu’s 9.30 am class which might suit some a little better. If you miss this one, never fear – there’s a 10.30 am class at Morning Light Yoga Studios.

Get to know your surroundings

Relax on Bingin Beach, where good vibes emanate from every person on this gorgeous stretch of sand. Learn to catch a wave, then relax in the shade at the famous Kelly’s Warung. Cruise over to Bingin Ombak Warung and order a tempeh wrap and a vegetable juice. Hit the Sun and Surf Stay for a wicked strawberry daiquiri (FYI – if you don’t want your head blown off, request medium strength. Trust me!). Finally, order a grilled seafood feast from the Lucky Fish for dinner. Day done right!

Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in out
Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in out

What’s for Lunch?

While we’re still talking about food, head to The Cashew Tree. They serve wholesome, organic food at the ideal serving size and the best mango slushies we’ve ever had. You can’t go wrong with the burrito bowl, the tempeh rice paper rolls or the quesadillas. Insider Tip: Thursday nights go off here with a live band, but don’t worry about arriving till after 8.00 pm. For all its strengths, The Cashew Tree doesn’t have a great view of the sky and it should be a crime to miss even a single Bali sunset. Sunset FOMO is totally a thing – learned that the hard way.

Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in out
Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in out

Beach it up

Go to Padang-Padang, another beautiful little beach just a short scooter ride from Bingin. It is significantly more touristy, with stalls, a warung and various water toys available for hire, but it’s perfect for floating about, jumping on a SUP or even finding sea caves for the more adventurous.

Following along with the water theme, your next port of call is Blue Point Beach. Jump in the beach directly at the base of the stairs, where the waves can be a little wild or duck through the rock tunnel on your left to find a much larger, calmer stretch of sand, perfect for a sunbake and a dip.

Go exploring for a day to the pristine and utterly deserted Nyang-Nyang Beach, with endless white sand and shipwrecks to boot. Keep an eye out on Little Grey Box for a guide to get there!

Cocktail Hour

First up – Single Fin, one of Uluwatu’s most established bars. It’s first on your right as you head down the cliffs towards Blue Point Beach. They serve Revolver coffee (best on the island) and have added the Hawaiian-inspired Nalu Bowls at the entrance, where you can buy generous smoothie bowls, loaded with life-giving toppings. But enough about that – you’re hanging out to hear about the booze, right? Single Fin is notorious for its Sunday sessions, but avoid the crowds and visit on a Wednesday for some acoustic music. Word to the wise: You must be here by 4 pm for a front row seat of an iconic clifftop viewing of an Uluwatu sunset with a mojito in one hand and a slice of seafood pizza in the other. Otherwise, it’s standing room only.

Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in Out
Image: Nat and Bonnie, Check-in Out

Treat yourself at El Kabron – we say “treat” because El Kabron is significantly more expensive than other places in the area and for sunset (last booking at 4.30 pm) there is an entrance fee, most of which goes toward your bill. The only way to describe this venue is perfect. It’s the sexiest beach club you’ve ever seen, 50 metres above sea level, with flawless service and delicious tapas. Bring a hat and sunscreen as it can really heat up on the deck (if you burn easily ask for a table with shade) and wear your bathers. Start with a dip and a jug of sangria. Thank us later.

Catch some culture

Finally, for the sightseers salivating for their fix of culture, visit the Uluwatu Surf Temple, or Pura Luhur Uluwatu. The view on the walk along the cliffs is absolutely spectacular, even on a cloudy day. You can also see the kecak dance (fire dance) as the sun sets, which is quite an experience in itself (a fee applies)

If you’re in need of a holiday and some rest and relaxation, and the above still doesn’t appeal to you, well, I’m sorry but we can’t be friends. We wouldn’t get along. At all.

circleNat and Bonnie are two travel lovers, hailing from beautiful Brisbane in Queensland. Combining Nat’s love of photography and Bonnie’s passion for words with their devotion to travel and each other, Check-in Out was born. Now, they share their adventures and eternal search for the very best hidden spots around the world with other travel-lovers. You can find the girls on Instagram or Facebook




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