There are a lot of fantastic travel blogs created by interesting and inspiring people who share their stories, photographs and travel advice with us. Whilst they come from all different walks of life, they all have one thing in common…. they love to travel! Each month I’m getting together with some of the best travel bloggers to ask them a simple question and share their responses with you. Coming together like this brings together some of the best travel bloggers from around the world to share, create and grow. It’s also a way for you to find a new site to explore and, hopefully, inspire you to seek out adventure too. You can read their answers to last month’s question, ‘Why do you travel?’ here.

This month travel bloggers share their answers to the question:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Amanda of Amanda Mabel 

“It would definitely have to be to appreciate the small things in life instead of always looking at the big picture. By becoming mindful of the tiny details around me (such as little gestures of kindnesses from strangers to a wildflower blooming on a grassy field), learning to be grateful for what I have makes the various life experiences I go through that much more amazing and memorable.” {Find Amanda on Facebook + Instagram}

Amanda Mabel
Credit: Amanda Mabel

Dariece and Nick of Goats On The Road

“We have been given countless amounts of excellent advice over the years, some of which has affected our business, some of it our personal lives and other information has been a great help during our travels. But I think the single best piece of advice ever would have to be from a Canadian TV show called Departures. Because of the words of wisdom and inspiration that those three guys gave us, we dropped everything in our “normal” lives and travelled the world for a year, then two, etc. Through travel, we have created a career and have made it our full-time way of life. We will be forever grateful for that show!” {Find Dariece and Nick on Facebook + Twitter}

Dariece and Nick blogging in Grenada
Credit: Dariece and Nick blogging in Grenada

Lisa of The Wandering Lens

“Wander the world with your eyes wide open and always look out the window.”

“It’s about soaking up the experiences travel brings you but also trying to not let a moment pass you by. Because my eyes are usually looking through a lens it’s important to always remember this advice, to stop and look around at the wonderful landscapes, meet new people and experience their culture! Also always book a window seat when flying…who has time for movies when the world is passing by below!?” {Find Lisa on Facebook + Instagram}

The Wandering Lens
Credit: The Wandering Lens

Austin and Kyra of Wayward and Weary

“There’s a joke in Kyra’s family where the advice “live like a cat” is often given. It sounds bizarre but it is because cats are Zen masters. Cats are always living in the present without any worries for the future or regrets for the past. We both always try to practice mindfulness, but when we lose sight a bit, we remember, “Live like a cat”. {Find Austin and Kyra on Facebook + Instagram}

Wayward and Weary
Credit: Wayward and Weary

Lucy of Lulabelle Lifestyle

“The one piece of advice, which has been instilled in me since I was a child by my parents, is to always do everything to the best of my ability. This mantra drives me to aim to be successful and fuels my ambition to give 110% and challenge myself  daily, something travelling and my blog allow me to do.” {Find Lucy on Facebook + Twitter}

Michelle of Lights Camera Travel 

“I’ve had my fair share of good advice over the years, but one I keep coming back to is, “there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.” It was my high school English teacher who said it to me once. I am notorious for wanting to take shortcuts as long as it doesn’t affect the final outcome too much – but I always remind myself of these words. Because in life, the shortcuts you take have a way of becoming your shortcomings later on.” {Find Michelle on Facebook + Instagram}

Kirst and Birgit of Sunshine and Gin

Kirst (from her Mum):

“You’ll never have as much money as you think you need so stop worrying about it, be grateful for what you’ve got and just go! Do as much as you can with what you’ve got, travel as far as you can and experience the world – the journey will be memorable regardless of where you go or how much you spend. Show kindness, love, compassion and acceptance at all times and believe that everything will be ok in the end – if it’s not ok, it’s not the end!”


“My Grandmother lived to be 103 and was a bit of a legend to everyone who knew her. She was lively, adventurous, loving and full of spark. Grandma didn’t hand out a lot of advice, rather led by example – taking care of others, finding great enjoyment in life while being absolutely sure in her decisions. On the few occasions she did advise me, the advice was always the same: Just do it.” {Find Kirst and Birgit on Instagram}


“The Dalai Lama is undeniably one of the world’s most inspirational individuals and his teachings about achieving happiness and fulfilment are incredibly insightful. One of my favourite sayings of his is the little reminder that ‘everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright, then it is not the end’. This piece of advice has really stuck with me and reminds me not to worry during times of difficulty because things always have a funny way of sorting themselves out on their own. Worrying is such a pointless waste of energy!” {Find Rachel on Facebook}

The Department of Wandering
Credit: The Department of Wandering

Leah of The Kid Bucket List

“Don’t die wondering” is a piece of advice once muttered to me by, of all people, a nun. Three simple words that have often fuelled me to take risks, book trips and even eat things I probably wouldn’t if I thought about it too much. Curiosity is a marvellous motivator when it comes to exploring!” {Find Leah on Facebook + Instagram}

Phoebe of Little Grey Box

“My Grandma isn’t the kind of woman to mince her words. She is very direct and loves me a lot… which are the perfect ingredients for excellent advice: “Reach out for your life, Phoebe, grab onto it” says Nan, “Experience it and do everything, don’t be like me. Live every day, have a wonderful life and don’t have too much responsibility.” Her advice to me has always been to stave off too much responsibility and live a simple, happy life to the absolute fullest.” {Find me on Facebook + Instagram}

So, now we’ve heard the greatest piece of advice some of our favourite travel bloggers have ever received… What is yours?  Please share in the comments below and let us know if any of ours resonated with you.

You can read their answers to last month’s question, ‘Why do you travel?’ here.

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