There are a lot of fantastic travel blogs created by interesting and inspiring people who share their stories, photographs and travel advice with us. Whilst they come from all different walks of life, they all have one thing in common…. they love to travel! Each month I’m getting together with some of the best travel bloggers in the business to ask them a simple question and share their responses with you. Coming together like this brings together some of the best travel bloggers from around the world to share, create and grow. It’s also a way for you to find a new site to explore and, hopefully, inspire you to seek out adventure too!

This month travel bloggers share their answers to the question: Why do you travel?

Mindy Lamoureaux of Wings of a Feather

“The reason I travel is that it broadens my mind, every trip I take I learn a little bit more about myself, the world and the way I choose to interact with it. It gives me the opportunity to find something new and inspiring and be completely open to it. Travelling takes me away from my comfort zone and fulfils a sense of adventure. I love having the opportunity to visit new places and meet people from different parts of the world and the memories it gives me.” Find Mindy on Instagram

The girl with the beautiful smile, Mindy Lamoureaux of Wings of a Feather

Brooke Falvey of Blonde Ambition

“They say not all who wander are lost, but I certainly started out that way. My heart had been broken, my soul was in tatters and while I had a job and family I loved, the girl I had been had long disappeared. Travelling brought her back. I’ve made lasting friendships with people all across the world, fallen in love with men and cities, stepped out of my comfort zone doing everything from whitewater rafting to trapeze lessons and hitting the Berlin dance club scene. I’ve danced on bars, kissed in the moonlight and discovered a whole new side to myself. Put simply, I travel because it brings me joy.” Find Brooke here on Instagram

Brooke Falvey of Blonde Ambition

Joel, Sam and Jaryd of Thrusta

“We travel because we are human. Human nature encourages us to explore beyond our comfort zones, to satisfy our curiosity by venturing into the unknown, to find answers for ourselves and not be limited by what others have embedded within us, to scare and challenge ourselves in a good way, to learn about ourselves and the ways of other cultures, to open our eyes and mind to the world, to meet new people and make new friends from the other side of the world, to do things that you would have never done if you stayed at home, to escape todays modern conception that the “daily grind” is the only way to live, and of course for the ecstasy of adventure. We travel because when we meet new people we want the first topic of conversation not to be what we do for a living, but rather what the most exciting adventure of our life was. We travel so that when we grow old we have stories to share of the amazing adventures that we lived.” Find Joel, Sam and Jaryd here on Facebook

Joel, Sam and Jaryd of Thrusta

Nicola of Polkadot Passport 

“I travel to gain a fresh perspective of the world, to learn that there is more to life then what I think I know. I travel to seek out adventure, meet new people, find beauty and capture all of this on my camera to share with others. I travel to get out of my comfort zone, pushing my physical and mental limits in order to grow as a person. I travel to feel alive, and to make the most out of the beautiful gift of life I have been given.” Find Nicola here on Facebook + Instagram

Nicola of Polkadot Passport

Jayne of Girl Tweets World

“Travel is the one certainty in my life. I often change my mind about who I want to be, where I want to live,  what I want to eat for dinner (annoying, often 5 minutes before I finish cooking it!) But travel and my love of it is the one thing I’m sure of. Travel, to me, is freedom. It’s adventure, education, opportunities, challenges and breakthroughs. It’s life taking on a new meaning and new direction every single day. It’s my longest lasting relationship. I travel because I’m hopelessly in love with it.” Find Jayne here on Facebook + Instagram

Jayne of Girl Tweets World

Erin of Explore With Erin

“We travel for all the opportunities it brings. For the adventure we get to experience. For all the time we get to spend as a family. For the culture we witness and the food we taste. For the joy of seeing a destination for the first time. We travel because it’s cheaper than living in Australia. We travel for a better life. And we travel for so many other reasons that would take more than a few sentences to reveal.” Find Erin and her family here on Facebook + Instagram

Erin of Travel with Bender

Lucy of Lulabelle Lifestyle

“I travel to see the world, try new food, meet new people, pick up a killer suntan, learn new things, take amazing photographs, live outside of my comfort zone and to make this world a smaller place.” Find Lucy here on Facebook

Lucy from Lulabelle Lifestyle

Austin and Kyra of Wayward and Weary

“We travel to feel free. Travel is the only thing that really satisfies the urge for complete freedom and adventure. It doesn’t matter how far you go; the point is that you’re exploring somewhere new. We travel for that feeling you get when you see mountains higher than you can comprehend, or a sunset so magnificent that you never forget the colours. Those moments can bring an exceptional sense of freedom.” Find Austin and Kyra here on Facebook + Instagram

Kyra of Wayward and Weary

Katie of The Travelling Light

“I travel for the sense of wonder and awe I feel when seeing the really special things and places people have created, both in the past and present – a bookshop, a street food festival, a tea garden, a strange museum. It brings up this feeling in me like I can feel the aliveness of the world we live in and what we’re all capable of creating. I feel like it rubs off on me and I take a little piece of that feeling with me onwards, it inspires me to share that feeling on my site. I’m naturally quite reserved so another reason to travel is to push myself to meet new people and do things I wouldn’t normally do. I travel mostly solo so I’m forced to take people up on random invitations, talk to strangers in coffee shops, go to a place I want to photograph for the site and interview the owner! We all feel quite comfy in our routines and regular home haunts, but gaining a fresh perspective has immeasurable positive effects on the body, mind, heart and spirit I think, however uncomfortable it can feel at the outset.” Find Katie here on Facebook + Instagram

Katie of The Travelling Light

Chris, Sarah and Jack of Travelling Apples

“We started travelling for several reasons. We felt we were in a rut at home and wanted to see as much of the world as possible before our son was old enough to go to school. At the risk of sounding a little cheesy, it’s a journey of self-discovery too. I’m 41 and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I’m hoping I can discover my passion while travelling. I’d also become a little disillusioned with Australia and wanted to know if it really is ‘the lucky country’ as we like to call ourselves. As it turns out, we’re probably right, but it’s taken leaving to make us realise that. Finally, we know this trip will have a lifelong effect on Sarah and I, but more importantly, we’re hoping it shapes Jack in a positive way. We’re hoping he becomes, without even realising it, a tolerant and resilient little boy who grows into a free spirit with wanderlust deep inside him.” Find Chris, Sarah and the very cute little Jack here on Instagram

The sweetest little travel blogger, Jack of Travelling Apples!

Skye of The Fit Traveller 

“From the moment I began to travel, it has brought out the best in me. At first, there were short trips from one country town to the next, to play sport. I loved meeting new people and I was insatiably curious about how others lived. Those smaller trips grew to longer journeys, further from home. At 15, I walked along Europe’s cobblestoned streets and marvelled at the history in each detail – from the buildings to the food. At 18, I was led around the globe by the promise of adventure but it was when I moved to Barcelona at 22, that I fully understood what it was like to immerse yourself in another culture. It was both a challenging and enriching experience. Travel helps me to look at life and myself from a different perspective; with fresh eyes. It keeps me humble, happy and hungry for the next adventure.” Find Skye here on Facebook + Instagram

Skye of The Fit Traveller

Phoebe and Matt of Little Grey Box

“I travel because I need the excitement of new experiences and change in my life. Like a border collie, I get bored pretty easily and need to change my routine regularly or I start to go stir crazy. Travelling gives me that fix, it stimulates me with new sights, smells, foods and people. It excites me to be in a completely new place, seeing something I haven’t before. Most importantly though, I travel because it makes me feel like myself. I never feel more real than when I’m somewhere else. I don’t have any of my home comforts around me or my friends and family, it’s just Matt and me and I can really hear my inner voice and my heart loud and clear. I find myself when I’m away from home.” Find Phoebe and Matt on YouTube, Facebook + Instagram (Phoebe) + Instagram (Matt)

Phoebe and Matt of Little Grey Box

Lucy of The Wanderlust Scout 

“I travel because I can! I know it might sound dull or somewhat cocky, but that is not my intention. Sure, I travel because I want to see the world – I have always had itchy feet and wanted to touch history and feel enriched (something I always felt was missing from my life). Heck, I even moved myself to Austria under the guise of “studying”, just so I could travel more and fill my life with beautiful memories and images. But, the main reason I travel is that I am able-body, able-minded and healthy. We often take for granted our health, and some people don’t realise how fortunate they are to have their health until it is rudely taken away. I travel now, because I never know what tomorrow holds; and that is the single most frightening, yet endearing/ ‘I-wanna-grab-life-by-the-balls’ kind of feeling there is.” Find Lucy here on Instagram

Lucy of The Wanderlust Scout

Kirst and Birgit of Sunshine and Gin

Birgit says: “I travel because it is the best life education anyone can have. To broaden the mind, to teach you about yourself, eliminate presumption, prejudices and ignorance, there is nothing so effective as travel. Travel gives me a thrill I get from no other experience.”
Kirst says: “As a child I used to force my mum to put on slideshows of her trips abroad when she was in her twenties. I adored seeing and hearing about her adventures and I couldn’t wait to ‘grow up’ and go on my own. So I guess traveling is the only thing I have wanted to do since I was 5. I travel to learn, to experience different cultures, to push myself out of my comfort zone, to meet new people and to have fun! I travel because new places sometimes feel more at home to me then those that are familiar and I travel because the world is a pretty amazing, beautiful place and I’m damned if I don’t take every opportunity I can to explore it!” Find Kirst and B here on Instagram

Birgit (left) and Kirst (right) of Sunshine and Gin.

So, now we’ve heard why some of our favourite travel bloggers love to travel… Why do you travel?  We’d all love to hear why you love it as much as we do, so please share in the comments below and let us know if any of our reasons resonated with you!

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  1. I truly believe that travel is a way of life, not an ultimate plan or a thing you do when you are retired of work and have adults children. Travel is a main purpose, a way of living better! Thanks for sharing these ideas 🙂

  2. Loved all the answers! Like Katie, I love travelling as it pushes myself out of my comfort zone and allows me to grow as a person.

    I’d be interested in contributing next month 🙂

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