Queensland is often credited with being home to Australia’s most beautiful beaches. Having just been to Sydney recently, and feeling a little guilty about it as a born and bred Queenslander, I was blown away by the stunning beaches it had to offer. Rather than keep this information to myself, I’ve put together this guide to discovering 4 of Sydney’s best beaches.

Bondi Beach

Before visiting Bondi I had prepared myself to be underwhelmed because of its overly touristy vibe, given it is Australia’s most famous beach. The truth is, touristy or not, Bondi will blow you away when you see it. The beach is set deeper into the coastline which means you can stand along the top of the cliffs and watch the sets of waves roll in. The water is a rich, deep blue and set along the coastline, it’s picture perfect. Jump in for a swim or post yourself up in a café with a view for a spot of people watching, the iconic Icebergs is a great place to start!

The view from Icebergs at Bondi
Rushcutters Bay

This little gem is only 3km away from the heart of Sydney’s CBD, nestled among iconic suburbs like Darlinghurst and Paddington. It’s the perfect option for somewhere a little more secluded than Bondi, with beautiful views Sydney city, nestled among sparkling water. Sprawl out on the grass and soak in the sun while you take in all the beautiful boats of d’Albora Marinas, it’s something different and much less touristy. Rushcutters Bay is just the place for a delicious waterfront lunch without worrying about getting all sandy and sticky with sunscreen, try Rushcutters for somewhere fancy and delicious.

Manly Beach

Nearly as famous as Bondi, Manly forms part of Sydney’s famed Northern Beaches. The sprawling golden sand and fresh ocean breeze are enough to make any visitor happy. Stop in for a bite to eat or a drink to cool you down. Manly Beach is perfect for all kinds of water sports, everything from parasailing and windsurfing to snorkelling and scuba diving. Manly Cove is more suited to families, with its gentle lapping waves. It’s ideal for sailing, fishing, barbequing or a lazy Sunday picnic. Make a day of it and catch a ferry to or from Darling Harbor!

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Balmoral Beach

Having lived in Sydney for a year of my childhood, Balmoral was my family’s go-to beach every weekend. It’s surrounded by expensive yachts and big houses, perfect for a bit of day dreaming and catching some sunshine. If you want to spoil yourself, have a tasty lunch at Public Dining Room – yum! This area is fantastic for rollerblading, bike riding, skateboarding, kicking a footy around or throwing a Frisbee. Pack a picnic or pick up some fish and chips for a relaxed post-swim lunch and enjoy this beautiful area of Sydney.

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