I’ve got a piece of shocking news; I’ve converted to a different brand of luggage. I’ve been an Antler gal for a long time, so when the guys at Lojel offered to send me some of their luggage to test out, I was excited but also a little bit sceptical. I wasn’t sure Lojel could claim its place in my wanderlust-fuelled heart, after all, I’m a pretty tough crowd given I travel so much and, when it comes to luggage, I’m very picky! Turns out, Lojel offers some absolutely kick-ass luggage and I’m officially a convert! I’m a little bit obsessed with my new luggage and wanted to share with you a little bit about why it’s so awesome and why you should definitely be putting the Lojel range on your radar when it comes time to buy new luggage.

But first, you should watch my video review of the Lumo, because I discovered it can very easily hold my entire bodyweight…

What, exactly, is so great about Lojel’s luggage?

Luggage is a funny thing when you really think about. It all looks very similar: rectangle shape, wheels, handle and a zipper. So it seems strange that these seemingly simple things could result in luggage ranging from the spectacular and life-altering right through to the monumentally horrid. (True story: I once had two wheels pop off a brand new suitcase just as I got off the tube in London and had to DRAG my 30kg bag 2km to a friend’s house. It was awful). 

The guys at Lojel sent me the Lumo set to try out (all three sizes). Here’s what I love about them; everything is sleek, high-quality and really well thought out. The success of these suitcases and the reason they’re so great is that the design has been thought through properly. They’ve paid attention to detail and taken the time to consider what the most important parts of a suitcase really are. It’s pretty clear they’ve been designed with travellers in mind. The reason the Lumo suitcases are so great is that they’re high-quality and totally functional, without comprising on style. After all, there’s no point having a great suitcase if you don’t want to use it because it’s fugly.

Let’s talk details…

I don’t want to bore you with too many specs here, so I’ll stick to the things that matter to me most and have really stood out when I’ve been using my new Lumo cases.

  • They are super light-weight, like, seriously light!
  • The wheels on this thing are SO good, it glides like a greased-up body on a slip and slide
  • The handles are padded which, trust me, really matters when you’re lugging a heavy bag off an airport conveyor belt
  • The extendable handle is placed on the outside, meaning it doesn’t get stuck if you over-pack (which you will)
  • It’s also titanium, so it can absolutely take a knock
  • It’s equipped with a double-coil zip, which beefs up your bag’s security to the max!
  • The case has an Advanced Polycarbonate shell so it’s really tough
  • The zipper on this thing is top-notch, it slides like a dream
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty (so good, especially when you’re investing in awesome luggage)
  • It also comes with a toiletry and shoe bag (I’ll be using the shoe bag as a laundry bag)
Is this the best luggage on the market?
A look at the three different sizes

Anything else I need to know?

Yeah, mate! Well, I said before that most suitcases are the same, which means there’s absolutely nowhere to hide. If the wheels on a suitcase suck, for example, you’re going to notice and they’re going to really bother you. It’s like a shopping trolley, right? If you get a dodgy trolley, it annoys you no end because there’s so little room for error, you notice each and every problem. Well, the guys at Lojel have realised this and tackled it head-on by making sure everything on the Lumo’s rig is TIGHT.

One other thing I’d like to bring up at this point is the sizing of the cases. Often, I’ve found it hard to choose which size case to buy as the small looks too small, the medium looks too small and the large looks massive (suspiciously/body-smuggling massive). I found all three cases to be really well sized, which I think has to do with the minimalist design and the fact there’s no faffing about in the interior, it really maximises your space. I’ll be using the cabin-size bag for weekend getaways, the medium size case for week-long trips and the large case for those bigger adventures (where I need to pack half my wardrobe…. ‘just in case’).

I opted for the bright yellow case because I love really bright luggage. I want to see my bag coming from a MILE off when it gets on that airport conveyor belt, not have it blend in with the sea of black suitcases rolling past. Thankfully, the Lumo comes in yellow, a gorgeous bright red, bright blue and, everyone’s favourite, shiny black. Here’s a look at the other colours, this image was taken from the Lojel website.

Is this the best luggage on the market?
A look at the four different colours available (Image: from the Lojel website)

The verdict…

I’m converted. I found Lojel’s Lumo case to be an absolute dream come true and have banished my Antler case to the cupboard. To be honest, there are quite a few things I love about the case, but the best way to sum it up is that it’s reliable, sleek and highly functional. I travel a LOT and I do not have time for suitcases with glitchy wheels and zips, dodgy extendable handles and soft shells. I absolutely, 100% need a suitcase that can stand up to being thrown around a lot, still look amazing and never, ever let me down.

I figured the best way to test all this was to take the Lumo on a work trip with me, so I did. I didn’t hold back at all, I put this thing through its paces and it totally stood up! Everything about it was so easy, even the way it glided along next to me as I pushed it, no drag on my shoulder or arm whatsoever. It’s just a classy piece of luggage and the attention to detail combined with top-notch finishes on it has helped it cement its place at the top of my beloved luggage list.

Is this the best luggage on the market?

My verdict is this… I really love the luggage and definitely recommend it. I’d recommend it to my mum, which means I am more than happy to recommend it to you too. If you’re in the market for new luggage, thinking about investing in some good-quality luggage or just want researching good brands, put Lojel on your list.

Check out the Lojel range here

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