It’s the middle of the day and it’s stinking hot. Singapore has found its humidity dial and set it to ‘dehydrate’, much to our displeasure. With the sweat of a thousand suns pouring out of us, we arrive at the Fuk Tak Chi Temple. But it isn’t just a temple, it’s also the ridiculously cool entryway to the AMOY and it’s one heck of a unique first impression.

We step into the temple and after a few minutes of gawking at it, wander through the glass doors and are hit with a delightfully cold wall of air. Our bags are whisked away, replaced with a very refreshing welcome drink. One sip and I’m cured! It’s ice-cold, light and sparkly (but not boozy) and exactly what I needed at that precise moment. I cannot wait to check in and get into our room!

But hold on, let’s back up a second. How the heck did we get to this point? Well, when we were planning our trip to Singapore, the first thing I did was contact the team at Far East Hospitality (FEH) and ask if it were possible for us to work together. We’ve worked together in the past and I loved the hotels I visited. If you find someone you love to work with and can genuinely enjoy and recommend what they do, it makes sense to keep working with them. Lucky for me the FEH team are extremely generous and arranged for us to stay at AMOY, a place I’ve been wanting to stay at for a very long time.

To help you plan your next, or first trip to Singapore, here’s my review of AMOY. It may just be the perfect place for you!

AMOY Singapore

Hotel location

Okay, so where is the AMOY and is it in the area I want to stay in? Here’s the thing, Singapore is a pretty small island and almost everything you want to see as a visitor is near each other or a short MRT (train) ride away. If you need tips on how to get around Singapore, read this guide.

AMOY is located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. If that conjures up images of a boring, desolate area with towering skyscrapers and no fun to be had, you’re dead wrong. Singapore’s CBD is basically just a whole bunch of huge, very-impressive buildings mixed in with all the cool, fun places you want to visit.

From AMOY you can easily walk to Chinatown, Raffles Place, Collyer Quay, Boat Quay and the Marina. We walked to all of these places and it was a great way to see the city and find cool things to look at and discover the best photography spots. If you’re a keen photographer, it’s very easy to wake up before dawn and get some amazing shots of the sunrise over the water at the Marina or capture stunning long-exposure night shots too.

The Telok Ayer MRT Station is on the other side of the street to the Fuk Tak Chi Temple. So, all you have to do is walk out of the hotel doors and cross the road to find yourself on the MRT lines. From here, it’s a few easy stops to visit the Gardens by the Bay. You can also hail a cab very easily from outside the hotel and get wherever you need to go. A cab from the airport to the hotel should take around 25 minutes, but the hotel can arrange a private car to pick you up VIP-style and drop you at your hotel door, where the staff will be waiting to greet you.

What I liked most about the location of the hotel was that, while it’s extremely central, it’s tucked away from all the hubbubs of the city. When you go back to the hotel it’s easy to get there and once you’re inside, you feel like you’re a world away. It’s the perfect escape in the heart of Singapore.

AMOY Hotel Singapore travel blog review

The rooms

I was hanging out to stay at AMOY because the rooms here are so cool. The hotel is different as you won’t see a massive, towering building and think ‘Oh, that’s my hotel.’ Instead, you’ll walk through the doors of the historic Fuk Tak Chi Temple and find your room hidden upstairs, through a short series of winding corridors and a few steps. There are only 37 rooms, which really adds to the hotels boutique feel.

AMOY Hotel Singapore Blog review Travel
Deluxe Double Room Bathroom and Basin

For me, the rooms at AMOY have a sense of old-world Singapore, when the country was a trade route for ‘spices’ which is code for opium. Our room was split-level, with the entry-way and bathroom as you walk in. Then, down a few steps to the left, the bedroom and desk area. I loved this unique layout because it almost felt like a treehouse or cubby-house, with shelves holding interesting things and different things in different spots.

Our room featured a lot of dark wood and warm lighting, so it was extremely cosy and comfortable. I found it really easy to get a nice, peaceful sleep each night in the big, comfortable bed and the wall-mounted TV at the foot of the bed made it the perfect spot for curling up to watch movies after a big day exploring.

AMOY Hotel Singapore Blog review Travel
Deluxe Double Room Bed

The room also comes with complimentary WiFi (yesssss!), an in-room coffee machine and a complimentary mini-bar (omg! YESSSSS!). You’ll also find crispy cold air-con, hairdryer, in-room safe box, hanging space and places to get your luggage out from under feet. The shower and toilet are separate and I found the shower to be sensational. Excellent water pressure, nice and dark in there with some moody lighting. Ideal showering conditions.

What I liked most about our deluxe double room was the feel of the room. The split-level layout and fit-out really made the room feel really comforting. Whenever I stepped into the room it just felt like I was in a cosy cubby house, hidden away from the world, but still close to everything.

Dining & Entertainment

There’s so much to see and do around the hotel, it’s not even funny. As I mentioned in the location, the hotel is near pretty much everything you’re going to want to see, so sightseeing is easy! There are loads of fantastic bars and restaurants nearby, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to go. If you need food recommendations, the front desk team are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, so just ask them for their top picks.

If you’re a food-court hound like me, you’ll find Lau Pa Sat a few short minutes stroll away from the hotel. This is a great place to try local food. I’d also recommend taking a walk to Chinatown and eating at the Hong Lim Centre, home to some pretty amazing dishes. If you don’t know what to try, just join the biggest queue and order whatever everyone else is eating. Read this guide to find out my must-try food recommendations in Singapore.

For nearby food, you’ll find a whole bunch of restaurants in Far East Square, which is attached to the hotel. There’s a great dumpling place, Mouth, as well as burger spots and bars a minute or two walk away. It’s so easy to find good food, you’ll have to get a crane to haul you out of your room at check-out time.

The verdict

I really enjoyed my stay at AMOY. I loved experiencing the heritage side of Singapore, rather than the high-tech fast-paced modern world. It pushed me to notice and enjoy more of the historic, traditional side of the city, which I really enjoyed. I also found the service was top-notch, the front desk team remembered us and waved when they saw us, gave us tips and information on the local area and were so knowledgeable about the history of the hotel site, it made the stay that bit more special.

For me, the location was fantastic as it was so easy to walk where I wanted to go or cross the road and jump on the train to a destination further away. I also really loved the rooms, that dark timber and old-world colonial Singapore feel was different to anywhere I’ve stayed before and I really enjoyed being nestled in the room after a big day exploring.

I’d recommend a stay at AMOY Hotel for first-time visitors to Singapore as well as seasoned Singapore lovers. They offer single rooms for solo travellers and the double rooms are a great size for couples too. If you’re looking to stay somewhere central, that’s different from anywhere else, AMOY is the spot for you. It’s a great hotel offering unique, comfortable accommodation that’s central and very enjoyable. Book the AMOY by Far East Hospitality here.

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