If you find yourself on the beautiful Gold Coast, whether it be for a holiday, weekend getaway or a few hours’ escape, you’re going to want to discover some of the most beautiful places to visit. I recently spent a day exploring the southern half of the coast, looking for great photography spots, hidden lookouts and iconic places to capture. So, here are my tips on a few of the very best spots to photograph on the Gold Coast! If you’ve got a few of your own, I’d love to hear them, so share them in the comments below.

1. Lores Bonney Lookout

You’ll find this amazing hidden spot at the top of a stretch of stairs in Miami. It’s easy to drive right past it, so keep your eyes peeled for it. Walk up the stairs, then go to the right. You’ll find a path, hidden in a break in the bushes. Walk out and down, carefully. This amazing spot juts out from the mainland and gives you the most incredible views of the Gold Coast, from Surfers Paradise right down to the other end of the coast. There are no skyscrapers to block your view, just never-ending stretches of sand and water to gaze it. Find Lores Bonney Lookout here.

Lores Bonney Lookout, Gold Coast
Lores Bonney Lookout, Gold Coast

2. Point Danger

Drive to the southern end of the coast and you’ll find Point Danger. This spot offers up some really gorgeous views of the coastline and, best of all, there’s a nice grassy spot on the hill to sit and watch. I love visiting this place for great photos of the green and blue contrast, with the waves rolling in behind it all. It’s also a really lovely place to sit for a few hours with a picnic and a cold drink or two (beer is encouraged) and watch the surfers catching waves below. Find Point Danger here.

Great spots to photograph on the Gold Coast 
Point Danger, Gold Coast

3. Currumbin Alley

This open stretch of beach, leading down to the water, offers views of Surfers Paradise on the horizon, jagged headland and plenty of surfers and swimmers too. You can spot planes flying in and play around on the huge rocks nearby. It’s a great spot to get some really iconic beach shots and also an awesome place to learn to surf if you’re so inclined. Find Currumbin Alley here.

Currumbin Alley, Gold Coast
Currumbin Alley, Gold Coast

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4. Kirra Lookout

One of the very best views of the Gold Coast, up high, can be found at the Kirra Lookout. If you haven’t been before, it can be a little bit tricky to get there with all the one-way streets, but your GPS or phone can guide you to the top. Once you’re there, you’re spoiled with breathtaking views of the Gold Coast, some of my favourites, to be honest. There’s a giant eagle statue, viewfinders to look through and a shaded area to sit awhile. It’s a great spot to eat your lunch with a million-dollar view and get some gorgeous photos of Kirra and the coast. Find the Kirra Lookout here.

5. Tallebudgera Creek

This beautiful spot offers up calm water, perfect for families and ideal for stand-up paddle-boarders too. You can hire a board or take a lesson if you like or just go for broke and float around in the water all day. It gives you the chance to capture some really serene beach shots, especially if you can get them off the bridge too. I love this place for the pretty shallow water and the dreamy way the headland juts out of the earth, covered in a soft green blanket of trees. Find Tallebudgera Creek here.

Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast
Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast

6. Snapper Rocks

The most famous surf break on the coast has to be Snapper Rocks. This iconic spot offers amazing surf and gorgeous views. It’s a chance to capture some really iconic shots of the Gold Coast. Thing surfers, gorgeous girls, lifeguard towers and beautiful blue water. There are a few nice places to grab a bite to eat or sit and soak it all in with a cold drink or lap up the afternoon sun out on the sand and in the water. Find Snapper Rocks here.

Great spots to photograph on the Gold Coast 
Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast

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7. 11th Avenue, Palm Beach

If you drive to 11th Avenue in Palm Beach and park your car, jump out and walk down to the beach you’ll see this long stone walkway. It’s a great spot to get some really cool photos of the water and gives you a nice perspective and height to your shots too. You can also stand on the rock wall, have someone scurry down to the beach below and get some gorgeous, dreamy photos of long stretches of sand with the tide coming in. Find 11th Avenue on google maps or GPS.

8. Currumbin Rock Pools

Drive 15 minutes west of the highway, from Coolangatta, and you’ll find yourself at the Currumbin Rock Pools. Just one of the awesome swimming holes in this area, you’ll feel like you’re far, far away from the gorgeous Gold Coast. The water can be a bit chilly, but it’s lovely when you finally get in. Sit under the little waterfalls, paddle around or just float along. It’s a great spot to get some unique photos of the coast and see a different side of it altogether. Find the Currumbin Rock Pools here.

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