7 Insanely cute cafés you need to visit in Tokyo 

Planning a trip to Tokyo? One thing you need to know is the café scene there is pretty important. Locals will line up for hours to make sure they get a seat at their favourite spot, or even a newly opened one too. It’s a whole different world and one you’re going to love exploring on your next trip to Tokyo. To help you navigate the myriad of cool cafés in town, here’s my guide on 7 of the very best, must-visit, cute cafés in Tokyo!

1. Kawaii Monster Cafe

It’s impossible to describe this place accurately, only to say it’s all of your wild, Harajuku, fantasy dreams come true! It’s an amazing mesh of bizarre ideas, cool art concepts and bright colours mashed together to form the most psychedelic, hilariously wonderful cafe you’ve ever seen. The waitresses are dressed up in the coolest costumes, referred to as ‘Monster Girls’. This is the spot to get those Instagram-worthy food photos you’ve been dying for. Brightly coloured cakes, crazily decorated meals and food, unlike anything you’ve seen before. If you only visit one place on this list, make it this one. Find the Kawaii Monster Cafe here.

2. Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

If you love cute, girly things and think Hello Kitty is adorable, you’re going to L-O-V-E Cafe de Miki. This place has a really sweet fit-out with red and white polka-dot walls, white tables and chairs and overall British thing going on too. The menu offers up scones, parfait, pancakes, cakes and all sorts of coffee. You’ll find yourself delivered food with Hello Kitty incorporated in various ways, from the foam on your coffee to the pastry on your apple pie. Find Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty here.

7 Cute cafés to visit in Tokyo
Kawaii Monster Cafe
3. Peanuts Cafe

This place is so cool! The fit-out here is awesome, it’s got a minimalist, hipster thing going on with lots of polished concrete, timber, white surfaces and splashes of green. The concept here is based on beloved American comic-strip, Peanuts. So, you’ll find lots of Peanuts memorabilia and merchandise scattered around the place. The menu also reflects this, with dishes named after a few favourite characters. You’ll find this place serving up great lunches, yummy drinks and a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Find Peanuts Cafe here.

4. Butler’s Cafe

If you like awkward situations and enjoy feeling really weird, you should visit the Butler’s Cafe. The concept? Foreign men dressed up as butlers. Yes, you read that right. Rather than being served by Japanese men, the women of Tokyo like to experience being a princess for today in this ornately decorated cafe, waited on by foreign guys in suits. Yes, it’s a real thing and yes, it’s a bit weird but that’s what makes it SO wonderful. Find the Butler’s Cafe here.

7 Cute cafés to visit in Tokyo
Peanuts Cafe
5. Shirohige’s Totoro Cream Puff Factory

This small, warm and welcoming little space is a cosy spot to curl up and lose a few hours with great food, great company and a warm drink. This place makes the list based on the gorgeous little Cream Puff’s alone! You’ll find them creating these lovely and delicious little pastries filled with all different kinds of yummy flavoured creams and custards, which change with the seasons. The charactered they’re modelled after is, of course, Totoro! He’s a character from a popular Japanese animation. The pastries made in his likeness are almost too good to eat… almost. Find Shirohige’s Totoro Cream Puff Factory here.

6. My Little Pony Cafe

This is not a drill. There is a My Little Pony themed cafe and it’s all kinds of weird and wonderful. I think the beauty of all these cafes is the way they pick a theme and really run with it, finding ways to incorporate the theme into each dish. The MLP cafe is no exception to this! It’s a rainbow wonderland of pony-loving fun and will have you snapping a million photos a minute. There’s pancakes served with rainbow ice cream, sandwiches with ponies toasted into them, lots of pink milk, pink potato soup and more. It’s amazing. Find the My Little Pony Cafe here.

7 Cute cafés to visit in Tokyo
Cherry Blossoms
7. Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe

This place makes the cute list because it serves up the most beautiful, cute cakes you’ve ever seen! Don’t let the whole ‘chocoholic’ thing throw you off if you aren’t a big chocolate lover. They still offer up delicious and gorgeously presented savoury options too, but it’s the cakes that’ll get your motor running. They come in the shape of cats, pandas and puppies, to name a few, and in an assortment of rotating flavours. Find the Chocoholic Patisserie Cafe here.

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4 thoughts on “7 Insanely cute cafés you need to visit in Tokyo 

  1. This is why I love Japan!

    I went to a cat cafe, rabbit cafe, maid cafe and Alice in Wonderland restaurant but I haven’t heard of any of the ones you’ve mention so I’ll be pinning for if I ever get chance to go back to Tokyo 🙂

  2. And the Alice cafés where you eat cheshire cat noodles and everything has got a name taken from the book. There are 5 in Tokyo only. The menu was good value and there even was a magician. His tricks were amazing plus you get to wear bunny ears or Alice’s ribbon.

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