I’m sitting at my desk with the fan pointed directly at me, as high as it will go. It’s hot. Very, very hot. If I had to choose one thing about working from home that isn’t completely awesome, it would be melting into a sweaty puddle during summer and freezing my toosh off in winter. Thank god I didn’t dream of becoming a landscape gardener when I was younger, I don’t know how they do it.

It’s Monday morning and I’m back home after an amazing weekend spent in Noosa. It rained the whole weekend! Well, rain is a bit of an understatement because it kinda poured like crazy and there were lightning strikes and thunder so loud they made us all jump, like little kids. Despite the rain, the weekend was still awesome, which is usually a sign that you’re staying somewhere wonderful, in the company of great people.

I was pretty stoked to be invited on the trip by Seahaven Noosa and Visit Noosa. I was even more stoked to find two people I knew were going on it too; one of my all-time favourite travel bloggers and good friend, Jaharn, of Mister Weekender and fitness, mummy blogger and funny, down-to-earth girl, Lauren, of Mad Max Mum. Jess and Nicola of The Unrefined also joined us on the trip and it was my first time meeting them, they are both incredibly stylish and cool, but also really nice!

We arrived at Seahaven Noosa and checked into our rooms. I set about filming for my Vlog and photographing for my blog and social channels then ducked out for a much-needed coffee and came back to the room, hopped into bed fully-clothed and watched part of a movie. I tend to over-work myself and push myself a bit too hard sometimes, so it was nice to make myself STOP and enjoy the hotel room like a normal person.

Travel Diary Noosa Seahaven Resort Room
My room at Seahaven Resort Noosa

At 5pm we all headed upstairs to meet up with Bec and Donna, the lovely gals from P4 Group, who greeted us in the best way possible; with wine and cheese. As soon as we sat down and started talking and laughing, we all just clicked and it felt like a girls weekend away. Enjoying a work trip like that is awesome because it makes so much easier to share the story.

We headed downstairs for dinner at 6:30pm, to Zachary’s Gourmet Pizza Bar and Restaurant. The restaurant had just opened its doors, moving to a new, bigger location, and it was packed. After eating our delicious pizzas, it was easy to see why. The food was so, so good and the super cold beer that came with it just sweetened the deal.

travel diary noosa zacharys pizza
Pizza and beer at Zachary’s Gourmet Pizza Bar and Restaurant

The next morning we woke up at 5:30am (URGH!) and met Kelly from Luxe Fitness Escapes. We went to Little Cove Beach and Kelly took us through Yoga, Pilates and Meditation on the beach. I can’t describe how soothing it was doing all of this a few metres away from the water, the sound of the waves lapping on the beach in the background. Afterwards, we sat and talked, laughing and eating these delicious pots of coconut yoghurt and muesli Kelly had prepared for us.

Back at Seahaven, we were greeted by a gorgeous breakfast hamper from Love Noosa. It was stocked with macadamia muesli, coffee, fresh strawberries, jam, fresh juice and one heck of a fresh loaf of bread with butter on the side. You guys, I cut that loaf of bread up and buttered it and ate it all. It was so delicious! I’ve always struggled with flat-lay, but have been working really hard and practicing at it. The hamper from Love Noosa was awesome practice for me and I finally feel like I’m starting to nail flat-lays! Yassssssssss!

travel diary noosa love noosa hamper
Breakfast hamper from Love Noosa

At 11:45 we met in the foyer and were greeted by Scott from Old Skool Kombis Noosa. We went outside and climbed aboard Evie, the most gorgeous Kombi fully restored, looking absolutely immaculate and so damn cute. She is even my favourite colour and has now become my dream car. I wish to own you, Evie. Scott and Evie drove us in style to Noosa Boathouse, an amazing restaurant on the water.

travel diary Noosa old skool kombi noosa
My new dream car, Evie!

We were met by Sarah, of the Boathouse, who took amazing care of us, and Lucy and Susan from Visit Noosa. The chef prepared a whole lot of starters and entrees for us to share, including a Mooloolaba prawn salad and Cedar Street buffalo mozzarella salad with fresh peaches and toasted macadamias. After stuffing our faces with those, we ordered mains, followed by dessert and wolfed the whole lot down without hesitation. The food was so good and the Boathouse is in a really cool spot on the water, it made the whole lunch really enjoyable.

travel diary Noosa Boathouse
Lunch at Noosa Boathouse – YUM!

After letting our food settle, we climbed aboard a waiting boat, thanks to Malu Os Eco Boat Hire. It was pouring rain outside, but we were safe and dry inside, putting along the river. It was so relaxing, the rain was coming down outside, trickling down the windows and we were all curled up inside just blissing out after such an amazing lunch. Perfect.

That evening, after a few hours of work and rest back at Seahaven, I went to Betty’s Burgers. I was a bit worried about their only vegetarian option, but guys, their Shroom Burger turned out to be one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. 10/10 would eat again.

We met up the next morning at 7:30am and walked to Season Restaurant, just around the corner from Seahaven. I ordered the biggest coffee I could get my hands on and a beautiful bowl of crunchy granola topped with lemon yoghurt and fresh mango and peaches. All the food looked so good and mine tasted amazing.

Travel diary Noosa Season Restaurant
Breakfast at Season Restaurant

After getting all fuelled up we waddled along the beach, toward Little Cove Beach, stopping to take photos and capture more video. We didn’t make it all the way to Little Cove because it was raining like crazy, and the afternoons Stand Up Paddle Board lesson was also cancelled because of the downpour, so we headed back to the rooms and packed up, checking out of Seahaven and taking off for the Noosa National Park.

Jaharn, Bec and I wandered barefoot through the park, to Tea Tree Bay, hoping to get some great photographs. The weather had made beach photos difficult, but I did manage to get a few good shots of the pathways through the park and Jaharn helped me get some good video for the Vlog too. With the rain coming down hard, we scurried back to the car and headed home.

Travel Diary Noosa

I had an amazing weekend, thanks to all the wonderful, generous businesses who hosted us and spoiled us. There are so many amazing things I get to experience now that I never would have before, so I really, really appreciate these trips. It didn’t even feel like a work trip, that’s how good it was, it felt like a very fun, relaxing weekend away with some very talented girls. I wish we could do it again!

I got home on Sunday afternoon and P was delighted to have me home. We curled up on the bean bag and I gave her a million kisses and snuggles while she caught me up on all the gossip I’d missed while I was gone (yes, I talk to my cat and yes, she meows back. It’s not weird!) It was so hot, I went for an afternoon swim, then got to work putting together my Vlog from the trip.

When I first started making the Vlogs I had the idea that I wanted them to be really personal and for me to be comfortable sharing my weird personality. This trip it feels like that has finally clicked for me, I feel a lot more comfortable and as normal as possible when I film myself. I’m falling more in love with vlogging each day!

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