In my Travel Diary on Monday I mentioned that I had some exciting news to share this week, well here it is! Little Grey Box and I have been nominated as a finalist in this year’s Voices of 2015! I’m one of the top 32 finalists in the Food & Travel Category.

This means the absolute world to me and it’s hard to describe how good it feels and why. I’m so grateful for the recognition, it’s amazing to think judges have looked at my site and deemed what I create and share worthy of involvement in something like this, it’s amazing. Most importantly though, it’s proof to every single person out there that absolutely anything you want in life is possible.

Being a writer has always been my dream, for the most part of my life a secret one that I never shared and pushed out of mind, dismissing it as completely unachievable. But it isn’t. It wasn’t.

I met someone recently and as we got to talking I told them what I do. I explained I’m a travel writer. They were really happy for me and shared their thoughts on it being a tough industry to break into. They’re right, it is a tough industry to break into, but that’s a thought that could hold you back your whole life. You could spend every day wanting to make a change and never, ever do it because there’s a chance you may not succeed. I can guarantee if you never try, you’ll never make it.

But if you want something bad enough and you commit to it with your whole heart and all your energy and love, you will succeed. You have to want it more than anything. Your desire has to be so big that it completely diminishes your fears. It needs to tower over them. If you feel like that, you cannot fail. I know, because that was me. I got to a point where the fear was still there, but my absolute need to follow my heart was so big that it far outweighed any other fear.

I wanted to be happy more than I was afraid of not having enough money or failing and having to go back to my job. This fuelled me and it can fuel you too, it can fuel anybody in their life.

All you need to do to start is just take the step of listening to your inner voice. What makes you happy? Do more of that, starting right now. Read more, cook more, sleep more, eat more, paint more, play more, craft more, love more. Love yourself and all the things you have to offer the world. Take the time to discover all the things that make you happy then bombard yourself with them. Surround and cocoon yourself with them, wrap yourself in them and don’t let them go.

Your happiness in life is paramount, it is the single most important thing. Now, you might say, “But, I love my (husband/wife/mum/dad/kids) and their happiness is the most important thing to me.” Sure, but think of it this way: Their happiness is what makes you happy. Right?! So there’s no reason anything in life shouldn’t be about your happiness because absolutely everything is about your happiness.

When you start consciously making decisions to increase your happiness you feel better. That grows and grows until you feel really good more often and it’s easy to make decisions and see your path more clearly. It all snowballs into big mushy, happy ball of glowing energy and you feel better and better again.

There is never a point in life where you have stuffed up beyond repair. You have never gone too far or done anything so wrong that you don’t deserve to be happy or have everything you want in life. That simply does not exist. You are incredible and wonderful and deserve everything you desire in life. All you have to do is go for it.

Voices of 2015 Phoebe Lee

Matt and I were driving today and he said something really cool that made me really happy. Firstly, you should know that he is a very big fan of NRL and like a lot of people, he goes mad for the State of Origin. He lives, breathes, sleeps and eats it. Every year as it approaches he gets more and more excited to the point he can barely sleep the night before and the day of he is buzzing so much with excitement he practically vibrates around the house.

Today he said to me that he feels so happy with life and what we’re doing that he forgot the game was happening tomorrow. Do you know what that means? It means that every day of his life feels exactly at the same amazingly wonderful level of awesomeness as watching his favourite sporting event.

That should be normal for everybody and the good news is that it can be. Think of when you feel happiest… Just imagine that every moment can feel that way because it can.

I hope that no matter what you take from ready my blog if nothing else, you take this one thing with you and hold it close to your heart: Anything in life is possible. All you have to do is go for it.

I’m incredibly grateful for the Voices of 2015 nomination and to be a finalist. It opens new doors to me to work with brands and sponsors and helps me find new people in the world to connect and share with. But most importantly, it’s confirmation for every single person out there that their dreams are never impossible. You can achieve whatever you want to, if only you go for it.

Thank you to every single person who reads, comments, shares, follows, watches subscribes and engages with Little Grey Box and I. Your time, support and kind words are so much appreciated by me and I thank you from the bottom of my very full and happy heart.


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