Great news, guys, I just started training at a new CrossFit Box. Woah, wait, hold on a minute. Don’t freak out just because I mentioned CrossFit. In fact, let’s take a moment to get a few things straight before we keep going with this great story about my social shortcomings.

Hello, my name is Phoebe and I go to CrossFit. I’m not an elite athlete, in fact, I’m not even a mediocre one. I’m awkward, with gangly arms and legs. I’m also ass-heavy, like one of those blow-up bop-bag things you knock over and it just keeps bouncing back up because all its weight is on its butt. I go to CrossFit so I can drink a large soy cappuccino every day and eat a whole pizza once a week and not feel guilty about it. I’m not brainwashed, I’m not going to the CrossFit Games and I’m not on a Paleo diet, but I do think Rich Froning is a dreamboat. Mmmm Froning. Alright, moving on.

As you would’ve noticed, I referred to my new CrossFit location as a ‘box’. Instead of calling it a gym, they call it a box. I have no idea why they call it a box, but it’s an endless source of jokes for the non-CrossFit serious, like me. I’m talking classic, timeless, witty humour like, “Hey, want to see my new box?” and “Oh man, my new box has so much room. Do you know how many people I can fit in there?” and “You should see the SIZE of my box. Seriously, it’s huge.” Brilliant, right?

Moving to a new box, while providing me with a great new comedy routine, is really kinda terrifying. Why? Because I’m a socially inept introvert on an inevitable and very slippery slope to agoraphobia. Woah mama, the sweet bliss of agoraphobia. Take me, I’m yours! Since I started working from home full-time I don’t even have to deal with the horror of seeing co-workers every day. I sit at home alone, happily typing away, listening to music. When Matt walks through the front door in the evening I’m like a startled possum, cowering in the corner, terrified of human presence.

Honey, I'm hoooome!
Honey, I’m hoooome!

Like I said, socially inept. If I had a reality TV show it would be the most boring piece of crap, it would just be footage of me sitting in silence for 8 hours a day praying my mobile phone doesn’t ring. But that’s the way I like it. Peaceful, quiet, free from the mundane, forced chitter-chatter.

One of the most interesting things to happen to me at my new home office has been the attempted self-harm of my fish, Nibbles. The idiot decided to launch himself out of his lovely little bowl, straight onto the floor. By the time I found him he was dried out and covered in hair. I plucked him off the floor, picked the hairs off him and threw him back in the bowl. Much to everyone’s surprise, he still lives. Go Nibbles, go!

Despite my introversion, I was raised by parents who taught me it’s important to be friendly and polite, so I always say hello and chat to people when I’m in new situations. Starting at the new CrossFit Box is a daunting prospect for me as it means talking to a LOT of new people. Not only that, but it’s a totally new environment and the place is HUGE, yep, my box is HUGE.

We do workouts right in the middle of the place, so there are people working out around you as well as those working out with you. There are people shimmying up ropes, popping out handstand walks and squatting 100kg like it’s nothing. I, meanwhile, am in the corner trying to make my pre-workout stretch routine look convincing. ‘Mmm yes, this leg stretch is quite advanced, I saw footage of Katy Perry doing it before a show once. If it’s good enough for Katy Perry, it’s good enough for me.’

This is the stuff of introvert nightmares. It’s definitely not as bad as having to give a speech in front of a large group of people, but it’s still up there, possibly in the same region as your boss pointing you out as the ‘new person on board’ on your first day at a new job. The horror.

I know people who love this stuff, they’d be genuinely thrilled at the prospect of making new friends, meeting all these new people and hearing their stories. Some of them may even end up going out for a drink and becoming life-long buds. Not me, nah-uh. It was a 27 year struggle just to get to the point of having six very good friends. Six in 27 years, that’s an average of one new friend every 4.5 years. Seeing as I met the last one, Ellie, in May last year, I’m really not due for another one until November 2017. In fact, you could say that I’m right on schedule, keeping up with KPIs and all that. If I were to make a new friend ahead of schedule I’d throw the whole system out of whack, it’d be like birds not making it to the special island where they lay their eggs or… something… very similar.

Okay, so what the heck does all this mean exactly? For you, probably nothing. For me, it means a few very awkward months of mishearing people over loud music, bumping into things and taking an extreme and sudden interest in the floor whenever someone comes near me. But it’s all worth it guys because I get to eat all the pizza I like and make all the smutty double entendres I can think of, particularly ones about how accessible and user-friendly my box is.

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