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Love travel? So do we! If you enjoy planning your own adventures, here are all the brands we use to organise our travel and run our business.

This list will continue to evolve as we grow and find products and services that work better for us. If you have any questions about anything listed below, leave a comment and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Travel Resources


Like most people, we have a tonne of online accounts. To keep our personal information safe, we use a strong, unique password for each and every online account we have. 1Password generates and remembers them all for us allowing us to log in to sites with a single click. With 1Password we only ever need to memorize one password. All our other passwords and important information are protected by a Master Password, which only we know. Find 1Password here


Agoda and

Agoda is our go-to site for booking accommodation. We like the rewards program, and that you can often book without paying upfront or choose the pay-at-hotel option. Another great feature is some bookings allow free cancellations up to a date shortly before your stay. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions as each hotel can be different. Occasionally, we find has properties we just can’t find on Agoda. Find Agoda here and here.

Where to stay in Hanoi- InterContinental Landmark 72 Review - 35


We’ve used Airbnb a number of times (in Canada, the United States and Australia) and every time it was a really great experience. We loved the booking process, the hosts have been awesome and the accommodations have been great. Do your homework, go with your gut instincts and we’re confident you’ll have a great experience. Find Airbnb (and potentially a credit for you) here.

ING Orange Everyday Account (Australian’s Only)

If you find yourself travelling overseas (or around Australia) a lot, ATM, bank and international transaction fees really start to add up. ING’s Orange Everyday Account offers rebates on all these fees if you fulfil a couple of really simple criteria each month. The criteria were stuff we were already doing so it was a no-brainer for us and it’s saving us a good chunk of money we previously just accepted as part of our lifestyle. Find ING Orange Everyday Account here. is our go-to site for booking hire cars. It’s an easy-to-use comparison site and we’ve had nothing but great experiences with it so far. Find here.


We always use SeatGuru when choosing seats for flights. It’s free and really easy to use. We rarely pay for allocated seats, instead opting to choose the best seats we can find based on our preferences and availability. Find Seat Guru here.


This free coupon-finding browser extension is definitely worth the install. Honey scours the web for coupon codes and automatically applies them to our travel-related (and day-to-day) online purchases. You may save some cash but best of all, say goodbye to trawling the internet for coupon codes. Find Honey here.

Phoebe and Matt of Little Grey Box

Skyscanner and Google Flights

Skyscanner is our go-to site when we start looking at booking flights. Even if we end up booking directly with the airline this is a great starting point for finding the most economical or most direct route to a destination. Google Flights has some handy search and navigational options worth looking at too. Find Skyscanner here and Google Flights here.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance (Australia & NZ Only)

We never take a trip without travel insurance! It gives us peace of mind and is there for us when those unexpected moments occur. In fact, over the years, we’ve made a number of claims and, in those moments, have appreciated the true value of having it. The best thing about Southern Cross Travel Insurance is their annual multi-trip policy. We used to take out policies for each individual trip and it really started to add up. Now, we buy an annual policy and it covers all our trips in the year. It’s affordable and much easier. Just be sure to check the inclusions and exclusions and consider the length of trips that you need covered. Find Southern Cross Travel Insurance here.


Life is soooooo much better (and secure) with a VPN. A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network which means your internet activity is shielded from prying eyes whilst on public Wi-Fi. Even better than that, Surfshark gives you access to region-restricted websites no matter where you are in the world. Get unrestricted access to the Netflix libraries of 15 countries (including the USA) with Surfshark VPN + unlock other streaming services too! Find Surfshark here.


Did someone say ‘free one-way car and camper-van rentals across Australia, New Zealand, North America, South Africa and Namibia?’ We’ve used this site once, in Australia and had a good experience. Matt often dreams of all the surfing road-trips he could do on a whim. Just be sure to consider taking out the insurance option to save yourself additional costs if something happens to the vehicle that’s out of your control. Find TransferCar here.

The Week That Was #57 Birthday Edition!

Videography and Photography Resources

Adobe Premiere Pro

Matt’s a long-time user of the Adobe Creative Suite (as a graphic designer) and uses Premiere Pro for editing our videos. If you’re serious about video editing it’s probably what you want to use. We started out creating our videos in iMovie, which is a great tool to cut your teeth on before you invest in something like Premiere Pro. Find Adobe here.

Artlist and Epidemic Sound

Fantastic music is the key to making your video content great! The challenge is finding awesome music you can use without infringing copyright. Matt prefers to use Epidemic Sound for our YouTube videos. Artlist offers a similar service but with the ability to use their music ‘in any private or commercial video production on any platform worldwide’. Find Epidemic Sound here and Artlist here.


Recently, Matt’s been looking for ways to monetize what he does. BlackBox is a new platform that allows video creators to achieve creative and financial freedom by turning filmmaking skills into recurring revenue. What does that mean? Well, it’s basically a platform where you can upload your professional video content to be distributed to a number of stock agencies who sell it for you. Best of all, you can revenue share with models or co-creators. Find BlackBox here.

Best things to do in Phuket- Thailand Green Elephant Sanctuary Park - 36

Changer College

Are you a new or emerging YouTube creator? We took our channel to the next level after completing an Incubator program with the guys at Changer Studios. The great news is they have launched a similar online program called ‘Accelerate for YouTube’. Should you decide to sign up, you can save 30% with our discount code LGB30. Find Changer College here.


Matt’s ‘love affair’ with DJI products started when he got his first drone. Currently, we use an Osmo Pocket and Phantom drone and love them. Find DJI here.


We stumbled across Grammarly a while ago and the free version of the software is fantastic. It’s shocking to see the number of spelling and grammatical errors you can make and miss and this program picks them up and offers suggestions without you having to do much more than click a button from a prompt. Find Grammarly here.


We started this site on the for free and have never looked back. We love that all the SEO and site security is handled by WordPress so we don’t need to worry about it. They have a range of plans to choose from depending on your needs whether you are a casual blogger or a full-time business (like us!). Find here.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means if you purchase through them we’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Rest assured, these are services we love and use ourselves. Matt and Phoebe XO.

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