One of the questions I’m asked regularly is about the camera equipment I work with. People love to know the type of camera I use, what lenses I shoot with and all the extra gadgets and gear I use to capture the photos and video I need for my blog and YouTube channel. (Shameless plug: If you don’t already, head over and subscribe to my YouTube channel – please!) So, I wanted to open up my camera bag and show you what’s inside! I’d love to know what camera equipment you use and love, so please share in the comments below.



Sigma Art Series Lens

My favourite lens is my Sigma Art Series 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM. Don’t worry about the fancy name, all you need o know about this lens is that it captures super smooth close-up photographs and video. I love to use it for photos of flowers, pets, food. It has a low aperture, which means you can focus on one section, getting it super clear, while having a nice, smooth, blurry background. The photo on the right is a good example of the Sigma in action! …. I’m in loooove!

Canon Lens

My stock standard lens is my Canon EF-S 15-85mm. This thing is my every day, all day lens. I shoot just about everything and anything with it! It’s great for my purposes as a blogger because it’s versatile and captures nice crisp, high-quality shots with no fuss. It’s not so great for getting up-close shots of food, but that’s where the Sigma comes in handy.



Canon EOS 7D

The camera I shoot with is a Canon EOS 7D. I’ve had this thing for a long time now and absolutely love it. It’s copped a few knocks, been dropped, rained on, shoved in backpacks and treated pretty poorly but it lives on, like a boss! There’s no particular reason I went with Canon, I just liked what the camera offered. It took me a while to learn how to shoot on manual, but with a lot of practice and patience, I finally got it. The photo on the right was taken using my camera and the standard Canon lens!



Selfie stick and iPhone

You guys, I won’t like, I use a selfie stick. The front-facing camera on an iPhone is pretty lame, but it’s a good way for me to capture small snippets of video for my Vlogs. This is especially important when I’m travelling by myself. My Vlogs would be pretty lame if I wasn’t in them (not cos I’m cool, just cos it’s meant to be about my travels!) So, I shamefully use a selfie stick. Don’t judge me. The photo on the right was taken using my selfie stick and iPhone.



GoPro Hero 3+

I’ve recently fallen back in love with my GoPro and now I’m obsessed with using it to take ‘ultimate selfies.’ I use the bluetooth/wifi thing to hook it up to my iPhone, via the app. This means I can see what I’m shooting and use my phone to control the GoPro camera, which helps me get good shots. I usually shoot it in a high-speed burst to get a range of good shots I can choose from. The photo on the right was taken using my GoPro via my iPhone (which you can see because I forgot to put the phone down haha fail!)



Lo & Sons camera bag

I had been looking for a stylish and functional camera bag for years. YEARS. Then, the lovely team at Lo & Sons asked if I’d give theirs a go. I was a bit nervous, worried I wouldn’t like it. Not only do I genuinely love it, but I’m obsessed with it and it goes everywhere with me! The Claremont camera bag fits my Canon7D with the Canon Lens fixed on and my Sigma Lens next to it. If I don’t carry my Sigma Lens, I can fit my wallet and a few other daily essentials in the bag. It also has a zip pocket at the back, adjustable strap and two pockets for extra SD cards.

This thing is seriously amazing. It looks really good, it fits my camera perfectly and safely and I’ve had a tonne of people ask me about it. It just looks like a really nice handbag that happens to fit a DSLR in it! MAGIC! 10/10 definitely recommend. Like I said, I’m obsessed with it. Find the Lo & Sons Claremont camera bag here.  The guys at Lo & Sons also have a tonne of other practical, stylish travel gear so it’s worth a look.


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