Last week I found myself surrounded by a throng of international media at the official (and very fancy) launch of Singapore Airlines’ new A380 cabin products. Now, look, if you’re anything like me you probably had no idea these kinds of events happen. You’re also probably wondering what the heck a cabin product is – I know I was! I was kind of expecting a few fancy hand lotions and new blanket designs, it never really occurred to me ‘cabin products’ refers to the interior of the plane, like the seats, tv screens and the way they design everything. I had no clue this type of event went down, I had no idea it would be so fancy and I also never expected to find myself at one. So, here’s a look at what went down at Singapore Airline’s new cabin product launch.

The Singapore Airlines team flew me from Brisbane to Singapore in style, putting me up Business Class aboard one of their A350s. Lush doesn’t even begin to describe how good it was! You may be looking at this photo thinking, ‘Oh nice, that seat must recline all the way down,’ and yes, it does. But, that’s not the best bit. The top of the seat folds down to reveal a lovely flat bed complete with soft duvet and two pillows. It’s bliss! It’s also kind of cool to take a mental note of this situation because the cabin products SIA launched are for their new A380s!

At the event we were greeted by the iconic Singapore Girls, a few of the airline’s wonderful hostesses. A few years ago I was taken on a tour of the Singapore Airlines training facility. To be honest, I expected it to be a bit dull but it turned out to be really interesting! I had no idea just how much hard work the hosts and hostesses go through during their training and the attention to detail they focus on. Things like wearing specific shades and brands of lipstick and eyeshadows, attending deportment classes and perfecting specific hairstyles, not to mention the rigorous training to ensure top-quality service. It’s just one part of what makes the airline so good!

Inside, things kicked off with a talk from Singapore Airline’s CEO Goh Choon Phong a.k.a the Big Boss. I sat surrounded by legit journalists who took notes in shorthand, used dictaphones and had prepared questions. I tried my best to blend into my seat while the big boss explained the new cabin products were created with customer requests in mind, focusing on more space and more privacy. There was a video tour of the products then, out of nowhere, a Disney-style stage performance led by actual SIA cabin crew singing a very impressive song. I’m pretty sure a fog machine went off at this point, there were lights and possibly lasers then the whole screen lifted up to reveal a series of small stages with models of the cabin products all set up for our viewing pleasure.

Now, look, I’m used to being on work trips with 5 or 6 journalists or just a bunch of other bloggers/influencers or whatever you want to call us. This situation (depicted above) is totally new to me. These are actual, legit journalists, you guys! Look at them mobbing the big boss! Dictaphones out, asking questions, getting the quote. It was crazy.

With the formalities done, I set off to check out the new cabin products, starting with these incredible Business Class flat beds! This is where the mental note I asked you to take earlier is going to come back into play. Aboard the A380s, Business Class will have the option to turn two seats into a shared bed space, like a double bed. I absolutely love this idea! The way it works is there’s a divider in-between the two seats. If you wish, you can lower it so you can half or fully see the other person. It’s perfect for parents travelling with their little ones or a couple, like Matt and I.

Here’s a look at those Business Class seats from another angle…

I also got the chance to snoop around Singapore Airlines famous suites! This is how the 1% live, you guys, it’s so incredibly fancy. Seriously, they’re like a hotel room in the sky. Each suite is so spacious, it’s a bit ridiculous how cool they are. You get a comfy chair that swivels 270 degrees so you can act out all your super villain fantasies! There’s also a cosy flat bed complete with plush mattress and bedding from French luxury brand, Lalique. There are a million little places to store all your gold bars, jewellery, bonds and caviar, a huge table to dine off and luxury in-flight amenities too. If you happen to be in a relationship with a very fancy person, you can have your suites opened up to create even more space and sleep beside each other (see photo above, left).

Now, don’t panic, SIA has kept us mere mortals in mind too! Here are two photos, one from the economy display and the other from the premium economy display. The in-flight entertainment systems on both are fantastic, offering a great size screen and an intuitive system that recommends movies and tv shows for you based on what you’ve been watching (kinda like Netflix). Importantly, the economy class seats are very comfortable, offering more legroom and back support, with a six-way adjustable headrest with foldable wings. You’ll also love the in-seat power supply and footrest so you can get comfy in a few different positions.

We spent a good few hours getting hands-on with the products and experiencing them all, from economy through to suites. As always, I love the attention to detail Singapore Airlines have. I mean, let’s get real, a plane is a plane and seats are seats – being creative and innovative isn’t an easy task but, somehow, they manage to do it! I’ve caught quite a few flights this year and I can honestly say Singapore Airlines stands out for me. Their new A380 cabin products (I know what that means now! I’m down with the lingo!) are modern and comfortable, taking into account what passengers actually want and need – more space and more privacy.

In many instances, with the new A380 cabin products, they had identified things I didn’t even know I needed but, now I’ve seen them, realise I do need. Aside from the awesome products, the difference with SIA always comes down to the service, for me. You could have the most impressive, high-tech, luxury filled planes in the world but it wouldn’t mean anything if the service wasn’t top-notch and with Singapore Airlines, it always is. That’s the key – it always is. Which, for me, is a big part of why I love working with them because I feel confident in recommending them to you guys each and every time.

So, a huge thank you to Singapore Airlines for inviting me to my very first cabin product launch. I learned a lot, met some wonderful people and loved seeing and experiencing all the new gear! It was really fun and, at times, very funny!

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