Phoebe and Matt of Little Grey Box

Little Grey Box isn’t just a website, it’s our business, the culmination of our dreams and an outlet for our creative passions.

We love creating useful guides and fun travel videos aimed to inspire and entertain. If you’re looking to engage with an amazing audience of travel lovers through kick-ass content, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Audience
  • 65,000+ unique visitors a month and 95,000+ page views each month
  • Our readers come mostly from Australia, the US, the UK, Singapore and Canada
  • 14,000+ blog subscribers
  • 36,000+ social media followers (combined across all channels)
  • For a detailed snapshot of our total reach (95,000+ total followers) view our Fohr profile
How can we work together?

We love to work with brands one-on-one to create inspiring, entertaining and useful content. With our unique set of skills, we’re able to create written guides, videos, vlogs and photographs to be published on Little Grey Box or owned by the brand. We don’t place banner advertising on the site or recommend something we don’t know or don’t believe in. Instead, we choose to experience things first-hand, allowing us to share honest and engaging content our audience can trust.

“Phoebe is a total pleasure to work with; engaging, consistent and a fantastic collaborator… Through her engaging blog and social media platforms, professionally shot videos and her knowledgeable grasp of the tourism and accommodation sector, Phoebe has delivered significant value for the Spicers Brand.”

Jess | Horizon Communication Group

Why work with us?

Simply put, we love what we do. This means we put our all into each project, creating the very best content each time. Combining our genuine passion with years of experience allows us to be professional from start to finish. We work hard to understand the brand and its needs, tailoring our approach and delivering a high-quality service. We’re reliable, honest, hard-working and known for our consistently professional approach.

“They clearly love what they do, which really comes through in the exceptional content that they build… They have the ability to understand and communicate ‘the best’ aspects of a destination in a way that is motivating and engaging. My strong recommendation would be to get involved.”

Anthony & Louise | Mt Hay Retreat

Media Kit

If you’d like a copy of our media kit or to talk about opportunities for working together please email:

We’ve worked with…

“It has been fantastic working with Phoebe and Matt in creating content to promote our beautiful region… Their positive, can-do attitude makes them a joy to work with… We would not hesitate to recommend working with Phoebe and Matt.”
Emily Szilveszter | Capricorn Enterprise

Brand Work

Below is a selection of video work we’ve been commissioned to create. If you’d like to see written/photographic examples of our commissioned work, visit our Press page.


14 thoughts on “Work with us

  1. Hey sweetness, just wondering if you offer editing services or can recommend someone else. Would like to edit recent trip to HK and Singapore. Ahhh and that’s for the HK guide. Came in super handy!


      1. Hi love ,

        yes some GoPro footage and stuff taken in the iPhone
        (The very ametuer kind that is! ) . I’m noticing that a few minutes footage rather than hundreds of photos is far more interesting. No more than a couple of minutes to put on the old book of face. I used a company once called Bro pro but they are no longer providing this service.


  2. Hey Phoebe, Any chance you could do a youtube video or 2 on how you started your career. Im a very keen traveler and really love sharing my advice/info and experiences with everyone but suck at putting together videos. How did you get started? How’d you get your sponsors? Any tips and hints?
    Thank you for all your awesomeness.


    1. Hello! We’re filming something about this but it’s going to take a while to finish 🙂 I have a whole section of the blog dedicated to all the things you mentioned – its under ‘for bloggers’ you can find it using the menus – hopefully that helps 😀 xx


      1. Yes stupid me found all of your awesome information on your blog after I commented that thank you for your reply and I can’t wait to watch. I literally spent all night until early hours of this morning watching and reading all of your information. Congratulations on how far you’ve come and it’s a real inspiration watching you follow your dreams I hope one day I’m able to follow my dreams x


  3. Hello there,

    How about a little taste of snow in Canada? I am also planning to do some amazing things like you, but not right now, maybe some years later. well, hope we can see each other one day, crazy to say that but yeah, why not. Bon courage, keep what you do, it is great !

    Jeff (hello from Quebec, Canada)


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