Things to do in Agnes Water and 1770

Agnes Water and 1770 are becoming more known among holidaymakers as a must-do destination. Why? Well, if you’re a Queenslander it’s probably pretty easy for you to pack up the car and drive there. It’s a great spot for families, couples and friends. The beaches cater to little kids and big kids alike, surfers, fishermen and those who like to lay out sunbathing.

Located along Queensland’s stunning coastline, there’s not much Agnes Water and 1770 don’t have to offer. Despite being two very small towns, there’s still loads to do… as long as you know, where and when. After spending a week there over Christmas, I’m putting together this guide to help you decide what to do when you visit Agnes Water and 1770.

Father and son surf at Agnes Water

Discovery Coast Markets

These great local markets are held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month at the SES Grounds, located between 1770 and Agnes Water. If you drive from Agnes to 1770, you won’t be able to miss them. The markets buzz with people and I recommend getting there early so you can get a good park and beat the heat. Browse the many little stalls selling second-hand books and bric-a-brac, plants, natural soaps and other beauty products. Take a ride on a camel, buy breezy beach clothes and hand-knitted gifts for friends then grab a bite to eat or stock up on fresh fruit and veggies.

Find out more about the Discovery Coast Markets here. 

Agnes Beach

Stepping onto Agnes Beach is like stepping onto a beach straight out of a guidebook. The main beach is around 5km long and pretty straight until you reach Round Hill, north of Agnes. During peak season the beach is pretty packed with families, backpackers and other holiday-makers. It’s a patrolled beach, which is great for those with kids, but you may find between the flags is the main spot where the seaweed likes to gather. The beach is dog-friendly to the north as long as you keep your pooch on a leash.

There are only a few parking spots in the official parking lot so either get there early, walk from your accommodation or grab the first park you see. It’s a beautiful place in the afternoons and first thing in the morning, but as always it’s important to be sun-safe during the hottest part of the day cos that Queensland sun will scorch you. No joke. Say goodbye to your epidermis, guys.

Find out more about Agnes Beach here. 

Agnes Beach

Chinaman’s Beach

I kinda don’t want to tell you about this lovely little spot because it’s a bit of a secret, less crowded haven compared to Agnes Beach. It’s a short drive south of Agnes Water town, past the Police Station and Library. You’ll find the access road to the beach on the left-hand side of Springs Road, if you’re driving south, just past the desalination plant. The winding road opens up to spectacular views of the ocean and it’ll make you feel desperate to jump in the water.

The beach itself has rocks to the left, perfect for on-shore fishing, while to the right there’s a long stretch of beach where only a handful of people can be seen. The gate opens at 6am, so I recommend waking up super early to catch the sunrise and have a dip before anybody else gets there. I found the beach a lot more peaceful and enjoyable than Agnes Beach, though it isn’t patrolled so you must be a proficient swimmer and it may not be suitable for kids. The beach is dog-friendly as long as you keep them on-leash.

Paperbark Forest Boardwalk

The newly opened Paperbark Forest Boardwalk is located a few kilometres from Agnes Water town, along the right-hand side of Springs Road, if you’re driving south, at Reedy Creek Reserve. This beautiful spot is a 400m long trail of stepping-stones and wooden walkways winding through magical scenery of towering paperbark tea trees. Like an enchanted forest straight out of a storybook you can spot butterflies, native birds and other local wildlife.

Little kids will love this spot as well as nature lovers and keen photographers. It’s absolutely essential you pack very strong bug spray as the midgies, mosquitos and sandflies are no joke… they’ll take you hostage and eat you alive. The best times to visit are early in the day or afternoon, around sunset.

Find out more about the Paperbark Forest Boardwalk here. 

Paperbark Forest Agnes Water 1770

Spot Local Wildlife

Take a drive from Agnes Water town to the other end of Spring’s Road early in the morning or at dusk to spot kangaroos and whip-tailed wallabies, also known as pretty faced wallabies based on the beautiful markings across their cheeks and their big, round ears. These beautiful little animals are something you have to see, they graze and nibble quietly next to the side of the road and, depending on when you visit, you may spot a baby peeking out of mum’s pouch. If you approach quietly in your car you may be able to get a few photos of them before they hop off, but as always it’s really important to be respectful of them and not scare them.

Eat Healthy Treats

One of the best spots to grab a healthy, quick bite to eat and a delicious coffee is SOL Foods. This sweet little space is nestled in the small shops on Round Hill Road, between Foodworks and the Caltex Service Station. You can buy organic, vegan, raw, dairy-free, gluten-free treats including cakes, slices, salad and snacks. The shop also sells fantastic and delicious smoothies, shakes and juices as well as a really great iced coffee! Yum!

Find out more about SOL Foods Agnes Water here.

Grab a Great Aussie Pie

While you’re in the area, pop next door to the local bakery and join the queue for the best pies in town! There’s always a line up to get inside and its’ no wonder why, these guys sell delicious pies and other baked treats and sweets including delicious fresh bread. Located next door to SOL Foods on Round Hill Road, it’s the perfect place to duck in and grab something yummy for lunch.

Find out more about the Agnes Water Bakery here.

Watch: our ‘Colour of Queensland’ video

Eat Cake and Be Merry

My favourite and the best place to eat in Agnes Water has to be 1770 Getaway Garden Cafe, located a few minutes drive south of Agnes Water town on the corner-ish of Springs Road and Bicentennial Drive. The gardens are gorgeous, a tropical hideout of lush, greenery with a tree-house like cafe nestled in the middle, overlooking a large pond. The coffee has to be the best in town and I highly recommend the Campos Coffee Smoothie or an Iced Chocolate for a real sweet treat. The lunch and breakfast menu have loads of options suitable for vegetarians and the cake cabinet is drool-worthy. A must-do spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as coffee and cake.

Find out more about 1770 Getaway Garden Cafe here. 

Take a Tour on the LARC at 1770

The LARC is one of those big, hulking vehicles that can drive on land and go in the water, like a boat. It’s also a great way to see another side of 1770 and the local area if you don’t have a boat. There’s a full-day tour which includes zipping down sand dunes, taking in stunning views of the coastline and a trip up to the scenic lighthouse. There’s also shorter tours, including an afternoon cruise which goes for 1 1/2 hours and a 2 hour lunch tour. The guides are incredibly knowledgeable and will show you places and animals you wouldn’t have seen otherwise as well as share fantastic local history of the area. Definitely worth doing and suitable for all ages.

Find out more about 1770 LARC Tours here. 

Day Cruise to Lady Musgrave Island

Spend the day on the outer Great Barrier Reef by taking a 90-minute cruise by boat out to Lady Musgrave Island. Once there, spend the day swimming, snorkelling where you’re guaranteed to see an assortment of beautiful underwater life including fish and turtles. Day trips also include things like morning tea and lunch as well as guided tours of Lady Musgrave Island, all the snorkelling gear you’ll need, glass-bottom boat tours and submarine tours. It really is a fantastic way to spend a day and something you won’t forget anytime soon.

Find out more about a day cruise to Lady Musgrave Island here. 

Visit Cook’s Monument and See Butterflies

Head to 1770 and find Cook’s Monument along Captain Cook Drive, up the road from the 1770 Camping Grounds. Here you can follow the path down to the beach for a swim or a spot of fishing or you can take the 2km walk along the headland to Round Hill Head. Winding through beautiful forest and with lovely views of the water and surrounding area, you’ll also be able to spot the absolutely incredible blue butterflies which can be seen in the thousands during certain times of the year.

Visit 1770 and Headlands Lookout

Stunning views don’t come much better than these, so head up to the incredible 1770 and Headlands Lookout on Captain Cook Drive. There’s plenty of parking and I recommend visiting in the afternoon when things have cooled down a little bit and the light is all golden and gorgeous. There are two main walks out to the headland, one is around 100m and the other is around 350m, both are easy to do and suitable for all ages. You can also gain access to a few beaches by following the trails, just be careful and make sure you’re wearing proper shoes. This has to be one of the best spots to get great views of the coastline.

Find out more about visiting the lookout here. 

Watch the sunset at 1770

Drive out to 1770 and find a place to park along Captain Cook Drive, near The Tree Restaurant, then walk down to the boardwalk and onto the beach. There is a fantastic spot to sit and watch the sunset on the rocks, which is one of only 4 places on the east coast of Australia where you can see the sun setting over the water. It really is a beautiful place to have a cold drink and watch the day end and a perfect place for a spot of fishing or just to unwind after a long day of… well, relaxing.

Watch: our ‘Agnes Water and Town of 1770’ video

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