I gotta be honest, when it comes to make-up and beauty products, I’m not the savviest gal around town. I marvel at those gorgeous beauty bloggers who know how to do so many amazing things with makeup when I can barely manage to smudge some brown eyeliner on. Tragic.

Truth is, I keep things pretty simple because a) I’m lazy, b) I travel a lot and make-up is low-priority and c) I’m not very skilled. As an inept beautician, I’ve come to rely on a few favourite products that make my life easier. They keep my beauty bag stocked with essentials, without adding too much weight to my luggage and keep me looking semi-normal for public outings while matching my low skill level. Win!

So, I dug through my beauty bag and pulled out my favourite essentials for when I travel. These are products I use on the regular and really, truly adore. If you have any tips on great beauty products that work for the travelling gal, please share them in the comments below.


These are the face-related items I grab straight away when I’m packing. My essential products for making my money-maker look normal enough to be seen out in the world and be photographed occasionally. I love makeup you can’t really feel on your face, once it’s applied, so tend to opt for things that are light-weight, easy to use and long-lasting.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick in shade #16. I love this lippy because it’s a nice, soft, natural pink and it has a fruity flavour to it (yeah! It tastes great!). It’s the perfect all-rounder, for day or night. Find Rimmel’s lasting finish lippy here. 

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner. This stuff works to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. It also acts as a fantastic lip primer, to use before you put lipstick on. It’s stuffed with kiwi oil, so it’s a lifesaver in cold climates and yucky long-haul flights too. Perfect. Find the Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner here. 

Rimmel Extra 3D Lash Mascara. This is a great all-rounder mascara. It’s never clumpy or gross, it stays on really well and goes on nice and easy. I love it because it’s great for normal-looking eyes during the day or you can build it up for fancy-looking eyes at night if you go somewhere lovely for dinner/drinks. Find Rimmel’s Extra 3D, Lash Mascara, here. 

Nude by Nature Airbrush Mineral Primer. My favourite primer! I have this stuff in a little 20ml tube that’s perfect for travel. It glides on your skin and preps it to keep your makeup on all day. It smells delicious and feels so good going on! I never do my makeup without it. Find the Airbrush Mineral Primer here. 

Nude by Nature Virgin Blush, Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Finishing Veil and Natural Mineral Cover in light/medium. I use the full range of Nude by Nature products for my face because I really, really love them. They’re so light and feel good, never cakey, greasy or thick. You can build the coverage up if you like, and they leave you with a really gorgeous, natural glow. I’m all about natural makeup and steer clear of things like contouring etc.

The bronzer and blush are really pretty colours, not over-the-top and clown-like. It’s all really easy to use and perfect for those who like fresh, natural-looking makeup.  Find Nude by Nature’s entire range here. 

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in shade 002 Hazel. I was really scared to start messing around with eyebrow pencils, but this one from Rimmel is the bomb! It’s super natural and light, perfect for blondes. Find Rimmel’s eyebrow pencil here. 


Bliss Naked Body Butter maximum moisture cream. A few months ago I started taking some really strong medication to help clear my skin up and it has been drying my skin out like crazy! I keep this big tube on my desk and slather it on my arms and legs every single day. It’s enriched with coconut oil and vitamin E and it goes on easily without being greasy and gross! I’m a bit obsessed with it. It’s paraben free, fragrance-free and perfect for my sensitive skin. Find Bliss Naked Body Butter here.


Schwarzkopf Daily Oil Elixir. Other than shampoo and conditioner, this is the only thing I use on my hair. My hair is really, really thick so I slather it on! After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair and then work it in with my hands, focusing on the lengths and ends. It keeps my hair really healthy and free from split ends! I swear! It’s my essential hair-care product. Find the Daily Oil Elixir here. 

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream. Now that I’m getting older, I’m taking much better care of my skin. This includes using Antipodes eye cream twice a day. It feels really lovely going on and relies on kiwi seed oil, avocado oil, carrot seed and Vinanza grape to moisturise the eye area and reduce those fine lines. Gorgeous. Find the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream here.

Nourish Naturals. I use the Dry Skin Lotion from these guys and also their Soap Free Wash, both for my face. I love them because the face wash contains no soap (perfect for my sensitive skin) and their products are all totally natural, with no SLS or Parabens. They’re also fragrance-free, contain no hidden chemicals or nasties, are NEVER tested on animals and come from an Aussie owned company. Love. Love. Love. You can pick these up in 100ml bottles for travel! Perfect. Find the Soap Free Wash here and find the Dry Skin Lotion here.


Ambiance Dry Shampoo. This stuff is a damn lifesaver, especially when you’re travelling! Unlike other dry shampoos, it doesn’t come in a can, it comes in this cool bottle with a brush applicator like your makeup does sometimes. That means you can take it on the plane with you… YES! You just brush it onto your roots and it dispenses the powder onto your hair, absorbing all the oil and giving it some volume. It doesn’t stay white and chalky on your hair, it just blends in! It’s refillable too, so you don’t have to buy a whole new one each time. Also, it’s alcohol-free and doesn’t damage your hair. Find Ambiance Dry Shampoo here.

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