Gorgeous, sun-drenched days spent sipping cocktails, gazing at the rugged coastline and enjoying the bright blue water. It’s no surprise Los Cabos, Mexico, also known as Cabo, is a beloved holiday spot and one everybody should put on their travel bucket list. Offering an abundance of adventure activities, cultural experiences, and world-class restaurants, cafes and bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your itinerary! If this is your first visit to Cabo and you’re unsure what to pack, here’s a look at all our packing tips and tricks to make sure you’re properly prepared and appropriately dressed. Here’s what you need to pack for a trip to Los Cabos.

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What’s the weather like in Cabo?

We visited Los Cabos in late November and found the weather to be mostly gorgeous! Aside from one or two days of unseasonably wild rain, we experienced nothing but sun-drenched days and perfect temperatures. It was lovely and warm during the day but not overly hot and sweaty.

Sunrise in Cabo

The best time to visit is considered to be from November through to June with December through to mid-April being the best time to spot whales and whale sharks. August to October are typically going to be the warmest months with temperatures getting up to 36°C, something Aussies should have no trouble handling.

For surfers, like Matt, the best time of year to visit should be June through to August. Savvy travellers keen to scoop up a bargain might like to consider visiting in August through to October which is typically the low season, meaning fewer tourists and cheaper hotel rates. But, with around 350 days of sunshine per year, you can’t really go wrong in Cabo!

Warm, sunny mornings by the pool at Marquis

Clothing and footwear you’ll need

Here’s a look at all the clothing and footwear you may need for a trip to Los Cabos:

  • Swimmers: You’ll definitely need your swimsuit to make the most of your hotel or resort pool as well as for any snorkelling, kayaking or other water adventures. I would recommend packing two swimsuits so you have a dry one to put on, just in case the other is still damp from the day prior.
  • Sarong or Kaftan: Be sure to also pack clothes you can easily slip over the top of your swimmers. This will come in handy for wandering to/from the pool, grabbing lunch at the resort or heading out for water-based adventures.
  • Summer dresses and skirts: I mostly wore summer dresses and skirts paired with shirts. Cabo has a more up-market feel compared to the laid-back vibes of Bali and Thailand, for example. Maxi and boho dresses made of light, flowing fabrics are ideal as are cute summer dresses, wrap skirts and similar.
  • Shirts: I paired cotton and linen tops with skirts and Matt paired sweat-wicking t-shirts with shorts most days. He also needed a few linen and cotton long-sleeve shirts, which he teamed with cotton shorts for dinner and drinks. Remember, breathable fabric is key and a long-sleeve shirt can also double as a sun-safe top too!
  • Shorts and long pants: Matt mostly wore cotton shorts and boardshorts but packed one pair of long pants too, which came in useful on one particular cool evening when we were dining on an outdoor rooftop.
Sunset horse ride on the beach
  • Jacket and/or wrap: Be sure to pack one jacket or a wrap as it can be a little cool in the evenings once the sun has gone down. We only had one or two evenings when it was needed, mostly due to the weather being a little windy, but we were glad to have packed them!
  • Fancy outfits: You may like to pack a couple of nice dresses or evening outfits so you can get dolled up for dinner and drinks. We visited a number of very nice bars and restaurants where people were dressed quite stylishly and we would’ve felt under-dressed had we not packed some nice outfits too!
  • Activewear for adventure activities: If you’re planning on doing any adventure activities be sure to pack some activewear or outdoor wear. I was glad to have packed my activewear tights when we went horseriding on the beach and my activewear shorts when we went trekking at Fox Canyon.
  • Hat and sunglasses: You will definitely need to pack a hat and sunglasses as it is very bright, hot and sunny in Cabo. I packed my Akubra, a broad-brim hat that I can wear pretty much anywhere but I wish I had packed my cheap cap for kayaking as I was too nervous to wear my good hat but really needed sun protection.
  • Closed-in shoes: For adventure activities, you should pack at least one pair of sneakers and, depending on what you’re planning on doing, may need hiking boots. Matt wore his hiking boots trekking at Fox Canyon and I wore my sneakers, which were fine.
  • Sandals or flip-flops: Be sure to pack at least one pair of sandals or flip-flops for exploring, wandering around the resort and everyday wear. My personal favourites are my Saltwater sandals as they’re water-resistant and rust-proof!

Pro Tip: Compared to what we’ve experienced in Thailand and Bali, Cabo has a more high-end vibe. Think maxi and boho dresses, linen garments and trendy outfit options.

Hello, from Hotel El Ganzo!

Everything else you’ll need

Here’s a look at everything else you may need to pack for a trip to Cabo:

  • Sunscreen: Be sure to pack sunscreen for your body and a dedicated sunscreen for your face too. If you’re planning on swimming, you’ll want to ensure your sunscreen is water-resistant and that you reapply as needed to avoid sunburn.
  • Insect repellent: You may like to pack bug spray or insect repellent, especially if you’re planning on visiting spots away from the built-up areas of Cabo.
  • Camera: Cabo is absolutely gorgeous so make sure you bring your camera with you. If you have one, be sure to pack your action or waterproof camera, like a GoPro, for example.
  • Day bag or backpack: You’ll definitely need a day bag or backpack if you plan to head out for some adventure activities during the day. We needed ours for our luxury sailing experience and also packed a waterproof bag too, ensuring our cameras and valuables wouldn’t get destroyed should our bag get wet.
Waking up at Marquis
  • A medicine kit: We didn’t experience any kind of stomach problems while we were in Cabo but it’s always a good idea to pack a medicine kit, just in case you get sick late at night. Be sure to include Imodium, paracetamol, ibuprofen, cold and flu tablets, hydralite, and band-aids.
  • Beauty products: In addition to all my usual beauty products, I made sure to pack waterproof mascara and really thick moisturiser. With all the swimming we were doing, I found my skin dried out quickly and the moisturiser came in very handy.
  • Haircare products: Similarly, my hair became quite dry from all the swimming and saltwater so I made sure to pack my favourite hair serum.
  • Feminine hygiene products: I always recommend packing your preferred brand and type of feminine hygiene products just in case you can’t find them while abroad.
  • Extra bags: You may like to pack a few spare reusable bags, just to use in case of emergency or to ensure your liquids don’t explode on your clothes on the way home.

Pro Tip: Keep camera gear safe by investing in a dry bag! It’ll come in handy on all your adventures, ensuring your camera and valuables stay safe in a sudden deluge. It also makes it a little harder for pickpockets to get to your valuables.

Diving into the crystal-clear water

Packing tips and hacks

Here are our top packing hacks, tips, and tricks:

  • Roll, don’t fold! Save space in your luggage by rolling your clothes instead of folding them and be sure to all spaces available, like packing your socks into your sneakers, for example.
  • Stop leaky bottles: Worried about leaky bottles? Simply remove the bottle cap, place some cling film over the opening and screw the cap back on.
  • Use plastic containers: I always pack all my toiletries, like face wash and toothpaste, into a clear container. It makes the items easier to pack and find once we arrive and ensures that, if there is a leak, it’s confined to the container.
  • Pack a power board: Instead of packing multiple power converters or only being able to charge one thing at a time, pack a power board! That way, you only need one power converter and can still charge multiple electronics at once.
Taking a dip at the hot springs near Fox Canyon
  • Eco-friendly bags: We always stash one or two eco-friendly, reusable bags in our luggage. They can be used for dirty shoes or clothes, an emergency day bag if your first choice suddenly breaks and come in handy in a wide range of other situations too.
  • Dryer sheets: Sick and tired of having a must-smelling suitcase? You can use dryer sheets, layered within your packed items, to keep them smelling fresh.
  • The Laundress kits: A few years ago, a client gave me a kit from The Laundress as a gift and it has become one of my favourite packing hacks! The kit includes a bar of clothes soap, perfect for addressing stains on-the-go, as well as a spray that freshens clothes up with that ‘just washed’ scent and another spray that helps get rid of wrinkles when you can’t find an iron.
  • Room and linen spray: If you’re travelling with someone else, a great idea is to pack your own non-aerosol room spray. We use one that is also a linen spray, ensuring we can freshen up our clothes, a small room that is musty, damp and smelly or simply ensure the toilet is fresh for the next person to use. It’s a real relationship saver!

Pro Tip: Use all available space in your suitcase by putting clothes inside other items, like rolling socks together and stashing them inside your shoes.

Wandering through the Viceroy

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