Visiting South Africa and Cape Town for the very first time, it was really important to us we stay at a good hotel. With only two nights in town, we really couldn’t afford to get it wrong! Well, The Tree House Boutique Hotel in trendy Green Point didn’t just deliver, it served up a piping hot dish of hotel perfection and blew all our expectations right out of the water. If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town too and looking for the very best place to stay, here’s a detailed look at our experience and some dreamy photos to get your hotel-loving heart pumping!

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The Rooms

The hotel has a total of 14 rooms and five different room types; Mountain Room, Sea View, Superior Mountain Room, Superior Sea View and Suites. We stayed in Superior Sea View room six and absolutely loved it. Our room was a really good size, with plenty of floor space so we could walk around easily without stubbing our toes on our suitcases. We had more than enough space to lay our suitcases open, set out all our things and get comfortable in the room without feeling overcrowded.

Modern and beautifully designed, our room had high ceilings with soft lighting and a mostly green and grey colour scheme which gave it an earthy feel. With a comfortable King size bed, corner seat and a desk and chair as well, we had a few different spots to sit and relax. There’s a large tv on the wall, air conditioning, free (good quality) wifi, tea and coffee making facilities, a safe and a cupboard to store or hang clothes etc.

The balcony offered additional spots to sit and really beautiful views over Cape Town and out to the water. In the morning, the sun comes up in front of you and it’s just beautiful, turning the city and sea stunning shades of yellow and golden orange. It’s a really nice spot to sit at night and watch all the twinkling lights or soak in the first morning light.

To the back of the room, the ensuite is an open space so you can be in the bathtub while still watching the tv or talking to the person on the bed. There are a basin and big mirror, of course, and a great size shower with a rainforest-style shower head. Importantly, there’s a big focus on water conservation as Cape Town is experiencing the worst drought in a century. So, the staff at the hotel have placed a bucket in the shower to catch the cold water as you wait for it to get hot. This water is then used for things like watering plants and mopping floors. The toilet is separate from the rest of the ensuite, with a door you can close (a great idea!)

From the moment we walked in, Matt and I both loved the room. Space has been used really well so you’ve got room to move about easily and you don’t feel cramped or confined. I loved the amazing views of Cape Town, day or night, and the way the room has been decorated. It just has this amazing energy about it that’s immediately relaxing, calming and soothing. We both slept really well the two nights we stayed at The Tree House and could’ve happily stayed much longer.

Tree House Boutique Hotel Review Cape Town South Africa - 27

The Food

There aren’t any words to describe the noise that came out of both Matt and me when we saw the incredible breakfast spread at The Tree House. But first, I have to tell you about the smell. Yes, the smell. You see, the sadistic chef freshly bakes all the bread and pastries on-site each morning. Being a boutique hotel with only 14 rooms, that means the smell of freshly baked croissants wafts up the stairs and into your room. This does a strange thing to a person. It resulted in me salivating like a rabid dog, screaming at Matt to get ready faster and then tearing down the stairs at a rate of knots. Complete pastry-related meltdown. Happens more often than you’d think, too!

When I got downstairs to the dining room the breakfast spread took my breath away – it was simple, elegant and decadent. The aforementioned pastries were beautifully arranged next to other plates of freshly cut fruit, individual pots of yoghurt, freshly baked bread, meats and cheeses and cereals. A DIY muesli station included dried fruits and nuts next to dark chocolate chips and, on the other end of the breakfast bar, a selection of jams, preserves, spreads and smoked salmon.

The lovely staff took our drinks orders, offering us a wide selection of tea and coffee to choose from. Then, we perused the breakfast menu which was full of delicious options all in addition to the mouthwatering breakfast spread. The menu includes an assortment of breakfast favourites including eggs, bagels, bacon and all our other morning friends as well as a creation that should probably not be legal due to how good it is. Simply put, it is the glorious love child of a pancake and a crumpet topped with strawberries, blueberries, banana and nuts lavished with Nutella and maple syrup. It is, in a word, depraved and it’s unfair that I can’t get it anywhere else and I thoroughly regret not ordering it again the next day because I wanted to ‘try something else.’ Idiot.

Long story short, the food is absolutely incredible. The dining room is a really beautiful space and because it’s a boutique hotel there isn’t any of that overcrowding you often experience at big hotel breakfast buffets. The whole thing is very civilised and gorgeous but not over-the-top in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. The food is so fresh and flavoursome and the staff are just absolutely lovely, which tops the whole experience off better than Nutella and maple syrup on a pancrumpet!

The Vibe

From the moment we stepped foot through the front door, tucked away at the top of the street, we felt relaxed. That feeling of being secreted away from the world, immersed in a tranquil space, carries throughout the entire hotel. Whether you’re in the lobby talking to the staff, enjoying breakfast in the dining room or relaxing in your room, there’s an atmosphere of peace and respite.

If you love interior design, you’ll fall in love with The Tree House! It really is beautifully designed and decorated, everything is so thoughtfully placed and there’s no shortage of beautiful things to look at as you move from space to space. Unfortunately, while we were visiting, it was raining non-stop so we didn’t get to make the most of it but there is a small pool with a deck so you could most definitely get cosy with a glass of rosé on a warm, sunny day then cool off with a quick dip!

The staff were absolutely fantastic too, they struck a really good balance of being available, knowledgeable and helpful without being over-bearing or over-the-top. Any questions we had, they were able to answer and were really attentive, genuinely welcoming and kind. We both got the feeling the staff care about the guests and love their jobs, which comes through in the way they interact with you. We felt so comfortable and at home the whole time.

Importantly, the hotel has a big focus on sustainability. It was so refreshing to see a breakfast spread with no single-use plastic in sight! The hotel also works closely with local suppliers, making sure to support local produce as well as business and communities. Not only that but the hotel does its part to reduce toxic waste by ensuring housekeeping products are all biodegradable and contained in recycled bottles. You’ll notice all of the guest amenities in the rooms are locally produced, organically farmed, biodegradable and recyclable. What’s more, they have a proactive approach to recycling, reusing and reducing waste wherever possible.

If you think about how many people stay in a hotel with just 14 rooms each year and the amount of waste it could potentially produce, the impact is huge! It’s so good to see a hotel making a big effort to minimise the impact and it goes to show it can be done without compromising on the quality of the experience. If anything, it made it better!

The verdict

We absolutely loved our stay at The Tree House Boutique Hotel. It was our first visit to Cape Town so it was important we stay somewhere we could enjoy as part of our first taste of South Africa and The Tree House was perfect!

The location was fantastic and thanks to our Superior Sea View Room we got to make the most of the great views. Our balcony allowed us to enjoy both the beautiful early morning light and the twinkling city lights at night too. The room was comfortable, beautifully designed and, most importantly, equipped with practical furnishings we could actually use and enjoy. A boutique hotel with only 14 rooms, you won’t feel inundated with other travellers which means a more laid back experience at every turn, from check-in and breakfast to foot traffic and noise levels.

With a proactive approach to sustainability, the hotel sets a fantastic standard for minimising impact without compromising on quality. The staff are an absolute pleasure, both professional and knowledgeable which made us feel welcome and completely at ease. If all that wasn’t enough, the food is sensational, making the most of local produce and a talented chef to create a bountiful breakfast spread to start your morning in the best way possible.

If you’re travelling to Cape Town and looking for a great place to stay, I highly recommend The Tree House Boutique Hotel. It ticked all the boxes for us and is the kind of spot I would very happily visit again myself or recommend to my parents. It was really just fantastic.

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