A few weeks ago I featured Louise Harvey on Little Grey Box as a Real Adventurer. Louise had done what many people spend their lives dreaming of, buying a camper van, packing up their essentials and driving around Australia. It was an incredible journey and Louise’s story inspired a lot of you to get out there and do the same thing.

If you’ve always dreamed of hiring a campervan and hitting the open road on an epic adventure, but don’t want to do something as life-altering as Louise, there are other options. Options like hiring a campervan, mapping out an itinerary and driving through parts of Australia’s beautiful coastline and bushland.

For a trip like this, Western Australia has to be on your must-do road trip list. Imagine fantastic surf, stunning national parks, 1,147km of beautiful coastline and rugged mountain ranges and you’re halfway there. Okay, but where to start and what to see? Well, I’ve put together an itinerary for you to help you decide and give you a taste of what is out there waiting for. So, here it is, your guide to the ultimate West Australia road trip.

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Start: Margaret River

Our Australian road trip begins in Margaret River, situated three hours south of Perth. This region is famous for its vineyards, incredible surf and eucalyptus forests. Once you’ve parked up the campervan there is plenty to do here including a winery tour (best of all, you can sleep it off in your van if you taste a few too many wines). Then, visit the local caves or unstrap your surfboard from the roof and catch a few of Australia’s best waves.

Margaret River to Perth

(3 hours / 260km)

Head north to Perth – the largest city in the state – with a relaxed outdoor lifestyle, fantastic food and sunny weather… what’s not to love? Numerous camping grounds outside the city are suitable for campervans or to enjoy a day trip to nearby destinations, such as the historic port of Freemantle.

City of Perth under a Blue Sky

Perth to Namberg Park/Cervantes

(2 hours / 190km)

Leave Perth and follow the coastline north along the Indian Ocean Drive to Namberg National Park. This park is home to the Pinnacles, huge limestone pillars that rise up from yellow sand and look like something from the set of a sci-fi movie! There is no camping in the park, so head to the nearby fishing village of Cervantes and enjoy white sandy beaches and blue waters. Kick back and park up your campervan for the night.

Cervantes to Kalbarri

(5 – 6 hours / 370km)

When you’re ready to leave Cervantes, it’s time to hop back in the campervan and get back on the road up to Kalbarri. The coastal town of Kalbarri is popular for beach-loving travellers because of its protected swimming bays. A short drive from the town will land you in the Kalbarri National Park, famous for dramatic red gorges and picture-perfect lookout points.

Sea Horizon

Kalbarri to Shark Bay

(5 – 6 hours / 375km)

Continuing on the road north, head to Shark Bay, home to Monkey Mia and the Shark Bay World Heritage Centre. There are lots of activities to keep you busy here:

  • Visit Hamelin Pool to see the best living fossils in the world
  • Hang out with the dolphins at Monkey Mia
  • Visit the Francois Peron National Park with its red sand dune landscape and turquoise waters, where you can see rays, turtles and sharks.

If you are looking for a beach day then head to Shell Beach, one of two beaches in the world to be made entirely from shells.

Shark Bay to Coral Bay

(7 hours / 566km)

The next destination on your campervan adventure is Coral Bay. This small town is protected by the Ningaloo Reef and is a great destination for fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling or kayaking. If you want to do something less physical, then relax on a glass bottom boat or go whale watching for the day.

Photo of a Kangaroo on Road

Coral Bay to Karinjini National Park

(10 hours / 640km)

This is the longest drive of the trip, so make sure you are prepared with lots of water and food supplies. Drive inland to the Karinjini National Park – a tropical semi-desert offering rugged scenery, ancient geological formations, refreshing waterfalls and gorges.

Karinjini to Broome

(9 – 10 hours / 900km)

This is the final leg of our epic campervan road trip. When you arrive in Broome, park up and get your camera ready for the legendary Indian Ocean sunsets. During the day you can relax or take a camel ride on Cable Beach, shop for peals in Chinatown, or head to Gantheaume Point to check out 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints.

If you’ve always dreamed of taking a road trip or are planning an upcoming campervan adventure in Western Australia, why not hire a campervan in Perth?

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