Planning you’re first ever trip to Frankfurt? Well, you’ve chosen a mighty fine part of Germany to visit, so congratulations there. I had my first visit to Frankfurt recently and was blown away by the contrast in old and new. One minute you’re overlooking a bustling business district, walking between skyscrapers and the next you’re on cobble-stone streets, looking at historic buildings and feeling as though you’ve stepped back in time. It’s a magical place that offers a wealth of history, fun and fantastic food all waiting to be discovered by you! To help you make the most of your Frankfurt experience, here’s my guide on everything you need to know for your first visit.

How to get there

I found myself in Frankfurt by flying from Singapore to Düsseldorf with Singapore Airlines, which you can read about here. I spent a few days exploring Düsseldorf and Cologne, then we drove to Frankfurt. The drive was actually really easy and very fun, a great way to see the country properly and feel like you’re having an adventure. If you can do the same, I’d recommend it. Otherwise, you can also fly from Singapore to Frankfurt with Singapore Airlines. Just a friendly reminder also that budget airlines like Scoot offer great rates from Australia to Singapore, I can sometimes scoop up flights with them for as little as $120AU one-way from Gold Coast to Singapore.

The essential first timer's guide to Frankfurt!
Then and now… a look at historic photos of Frankfurt vs the present.

The best time to visit

Not sure when to visit? Well, possibly one of the best times to visit in December, when you’ll find the famous Christmas Markets in full swing. It’ll be very cold, but it’ll be absolutely magical. If you don’t mind the cold, you’ll find it nice and chilly with the possibility of snow between December and February. If you’re keen to pack a bit of Munich’s famous Oktoberfest into your Germany itinerary, you’ll be looking to visit in September and October. For long summer days, sunshine and plenty of warmth, try planning your trip for summer, from June to August. If the heat sounds too intense, you’ll be looking at visiting April and May. I visited in July and loved the weather, it was nice and sunny with long, warm summer days.

Where to stay

My tip on the very best place to stay in Frankfurt is the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof. This hotel is perfectly located within walking distance of everything you’ll want to see and do in Frankfurt, from the river and shops to the historic parts of town as well as the big buildings of the CBD. The hotel is historic, having been built way back in 1876 and offers a variety of rooms, from the modern right through to the classic. All the rooms are luxurious and comfortable, offering a really plush setting to relax at the end of each day. I really enjoyed my stay at the Steigenberger because it was luxurious, comfortable and in the ideal location to be the perfect base for my adventures. I definitely recommend it as a great place to stay on your first trip to Frankfurt.

The essential first timer's guide to Frankfurt!
My room at the Steigenberger Hof

If you need a place to stay closer to the airport, possibly for your last or first night in Frankfurt, I’d recommend a stay at the New Century Hotel Offenbach. I spent one night here and found to be a real surprise packet. From the outside, the building is very underwhelming, then you step inside and find yourself in a modern, elegant paradise! The rooms are crisp, clean and cosy and there are some fantastic on-site restaurants as well as a great hotel bar too.

The essential first timer's guide to Frankfurt!
The New Century Hotel Offenbach

Things to do

There are many wonderful things to see and do in Frankfurt, so make sure you pack as many as possible into your itinerary! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

The essential first timer's guide to Frankfurt!
Love Locks

Where to eat and must-try food

The German’s sure know how to fill your belly with great food and drink. Don’t miss out on finding the best! Here are my tips on must-try food and drink and where to find good chow.

The essential first timer's guide to Frankfurt!
Exploring Frankfurt on foot

What to pack

Last, but certainly not least, you’re going to need to think about what to pack. Luckily for you, I’ve already got that covered and have put together a detailed guide on ‘What to pack for a trip to Germany.‘ Read it, print it out, check things off and let it guide you to packing Nirvana!

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