43 of the BEST things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is amazing and is one of my favourite destinations ever. It’s a bright and colourful city where you’re free to do whatever you want and be whoever you want. The Japanese people are friendly, quirky, fun and so polite, it makes visiting this eclectic city an absolute breeze. With so many great things to […]

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Australia, New South Wales

Uncovering Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

I don’t know anything about wine. Well, that’s not entirely true, I know I like white, sparkling and some rose. I also know there are a lot of memes doing the rounds about how important it is! That’s really the extent of it, shameful right? Based on this, you wouldn’t think I’d be the prime […]

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Tips and Hacks, Vietnam

Helpful tips for visiting Hoi An & Ho Chi Minh

Have you ever thought of visiting Vietnam? It’s a beautiful place that comes alive with activity. Locals on the move, buzzing around on scooters like total experts, bustling market places selling everything you can imagine and food that is too good to be true. Vietnam is not only a great place to visit, but it’s […]

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Spain, Tips and Hacks

Must-know tips for visiting Ibiza in the off-season

The word Ibiza does not immediately conjure images of total relaxation, tranquillity and a peaceful holiday. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Ibiza the thing that immediately springs into my mind is ravers, loud music and clubbing! But when we arrived in Ibiza in April a few years ago, it was […]

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