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Where to stay in Brisbane: NEXT Hotel

Recently I was invited to stay at the world’s first NEXT Hotel, which is located right here in Brisbane! The hotel is breaking all the normal hotel rules by giving the power back to the people through it’s insanely cool and very clever technology systems. It is a hotel built for the modern world but still […]

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Luggage Review: Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase

Good quality luggage is something every traveller needs but is so often overlooked. When I was planning my first big trip overseas (a 6-week tour of Europe circa 2008) the last thing on my mind was my luggage. I stupidly bought a really big, really cheap suitcase which, of course, broke and resulted in me dragging […]

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Where to stay in Tokyo: Hotel Century Southern Tower

The general advice I got, before going to Tokyo, was that hotel rooms are expensive and tiny. I was terrified. We stayed in Tokyo for nearly two weeks, spending the first week split between two budget hotels, which really were tiny. The last week, we saved up our pennies and splashed out on staying in […]

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