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The best (and worst) places to stay in Singapore…

Given it’s an island, you’re probably thinking, “I can’t really go wrong with choosing where to stay in Singapore.” To be fair, that’s pretty accurate. But, as someone who has lived in Singapore and spent a lot of time there as a local and a traveller, I can honestly say there are locations that are […]

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Avoid these 11 terribly cruel animal tourism experiences

One of the most wonderful things about travel is getting the chance to see new and interesting animals. While Australia has a lot of great native animals, seeing an adorable little wallaby nibbling by the roadside is vastly different from spotting a huge elephant in the Thai jungle. With the wonder of these animals comes […]

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21 of the BEST things to do in Harajuku

The first time I stepped out of Harajuku station and onto the street outside, I felt a wave of disbelief come over me. It didn’t quite seem real. I’d spent so many years dreaming of visiting Harajuku, mostly fuelled by my obsession with Gwen Stefani’s break out career and her subsequent obsession with being part […]

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