Asia, East Asia, South Korea

18 of the BEST things to do in Seoul

The first thing that took me by surprise was just how large Seoul really is! It’s the kind of destination you could easily spend a few weeks slowly exploring each neighbourhood and district, then head out into the mountains to get up close with nature. When we visited, we only had a few days to […]

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North America, USA

The best (and worst) places to stay in New York…

When we first started planning our trip to New York we were totally and completely overwhelmed. Everything feels so spread out and it can feel impossible to work out where you should stay and where you should avoid. After visiting, we got a much better sense for the different areas, where we wish we’d stayed […]

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Asia, Indonesia

The best (and worst) places to stay in Bali…

Planning a trip to Bali but unsure where to stay? This holiday-maker haven is full of beautiful beaches to explore, waterfalls to visit and much great food and cultural experiences to be had. Each spot in Bali offers something unique, which means it can be hard deciding where the best places to visit are. To help […]

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