It’s personal post day and I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling mighty exhausted. Maybe we’ve approached the mighty March slump? There is no such thing as the mighty March slump, I don’t think, I’ve just made that up because it sounded good in my head.

I thought, for a while there, that I was the only person feeling tired, rundown and a little bit ‘icky’, but after talking to a few friends it seems like a lot of people are feeling that way too. Thank goodness for that! It’s nice to know you aren’t the only one.

There used to be a really big temptation for me to push myself harder when I realised I was feeling tired and sluggish. I took a bit of a bootcamp style approach to my life, telling myself to quit the whining and get moving because, “Pain is weakness leaving the body!” and all that kinda tough-love stuff. I guess we look around us and think that everyone else is tired too, so we should just get on with it.

I used to look at my friends who were working full time while raising their family or studying at University, working full-time and starting a new business all at once. I would see these brilliant women kicking some serious goals and winning at life and figure if they could cope with all that, I could definitely cope with what I’ve got going on. I’d convince myself that if they could push through their tiredness and keep going, I should too. We all get tired and things get hard, but that’s too bad homie… you just have to keep on truckin’! Right?

Well, it’s not really right at all… because, what’s the benefit in that? What good am I really doing myself and what the heck do I think I’m achieving? My mind and body are screaming at me to slow down, take a break and be gentle but I’m ignoring all of that so I can achieve what? Not look like a slacker in front of other people? Not feel guilty about taking care of myself?

It’s hard to know where those ideas come from exactly and it’s crazy to think we let them take over. We’re all different and, while some people may be able to go longer without burning out, other’s can’t. No matter where you fit into that, it’s totally fine. You are who you are.

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Sometimes you have to take a step back and have a look at what you’re doing and see the bigger picture. I tend to build up a lot of imaginary pressure in my mind, pushing myself to get back to people instantly or do something right away. That can be a really good thing and I like to be prompt and reliable, but it can also mean I’m putting others ahead of myself. It’s important to find balance.

Taking a moment to pause, breathe in a few slow deep breaths and look at what I’m doing and why can be really helpful in slowing down. Is what I’m doing a direct benefit to me or am I doing it because I think I have to?

I have to tell myself, sometimes out aloud, to stop doing what I’m doing and walk away and go do something else like sit somewhere comfy and chill the heck out for 10 minutes. The world won’t implode if you take some time to rest and recharge, whether it’s 10 minutes, a whole day or even a weekend getaway.

I definitely pushed myself a little too hard this morning, planning for an upcoming trip. I felt the invisible looming deadline of needing to have things clear and organised in my mind, so I glued myself to my desk this morning and worked, worked, worked to research, study, list and compile information. The result? I’m absolutely exhausted! It’s a clear reminder to chill out and take things slow, rather than thrashing my way through it. Lesson learned.

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So, in the spirit of listening to my body and mind and taking heed of the lesson I’ve learned today, I’m keeping this personal post short and sweet.

Don’t push yourselves too hard, guys. If, like me, you’ve been feeling rundown or tired, make some time to slow down and rest. Take good care of yourself and don’t feel the slightest bit guilty for taking it easy at work, sleeping in, going to bed early or skipping plans. Give yourself permission to recuperate and replenish your energy stocks, your body and mind will thank you and you’ll be kicking butt again before you know it.

If you really need permission from someone to take some time out, here it is: You deserve a sleep-in and a long relaxing bath. You definitely deserve to eat your favourite meal and drink your favourite drink. You deserve a day of pampering, not answering phone calls and not checking emails. You also deserve a day off work and a day at the beach, instead. Tell your boss I said it’s cool.

As I shared in yesterday’s Travel Diary, I’m headed to beautiful Coolangatta on Friday and Saturday to review the Mantra Coolangatta Beach resort. While I’ll be working, I’ll also be making sure I take some time to enjoy myself and reconnect. Sunrise walks on the beach and a lot of swimming are just what I need! I’ll be posting photos and updates of the stay on my Instagram and Facebook, so you can follow along the weekend with me there.

Phoebe x 

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