Mindy Lamoureux has an adventurous spirit, with a love of exploring new places, meeting new people and living a life full of laughter, excitement and joy. Her life path has led her around the world to some of the most interesting places you’ve ever seen and she’s had adventures most would only dream of. If there are two things you need to know about Mindy, it’s that she’s fearless and has a smile that lights up a room.

Aside from being an avid traveller with amazing photographs to back it all up, she’s also a travel blogger compiling her experiences and advice on Wings of a Feather. Today, Mindy is featured on Little grey Box and is sharing her thoughts on travel and the incredible story of her journey from a regular Canadian girl to an intrepid world traveller.

Image Credit: Mindy Lamoureux of Wings of a Feather // @wingsofafeather on Instagram
Image Credit: Mindy Lamoureux of Wings of a Feather // @wingsofafeather on Instagram

What made you decide to travel and live a life like you have? 

At 22 I had a good paying job, just finished buying a beautiful house and started settling into what society considers a ‘normal life’. I took a seven-week trip to Europe later that year and that is when I discovered our youth is a time of total empowerment, you can do what you want. I was not ready for ‘normal life’. I had to see more of the world. I imagined it, daydreamed about it and I knew if I didn’t do it, I would always feel regretful. Leaving behind that kind of comfort was not easy but I knew it had to be done if I wanted to fulfil my dream.

How long do you spend planning for your adventures?

I guess it all depends on where you’re going and for how long. When I first started travelling I would plan every last detail. From my experience, I don’t recommend planning too much in advance because I’ve lost thousands of dollars cancelling or making changes to my plans. I say just go with it, it’s a lot more exhilarating not having a plan and seeing where you end up.


Where have you been and what have you seen that stands out most? 

I’ve travelled to 43 countries and 6 continents and I feel very privileged coming from a country like Canada. Learning how, emotionally, to come to terms in the face of poverty is a struggle, but it is real.

What have been your highlights, what have been your low-lights? 

That’s a tough question because there have been so many highlights, but surfing with hector dolphins in the Catlins (NZ) has to be one of my most memorable moments. Luckily, there aren’t many lowlights except for the odd injury or two. The toughest thing I am faced with is leaving behind the people I love and my little fur baby but I am very fortune to always be welcomed back with open arms.


 How has this experience changed you, what impact has it had on you and your life? 

Every trip I take I learn a little bit more about myself and the world and the way I choose to interact with it. It gives me the opportunity to find something new and inspiring and be completely open to it. I have had many moments of transformation on the road and have been provided with a source of education impossible to get in school and I think that is truly special.

Would you recommend other people do the same thing? 

Yes absolutely, travel takes us out of our comfort zones, transforms us and introduces us to a greater diversity. It’s that simple.

Image credit: Mindy Lamoureaux of Wings of a Feather
Image credit: Mindy Lamoureaux of Wings of a Feather

What has been the best thing about the whole experience?

Definitely the friendships, I have met some truly inspiring and extraordinary people who will always hold a special place in my heart.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing something like what you’ve done, but maybe is too scared to do it? 

Well, like I said previously, it’s never easy packing up and leaving behind the comforts of home, but if you make the move I promise you won’t regret it. Life is about taking chances.

About Wings of a Feather:

I started sharing stories and photos mainly for family and close friends to keep tabs on me and received very positive feedback, not only from them but also from complete strangers as well. It inspired me to continue and I am now working towards future career goals by incorporating my experiences and passion for travel.

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