I made a point of slowing down and taking my time in Hong Kong. I wanted to really give myself permission to spend time taking photos and capturing moments, without feeling embarrassed about looking like a tourist or feeling rushed. After spending 6 days in this beautiful, interesting, bright, busy, bustling place with happy locals and weird smells, I wanted to share with you my favourite photos from my time in Hong Kong.

Phoebe Lee Flower Market Hong Kong

Flower Market, Mong Kok 

This is the kind of photo I dream of taking and my favourite photo from Hong Kong. It was taken in the Flower Market in Mong Kok. We were walking along the street and I felt so happy to be surrounded by all those beautiful, bright flowers and plants because they make me feel good and also make me feel grounded. I really wanted to take a photo to show how beautiful it was to stand there surrounded by them and share with people how it felt. I took this photo and I love it, because anyone could look at it and feel as though they are standing there looking down at these flowers.

Gage Street Hong Kong

Gage Street, Hong Kong Central 

We were in search of a great traditional breakfast and coffee, so headed to Gage Street in Hong Kong Central. It was our first day exploring the city and Matt took this photo of me walking along the street. It perfectly captures exactly what the street looked like that day and seeing it immediately takes me back to how I felt walking along, what it looked like, what I could hear and smell. It’s like a movie set, straight out of someone’s dreams. You couldn’t recreate how interesting and bright these streets are though, they’re just amazing.

Yuen Po Bird Market

Yuen Po Bird Garden, Mong Kok 

Hong Kong is full of bright colours, both natural and manmade. We walked through the Yuen Po Bird Garden in Mong Kok, right near the Flower Market and I took this photo of delicate little birds chirping away in their delicate little cages. I have to be honest and say I don’t like the idea of caging animals and would much prefer these birds be flying free, chirping away from a tree branch. Also, birds make me feel weird. But it isn’t up to me to decide what other people do or dictate what the interests and hobbies of their culture should or should not be.

I love how this photo captured the bright colours of Hong Kong and a traditional hobby of the older men. A lot of love and time goes into these bird cages, choosing the accessories and keeping them clean.

Hong Kong Tram

Top of a Tram in Wan Chai 

It was really, really hot on this one day and I was having a mental and physical meltdown. I was losing my cool as the sweat dripped off my face and all over me. Matt, seeing my imminent breakdown, took charge and lead me to the nearest tram stop. We got on the first tram that came by, with absolutely no idea where it was going or where we would end up. We sat down up the top, right at the back and the fresh air whooshed through the windows cooling us down. Once I’d re-gathered myself, I got out my phone and took a few photos out the back of the tram. Matt took this photo while I was taking a photo. I love the perspective and blurred background.

Walking through Hong Kong Central

Walking through Hong Kong Central

We caught the train to Hong Kong Central and just started walking. Whenever we saw an interesting street or shop, we checked it out or followed it to see where it went. This particular street leads up to famous Stanley Street, it is really steep and winding with small shops lining either side selling bright and curious things. I love this photo because it captures what central Hong Kong is like. Winding, sloping streets, bright signs and things and a mix of old and new all mashed together. I also love that you can look at this photo and feel like you’re there with me.

Milo Dinosaur

Milo Dinosaurs in the middle of nowhere 

Matt and I went to a rooftop bar for drinks and when we left we were both pretty happy and giggly and absolutely starving. We somehow stumbled across a food court and decided to divide and conquer, he lined up for noodles and rice while I waited for dumplings. Thankfully the lovely locals around us helped us order and collect our food when it was ready. We wolfed it down and as we were leaving saw a drinks shop selling Milo Dinosaurs.

Back in 2011 Matt and I went through a BIG milo phase. We would by 1kg tins of the stuff and go through it like the apocalypse was coming. We both got pretty fat that winter and had to ban it from the house. These Milo Dinosaurs were the first sip of Milo we’ve had since then and my gosh… they were bloody amazing.

It isn’t a good photo, in fact, it’s blurry because Matt is tipsy and can’t stop laughing, but I love it because it makes me laugh. The look on my face in this photo is genuine. I’m really that happy to be reunited with Milo…. look at me, I cannot believe my luck!

Sometimes in life, you just have to say, ‘F**k it’ and order the Milo Dinosaur.

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