When we first arrived in Singapore, I was exhausted. A few big weeks of travel had left me feeling all over the place and a bit overwhelmed. My plan for Singapore had been to hit the ground running and start working as soon as arrived. Thankfully my common sense won out and I decided to do for myself what I tell other people to do; take care of yourself.

I spent my first week in Singapore sleeping properly, eating well and relaxing with my family. My parents and little sister all live in Singapore, so it was really nice for Matt and me to spend a week with them just chilling out. Our second week has been back to normal, working with Far East Hospitality and scoping out some of the best spots in Singapore.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos from my trip so far! I hope you like them.

Best things to do in Singapore Travel Guide Must Do - 6

We left the hotel at 10:30am and walked to Chinatown to visit this beautiful building, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. We thought we were being really smart by starting late, because Singapore is a city that doesn’t come alive until 11am-ish. Turns out we got it really wrong. It was so incredibly hot that both Matt and I started to lose it, you know that really unbearable heat where you can feel yourself dehydrating? We took this photo then turned around and ran into the nearest food court for cold drinks under the fans.

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One of the best things about Singapore is the food! I lived in Singapore for two years and still to this day, go absolutely mad for the food. I have cravings and withdrawals, it’s so good and so cheap. People often comment that they find Singapore expensive, but if you eat like a local, you’ll only pay $3 – $4 for your meal and a drink. We ate lunch out with my family every day, visiting different food courts for our favourite meals. Most people miss out on eating regular meals with their family, so it’s really nice to eat so many meals together while we’re together in Singapore.

Singapore City Travel Blog

This photo is a recreation of a photo my sister took for me last year. My mum and sister were in the process of moving back over to Singapore with my dad and I flew over with my little sis for a month to help her get settled into her new school, while my mum finished up getting everything organised in Australia. We went out one day, just walking around, and ended up here. I turned around and loved the city-scape view, so we stopped and I taught her how to work the camera and she took this photo. This trip I wanted to recreate it with Matt.

Chinatown Singapore Travel Blogger

I absolutely love how beautiful all the different temples are in Singapore. What’s really cool is how many religions are accommodated too, you’ll find Buddhist Temples, Muslim Mosques, Catholic and Christian Churches as well as Hindu Shrines and everything in-between. For such a small space, it does an amazing job at accomodating so many people from different religions and they all live in harmony.

To accomodate my blog layout OCD, I’ve put these two portrait images together. The image on the left is taken at Lau Pa Sat, a food court in central Singapore. At home in Australia I rarely drink any kind of take-away drinks, I’m always drinking water, coffee or green tea made at home. But I turn into a different person in Singapore, because they have the BEST drinks and they’re so cheap at food courts. I’ll drink 3 -4 Ice Teh-O’s per day, no worries.

The photo on the right was taken at Chinatown and I love it because it really captures how bright and beautiful Singapore is.

Best things to do in Singapore Travel Guide Must Do - 5

This photo is awesome and it hurts me a bit because I didn’t take it, Matt did! Damn him! He set an alarm and got up at 6am while I was sound asleep at the hotel. He scurried out, down to the water and waited for the sunrise. In the process he captured this amazing photo. You can follow Matt on Instagram to see more photos from our trips: @littlegreybox_matt 

The photo on the left is from the Gardens by the Bay SkyGarden, you can see the Marina Bay Sands in the background. I spend most of my time trying to take photos that don’t have too many people in them, but this photo looks great with the people because it really captures the atmosphere in the place and shows just how huge those Sky Trees are! They’re amazing and so beautiful, like something out of a dream.

The photo on the right is also from Gardens by the Bay, taken inside the Cloud Dome. A lot of people probably don’t know this exists but, for me, it’s a must-do in Singapore! That waterfall is huge and it’s absolutely glorious, standing in front of it is amazing. I felt like I was standing in another world.

Cloud Dome Singapore

If you know me, you’ll know how much I love plants and gardens, so visiting Gardens by the Bay was like a dream come true for me! We found this beautiful little spot on top of the Cloud Dome waterfall and I could’ve sat here for hours. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful.

Snow in Singapore

This is the moment they made it snow in Singapore! If you look closely you can see it, they’re shooting foam out of these big jets and it’s spiralling through the air, pushed by fans. It really did look like snow and it was amazing! I’m there with my phone out, filming it (of course).

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