Have you awoken from your winter hibernation, fresh from dreams of warmer, exotic locations? There’s a good chance you’re looking for some travel inspiration to help you make the most of this beautiful time of year, so today I’m taking a look at cruises in the Mediterranean and beyond to help you figure out where to go and what to do during these warmer months.

Seeing as spring has officially sprung, there’s no time like the present to take some well-earned time off and explore the beautiful oceans, seas and waterways of the world, all while relaxing on the deck of a luxury liner. A Mediterranean cruise is the perfect antidote to all the winter wheezes and sneezes you would have endured and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another cruising destination as diverse and rich in culture.


A Mediterranean cruise is where east meets west and where Mediterranean cruising dreams come alive. Imagine visiting the Greek Islands, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, France, Monaco and Malta in just a few weeks of well-earned vacation time.

But with so many options and itineraries available, how do you choose the right cruise for you or your family? Italian family-owned cruise line MSC Cruises have a range of Mediterranean and Baltic cruises to choose from for every month of the year. Just pick your destination (or destinations), the length of your trip and which month you want to make your great escape. Sounds dreamy, right?

Grand Voyages World Cruises

The Grand Voyage is more than a cruise, it’s an experience. You’ll be treated to renowned Mediterranean hospitality including cocktails in the sun and delicious food. On arrival at each port of call guests are treated to food from the region, to give you a taste for the local flavour. You can also get involved with fun activities on board including talent shows, dance lessons, movie nights and language courses, while at the same time experiencing some of the most spectacular sights and sounds the world has to offer.

MSC Grand Voyages pack many continents into one unforgettable cruise. Enjoy the subtropical climate of the Mediterranean and embark from Italy, Spain or one of many more Grand Mediterranean cruise destinations.

The dream destinations on offer read like a “who’s who” of travel bucket-list locations, whether it’s a leisurely trip through the Atlantic Ocean to discover the beauty of the Caribbean, South America, West Africa or the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. There are so many ways to travel nowadays, but there’s always a little bit of old-world glamour and luxury associated with a cruise, especially because it takes all the hard work out of travelling and you don’t have to move hotel every time you go to a new city. It’s a great balance between adventure and comfort!


While Italians are the custodians of the Med way of life, MSC Cruises extend their style and culture further afield. Here are two more cruise options to check out:

Caribbean & West Indies Cruises

Australians love a Caribbean holiday and MSC Caribbean Cruises delivers exactly what you need in a getaway. Embark from one of the beautiful cities dotting the Caribbean and experience the wonders of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico and the United States. There’s a range of packages for singles, couples, families and friends and you can tailor your cruise exactly how you like it.

Baltic & Scandinavian

Some of the lesser known and perhaps under-appreciated destinations for a cruise are the beautiful Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland and Russia. MSC Baltic cruises will take you as far north as you care to travel, you can cruise right up to the Arctic Circle or stick to the Norwegian Fjords.

While the balmy weather of the Mediterranean doesn’t quite extend this far north, Scandinavia has a charm all of its own. The Norwegian Fjords are surrounded by woodland with lakes as far as the eye can see and Iceland boasts the legendary natural wonder of the Blue Lagoon. Don’t let the temperatures put you off, this winter wonderland is home to some of the hidden treasures of the modern and ancient world.

If you’re keen to experience the most exotic destinations on offer on the most modern and luxurious cruise fleet in the world, contact MSC Cruises for more details on upcoming Special Offers and get ready for an adventure on the high seas!


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