When it comes time to plan a trip to Canada it can really be overwhelming, trust me, I know! The sheer size of the country alone can be intimidating, let alone all the incredible things there are to see, do (and eat). Canada is a wonderland for the intrepid but trying to figure out how to experience it can be intense. This year, I got to experience Canada as part of a group tour with TrekAmerica and a DIY road trip so I’m feeling uniquely qualified to comment on whether or not a group tour is a great way to explore this stunning country. Here are a few of the benefits I noticed came with doing a group tour as opposed to a DIY road trip and my thoughts on whether or not a group tour is really the best way to see Canada.

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You’ll learn SO much!

When you do a group tour you’ll always have a tour leader to look out for you and ensure everything goes smoothly. But tour leaders are also really knowledgeable! They’ll point out things you’d never spot otherwise, answer questions you may have and share a whole lot of history, insight and interesting stories too. When you’re on a tour you don’t just see cool stuff, you really learn a lot about the destination too. It gives you a more rounded travel experience, deeper understanding of the place you’re visiting and, undoubtedly, more love for the place too!

It takes the guesswork out of it

I love how a group tour allows you to switch off, be a little lazy and just enjoy the ride. You don’t have to worry about planning your days, calculating drive times or even think about when you might need to stop for fuel! All of those travel plans are taken care of for you, which is a great stress relief. Especially if you’re a classic overthinker (me)! It’s nice just to switch off, enjoy the scenery and activities and let someone else take charge of everything else. Not only that, but loads of fun activities are included in your tour and your tour leader will suggest heaps of other things you can see and do along the way too, for all budgets. So you know you’re guaranteed to have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

It’s a great way to visit a place for the first time

When you’re planning on visiting somewhere for the first time, especially BIG places like Europe, Canada or the United States, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to see and how much time to spend in each place. Each time I’ve done a group tour, I’ve seen it as an introductory lesson. It’s a great way to see and do a lot in a short amount of time so you can gather some intel on the places you loved and the spots you could’ve probably done without seeing. That way, in a few years time, you can come back and revisit the spots you loved! It’s an awesome way to get a sense of what you do and don’t like about a new destination.

Stop waiting and just go for it!

My first big solo trip overseas involved a group tour of Europe and it came about because I was so sick of waiting for someone else to travel with me. Group tours are a great way to get off your butt and have an adventure without any of the fear! Jumping in a car and driving around Canada by yourself wouldn’t just be intimidating, it’d also be expensive. Doing a group tour means you’re safe, surrounded by other people and gives you a way of having an adventure without having to wait for anyone else to be ready to go too. Don’t let fear hold you back – get out there and see the world!

Meet awesome people and make new friends

I met one of my best friends in the whole world outside a crappy hostel in London on the first day of my European group tour. I honestly didn’t expect to have that kind of connection with someone and I’m so grateful to have her in my life! Whether you’re planning on meeting new people or not, you’ll undoubtedly make new friends when you do a group tour!

It’ll push you out of our comfort zone

I really don’t like camping or hiking but I did both on my TrekAmerica tour through Canada and I had an awesome time! If it weren’t for the tour, I would never have experienced Canada that way and I’m really thankful I got to because it wasn’t anything like my mind was trying to tell me it would be. The camping was really fun because Canada is gorgeous and you want to spend your time outdoors enjoying it. The hiking was even fun because, again, Canada is stunning! You don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to have a great time on a trip like this, you just have to be up for fun and adventure! You’ll do things you wouldn’t normally do and, 9 times out of 10, you’ll absolutely LOVE it! It’s a great way to learn new things about yourself and enjoy things you never thought you’d do.

Would I recommend a TrekAmerica Tour as a great way to see Canada?

You bet your sweet cheeks, I would! I had an awesome time on my TrekAmerica tour, it was even better than I thought it would be. I got to see all the things I have always wanted to see in the Canadian Rockies as well as loads of things I didn’t know existed and wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I went camping and actually really enjoyed myself, which made me realise I’m far more outdoorsy and capable than I thought I was.

I think doing a group tour of Canada would be perfect for anyone who has been wanting to go and have an adventure but hasn’t had anybody to go with them. Honestly, it’s the kind of trip that will stay with you forever. It’d also be great for a couple or two friends because you share a tent so you can work together to get things set up and help each other out. I didn’t know my tent mate but we ended up getting on really well and working really well together too.

A tour is an awesome introduction to a new destination, it’s perfect for those on a budget or anyone low on time who wants to see and do a lot! I found our tour leaders to be organised, reliable, hilarious, knowledgeable and so fun to be around. They were the perfect balance of professional and fun! The whole tour was just easy, with everything taken care of and nothing else to do but kick back and enjoy the adventure.

You can check out my full itinerary from my TrekAmerica ‘Mountie’ tour here and peep all the spots I got to visit.

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