So, you’re going to Europe and you’ve got 2 days in Amsterdam and not a clue how to spend them. My friend, you’ve come to the right blog! I’m here to support, help and guide you through your Am-Dam experience. It’s one of my favourite places in Europe and I cannot wait to go back myself so you can rest assured these tips are legit!

Day One

Breakfast & coffee at Gartine

One of the coolest spots to have breakfast in Amsterdam is Gartine. This low-key, simple but beautiful space serves up amazing breakfasts and great coffees that are not to be missed. It’s a tiny spot, so get there early to get a seat and fill your belly with their delicious food! Find Gartine here.

Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank House

Now that you’re all fuelled up, make the journey to the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank House. With only 48 hours, you may not have time to do both, so pick the one that appeals and head out for a visit. There can be long lines at the Anne Frank House, so keep that in mind when you’re making plans. It opens from 9am, be sure to get there early and queue up or buy your ticket online to beat the queue. Book tickets for Van Gogh Museum here and the Anne Frank House here.

Lunch at La Perla

Stop in at La Perla for delicious, freshly made pizzas created with ingredients imported straight from Italy! You can sit in the window and watch the world go by while you stuff your face with the best pizza in Amsterdam. Find La Perla here.

Visit Museum Our Lord in the Attic

One of the less-visited attractions in the city, the museum is beautiful and a great spot for interesting photography. There was a time when Catholicism was banned in Amsterdam, so wealthy homeowners along the canals came together to create secret churches in their attics. Pretty cool! Find Museum Our Lord in the Attic here.

Take advantage of Golden Hour

By mid-afternoon, the sun will be starting to lower in the sky and it’s time to start hunting down those great photo opportunities. Time your run right, head out when the sun is soft and lighting the city up all pretty, then snap away! This is the perfect time to capture those gorgeous, glory photographs that’ll create amazing memories to look back on.

assorted high rise building
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Dinner at 5&33 or Burger Bar

If you’ve got some cash to splash or feel like a fancy dinner, head directly to ARCA Amsterdam. They have an amazing cocktail list that’ll get you primed for the evening and a fantastic menu. If you’re on a budget, go to Burger Bar. The burgers here will hit the spot but they won’t break the bank! Perfect. ARCA Amsterdam here and Burger Bar here.

Explore the Red Light District

Now the sun has gone down, the streets of the Red Light District will come alive! This is the ideal time to head out for a wander and see it all for yourself. If you’re so inclined, you can catch a raunchy show. I chose not to go and heard people afterwards say it was pretty awful and awkward, so maybe best to give it a miss if that’s not your kind of thing. Nevertheless, a walk through the Red Light District and along the canals at night is still fun! Great photo opportunities of the lights reflecting off the water too (just don’t photograph any of the working ladies).

Sleep it all off at DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station

This is where we stayed during our visit and we loved it. The hotel is in a great location, right near Central Station and close walking distance to most of the things you’re going to want to see and do. The room we stayed in was quite small, but for a short stay, it was fine. There’s also a fantastic bar on one of the top floors, it was a great spot for evening drinks. Book DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station here.

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Day Two

Breakfast and coffee at De Bakkerswinkel

This charming spot is the perfect place to start your day, with great coffee, delicious food and a cosy vibe you just cannot go past. They have quite a few locations around Amsterdam, so finding one shouldn’t be too hard. Their breaky menu includes croissants, scones, granola and yoghurt and Brioche French toast. Find De Bakkerswinkel here.

Visit the flower market and buy tulips

Famous for its beautiful tulips, the Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) is a must-visit spot as it’s the only floating flower market in the world! Treat yourself to a bunch of beautiful blooms or just photograph them. You can also visit Reypenaer cheese room while you’re there and sample some delicious cheese. Yes, thanks! Find the Reypenaer cheese room here and the Bloemenmarkt here.

Bicycle tour of the city

If there’s one thing the Dutch know, it’s that bicycles are the way to go! Join up with a bicycle tour and peddle your way around the centre of the city. It’ll help you see things from a different perspective and you’ll be able to scope out all the places you want to visit later or next time! Find Amsterdam bicycle tour here.

three bicycle upright parked on bridge
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Coffee and afternoon snack at Espressofabriek

Get your bad self down to Espressofabriek. This place is well-known in Amsterdam and renowned for its fantastic coffees! After a big day of bicycle riding, a nice cup of coffee and baked goodie are just what you need to keep powering through. Find Espressofabriek here.

Blaze it up at a ‘Coffee Shop’

Let’s get real, you guys, if you’re going to Amsterdam you’re probably going to want to spend a bit of time living la Vida local and smoking weed in a coffee shop. I ain’t judging! In fact, nobody is, because it’s legal there. Best of all, it’s a nice safe environment and if things get too hectic, you can just retreat back to your hotel room and chill out. Just remember, take it easy…. or don’t, you can smoke like Snoop Dogg if you really want! Find the best coffee shops in Amsterdam here.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop

Buy all the frites you can carry at Vlaamse Friet Snackland

By now you’ve got the munchies pretty hard. No worries! Vlaamse Friet Snackland sells all the chips your stoner body can handle. Just load up on chips and mayo then get the hell outta there and feast!! This truly is a company that has a very good understanding of its target market. Find Vlaamse Friet Snackland here.

Eat pancakes at The Happy Pig

I get it. You’re STILL hungry because you smoked so much weeeeeeed, maaaaaannnn! No worries. Drag your sorry self to The Happy Pig and wolf down as many pancakes as your body can handle. I’m guessing it’s a lot. Find The Happy Pig here.

Late-night beers at Biercafe Gollem

If you’re still standing after all you’ve put your body through, finish off your Amsterdam experience at Biercafe Gollem. There’s a rumour that they have some 200 beers to choose from, which sounds both wonderful and terrifying. It is, however, a chance to try some pretty awesome beers from around the world, including some of Belgium’s finest! Find Biercafe Gollem here.

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