Yesterday I wrote about the beautiful World Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island and shared with you some travel inspiration on where to stay and what to do in this picture-perfect location. Today, I thought we’d take a look at another island escape that’s close to home and rich in natural beauty, Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is located just off the Queensland Coast off Hervey Bay, is a World Heritage-listed site, Queensland’s largest island and the largest sand island in the world at 1840km! With long stretches of perfect beaches, crystal blue water and rainforest it’s a must-do spot this summer.

Indian Head

How to visit

Getting to Fraser Island involves driving, catching a ferry and then more driving. Given the island is so big and the terrain is so challenging, it’s best seen by 4WD, which is why the best bet for visitors is to take advantage of one of the Fraser Island tours, like those on offer at Sunset Safaris.

If you’re backpacking through Queensland a tour is especially helpful as the pickup locations are Gold Coast, Brisbane and Noosa and packages range between 2 nights and 3 nights, meaning you get to see everything you want to without missing out or breaking the budget.

Sunset Safaris is also a great pick because they use forward-facing 4WD vehicles, buses and mini-coaches which means you aren’t crammed in the back of a 4WD, facing a bunch of strangers for a long period of time. It also takes the guesswork out of booking and organising accommodation as the tour group takes care of it for you and it’s included in the cost.

Things to do 

So, what is there to see and do once you arrive on Fraser Island? Well, your tour guide will know the best spots to visit and given there are so many, you’ll be glad they do!

Visit a lake 

Head to one of the many stunning lakes on Fraser Island, like Lake Birrabeen, a picture-perfect spot with white sand and idyllic bright blue water to swim in. It’s the kind of place you take a photo of, show your friends and have them say, “oh my goodness! Where is that? I have to go!” Another great spot to visit is Lake Wabby, a Barrage Lake which is slowly being filled in by windblown sand.

Spot sea creatures

Visit Indian Head for spectacular 360-degree views of the coastline and ocean and the chance to spot marine turtles, sharks, dolphins and whales. The most easterly point on the island, Indian Head was named by Captain Cook in 1770 and is a must-see spot on Fraser Island.

Walkthrough rainforest

Fraser Island is home to huge trees and rainforest vines, it’s also home to the Invisible Creek which has water so clear it can appear invisible. Take a walk through the rainforest to the creek and cool off out of the sun.

Sunset on Fraser
Spot Dingoes

Keep your eyes peeled for Ernie and his mates, the Dingo population on Fraser Island is reported to be the purest breed in the world due to the isolation of the island. As a result, dogs are not permitted on Fraser Island.

Hammerstone SandBlow 

Walk, roll, run and slide across the Hammerstone Sandblow, a large sand dune overlooking Lake Wabby. It’s also a great spot for some really cool photos.

Maheno Shipwreck 

Visit the remains of the SS Maheno, which along with its 10 crew members drifted off from a towline during a severe cyclone in 1935. The ship and its crew were found a few days later, beached off the coast of Fraser Island. It’s a great spot for photographs and a cool way to see a piece of history.

Maheno Shipwreck
Champagne Pools

Ah no, not the Rock n Roll kind of champagne pool, the natural jacuzzi kind! Located between Waddy Point and Indian Head, these shallow sandy rock pools have waves crashing overhead from the ocean which makes for a fun way to swim in a shallow spot.


Be sure to pack a few sets of swimmers, because you’re going to be in and out of beautiful swimming spots. Take a dip and unwind in the cool water and, if you have one, pack an underwater camera to get some really cool shots thanks to the pristine water.

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