We’ve written a lot of packing and travel essentials guides with a big focus on the ladies. But, what about the lads?! Since we started travelling more frequently, the need for Matt to have a great travel toiletry kit grew and grew. As an experienced over-thinker and over-packer, I had mine sorted but Matt did not. But, over time, we began to work out was essential, what was terrible and what needed to be changed to make a great travel toiletry kit work for Matt. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few of the essential toiletry items every many needs for travel. Of course, your own kit will grow and evolve as you travel, but these basics are a great place to get you started!

Great toiletry bag

Up until recently, Matt had been struggling to find enough bench space in the bathroom when we travel. I tend to take over the entire area with my assortment of lotions, potions and magic bottles. Hence the marriage-saving gift of an awesome new toiletry bag. Having a great toiletry bag is always a good investment for travellers! Make sure you choose one with enough zippable pockets and storage spots for all your goodies. It should also be made of a sturdy material, able to be cleaned easily if there are any leaks or spills and, ideally, be one you can hang up in the bathroom. I got Matt a hangable toiletry bag and he lives for it as he can claim his own space in the bathroom wherever we go.

Shaving Kit

Having a good shaving kit organised is essential for men who travel. There’s a whole world of male grooming products out there and when it comes to shaving, investing in an electric men’s shaver like these ones from brands like Philips can be a great idea for a few reasons. Firstly, cutting down on disposable razors is great for the environment but it also means you don’t have to worry about shaving cream or finding a sink full of water to get freshened up, making it easy and fast to stay dapper while you travel.

Face Kit

Keeping your skin clean and well hydrated is vital, especially when you’re travelling. Be sure to invest in a good, soap-free cleanser and a hydrating moisturiser with SPF, at a minimum! Sukin offers a fantastic all natural skincare range with products specifically designed for men. I’ve used their range for years and love it! You can get your hands on cleanser, moisturiser, body wash and their amazing scrub and don’t be afraid to dip into the rest of their range, even the stuff not branded for men. Rosehip oil, for example, is a great addition to a travel-friendly skin regime as is a very hydrating lip balm as long-haul flights and air-conditioning will quickly dry out your skin.

Fang Kit

Get your teeth sorted with a basic oral hygiene kit in your travel toiletry bag. We’ve both switched to using disposable toothbrushes made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, like bamboo. They’re better for the environment and mean we don’t have to touch any single-use plastic toothbrushes supplied by a hotel. I’ve also recently switched to a natural toothpaste alternative which cleans my teeth just as well as the regular stuff but without any of the worry. Instead of buying a mini tube of toothpaste for flights, consider investing in a little jar you can place some toothpaste in for flights where liquid limits are a concern. That way, you can reuse it and cut down on single-use plastics. Small changes like these go a long way to your health and that of the environment.

Smell-good Kit

When it comes to smelling great on holidays, there are a few ways to get your scent game sorted. If you haven’t already tried it, switching to a natural deodorant is worth a shot but if you find it’s not quite strong enough for you, there are plenty of great options. Using a roll-on or solid deodorant is easier for travel as you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting stuck with an aerosol in your carry-on that you have to throw away. Switching to a solid cologne, in place of a liquid one, is also a good idea as you won’t need to worry about liquid limits or the bottle of your cologne breaking.

Beard Kit

For men with beards, like Matt, be sure to pack all your favourite beard grooming essentials. If you have a beard or are thinking about growing one, you really will need to groom it to ensure it looks and feels healthy. At a minimum, we’ve found using a beard oil has helped Matt’s look healthy and lustrous while keeping itch down to a minimum. He also uses a beard comb daily and, if you’re buying one, look for a bamboo or wooden option over plastic. Lastly, a great styling product of some sort keeps those crazy hairs in check! (Ladies, beard balm is actually also fantastic at smoothing down all those crazy ‘flyaway’ hairs you get from the humidity! I steal a tiny bit of Matt’s, warm it up in my hands and lightly smooth my hair down – magic!) Be sure to wash your beard in the shower and groom it regularly so it doesn’t go crazy on holidays. Matt uses Dermaveen‘s range of oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for his.

Eyecare Kit

Lastly, eye care is essential but something I find many men seem to overlook. In Matt’s case, I always encourage him to use eyedrops when we travel, especially if we’re sleeping in air-conditioned hotel rooms and flying long-haul. In addition, it’s also a great idea to use a specialised eye cream of some sort, day and night. This is going to keep your eye area hydrated, minimise fine lines and wrinkles and keep those peepers looking perfect for longer. You’d be amazed at how much fresher you look and feel when your eye area is properly hydrated.

This post is sponsored by Philips however, all advice and insight remain objective and genuine. Thanks, Philips for sponsoring this post and allowing us to keep doing what we love! 

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