Dreaming of the perfect winter escape to Queensland’s beautiful countryside? The Scenic Rim is the destination for you. It offers a respite from the noise of day-to-day life, replacing it with wide open spaces, crisp mountain air and the sensation of being far away from it all. We’re talking glowing, golden sunsets, wallabies gently nibbling in the grass and that truly delicious feeling of having nowhere else to be, but right here.

If this sounds like the type of weekend getaway your body and mind have been screaming out for, it could be time for you to pack an overnight bag and steal away to Spicers Peak Lodge for a night or two. This place is as close to the fountain of youth as you could possibly (and legally) hope to get. As soon as you step out of the car and get that first lungful of fresh air, you feel energised and relaxed.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape

You’ll find Spicers Peak a 2 hour drive from Brisbane City. The drive is easy and goes by quickly, with a few antique shops and coffee houses to stop at along the way if you need a quick re-fuel. When you arrive at Spicers Peak you can’t help but feel as though you’ve arrived a world away, with the city and home feeling much further than the two hours you’ve travelled.

Walk inside and you’re greeted with a warm smile, a friendly hello and the immediate offer of a drink. If this doesn’t put you at ease and bring a smile to your face, nothing will. Settle into one of the plush couches, wine in hand, looking out the large glass windows over the grass, trees and mountains. There’s never any rush at Peak, no urgent need to be anywhere, say anything or do something. It’s where R&R goes to get some much-needed R&R.

Luxury accommodation

Spicers Peak has unique feel to it, quite unlike anything I’ve ever really experienced before. You most definitely feel like you have your own space, with the rooms offering luxury, privacy and plenty of comfort. But, there’s also a sense of home about it too, an almost communal edge to it, where you feel as though you suddenly live in a luxury mansion. It’s the perfect blend of these things; luxury, privacy, comfort and warmth.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape
Lodge Suite

The rooms are incredibly well thought out and generous in size, offering huge comfortable beds with the biggest, squishiest pillows you could imagine. The finishings are classic and modern, with lots of textures dotted around the place and gorgeous wooden features, like the beautiful floorboards. It’s a rustic setting that oozes comfort and warmth, making it impossible to do anything but breath deep and relax.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape

You’ll find your room equipped with a marble bathroom that’s spacious and luxurious. Think heated towel racks to keep your fluffy towel warm and heated mirrors so they don’t fog up. My suite included a gorgeous spa set beneath a beautiful skylight, perfect for soaking in with a glass of red wine. It also included a reading nook, stone fireplace and a great terrace area with table and chairs, perfect for watching the sunset over the mountains.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape
A cosy fireplace…

Incredible food and wine

When it comes to sensational food and wine, it’s worth taking a trip out to Peak just for a meal. On site restaurant, The Peak, has been awarded two Chef Hats and, honestly, offers up some of the best food you could hope to experience. Head Chef, Doug Innes-Will, serves food that is beautiful to look at, bursting with colour and freshness. The focus here is on making the food sing and no flavour is lost.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape
One heck of a dessert

We settled in for the five-course tasting menu and found ourselves saying, “Oh my gosh, W-O-W,” with every plate we saw and every bite we ate. It’s a chance to really, truly experience food and try things you most likely haven’t before. Doug and his team create dishes out of a fantasy world, making them gorgeous to see and very enjoyable to eat. Each of our courses was matched with wine, which only added to the experience.

Not only is the dinner amazing, but the breakfast is fantastic too. You’ll find a delicious continental buffet set-up in the kitchen, boasting the best granola and a selection of accompaniments like poached pears, as well as fresh-baked goodies like croissants. Along with this, there’s a menu to choose from which includes treats like The Lodge breakfast, of eggs, toast, tomato and mushroom. There are also some pretty special and very fancy items on there too, which take a humble breakfast up a few notches.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape

I will say this, for all the skill and fanciness that goes on in the restaurant and kitchen, there’s never a moment where you feel uncomfortable or out of place. You can still drink and laugh, the service staff being up for a few great stories and jokes. It’s the sense of community I mentioned earlier that comes back into it, you feel welcomed, like you’re at a good friends home being treated to an exceptional meal.

Things to do at Spicers Peak

Don’t let all this amazing food, wine and relaxation overwhelm you. There are so many things to keep you busy on your trip to Peak.

The kitchen will happily pack you up a picnic and you can set off for a walk along one of the great walking tracks in the area. Pick a spot that takes your fancy, set up your feast and soak in the views. If you need a moment to allow your body to work through all the great food on offer, you can ditch the picnic, strap on your hiking boots and set off for a few hours of wilderness adventuring, with plenty of fantastic hiking trails available to you.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape

You can climb aboard a 4WD and set off on a guided tour for a few hours, with one of the expert guides on hand. You can also take part in a guided hike, if you like, where you’ll be taking to beautiful spots and shown things you may not spot otherwise, like wildlife. There’s also the options to do a self-guided trip on a mountain bike or be guided tour too.

Spend a few hours in the pool or spa, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh outdoor air. You can play lawn games on the wide open space in front of the Lodge, settle in for a game of billiards or board games, or spend an entire day being pampered from head to toe in the on-site spa, Spa Anise. They treatments here are absolutely decadent and will leave you feeling like you’re floating on air.

If all of this somehow sounds too much, you can just cuddle up by the fireplace to watch movies or read a book. The great thing about Peak is, whatever you want, the staff are happy to help it happen for you. They’re great with ideas and suggestions or helping you do whatever is you want, to get the most out of your retreat.

The verdict

If it isn’t already there, put a stay at Spicers Peak on your travel bucket-list, seriously. It’s an incredibly special place that offers up a stay you just won’t forget anytime soon, one of those places that can easily become a spot you go back to, to mark special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or life milestones and achievements.

Discover the Scenic Rim's best luxury escape
Sunset over the pool…

I loved my stay at Spicers Peak for so many reasons… the tranquil bush setting, high above it all. The incredible food and wine that is, honestly, second to none. The luxurious, comfortable rooms and, most of all, the incredible service you receive from the staff. I always believe you can tell just how great a hotel or resort is by the service you receive from the staff and at Spicers, it’s all big smiles, genuine hand-shakes and service that goes above and beyond. That really does make all the difference and takes a place like Peak from being wonderful to being exceptional.

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