Iceland, What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Iceland

Without a doubt, Iceland is one of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever visited and one of my favourite destinations ever. Not only are the people a happy, smiling bunch but the food is yummy and the landscape is breathtaking. If you haven’t thought of visiting this magical place before, do some research […]

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Europe, Portugal, What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful mix of cobblestone streets, medieval castles, blue skies and stunning coastline. It’s a place where a dramatic coastline collides with villages, rich with history and the winding streets of Lisbon bustle with life and busy trams. There’s so much to see, do and discover and there’s always a surprise or something […]

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Singapore, What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Singapore

Singapore is an absolutely beautiful country. Its tropical climate means the plants are lush and green, making the island look like a real urban jungle. The unique mix of historic old buildings and traditional culture with skyscrapers and high-powered business people make for a one of a kind holiday destination. You get all the excitement […]

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Australia, What to pack

What to pack for a girls trip

So you’re going on a girls weekend, you don’t know what to pack and your first instinct was probably, “Pack everything I own!” Woah, slow down there amigo. Before you go out to stock up on packing boxes, take a moment to read this carefully constructed list of what to take with you, otherwise, we both know […]

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Asia, Indonesia, What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Indonesia

Planning a trip to Indonesia? If you’ve read any of my blog posts about ‘things to do’ in different parts of Indonesia, you should be feeling very inspired to head over and enjoy this beautiful country. If you’re visiting Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa or one of the other beautiful islands in Indonesia, but unsure what to take […]

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Japan, What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Japan

Japan is unlike any other place I’ve ever visited, it’s like stepping onto the set of an incredible movie. The people are so fashionable and effortlessly cool, everywhere you turn you see great photo opportunities, the food is amazing and there’s just SO much to see and do. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, […]

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