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What to pack for a trip to Portland, Oregon

Before heading to Portland, my first visit, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I kept reading the famous slogan, “Keep Portland Weird,” and it added many layers of confusion to my pre-departure planning, especially when it came to packing. I got the sense it wasn’t a super ‘fancy’ place, but I couldn’t quite grasp […]

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This is what you need to pack for a trip to Sweden

A bustling city, brightly coloured, historic buildings all around. Wide open spaces, houses painted deep red and sailboats gliding by. Locals sipping coffee, sharing a laugh, surrounded by lush greenery. Multi-billion dollar tech companies, innovators, and unicorns. Sweden is a unique mix of things and a visit here is not just about seeing the history […]

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This is what you need to pack for Kuala Lumpur

A sprawling city where huge skyscrapers tower overhead, the glittering lights of the Petronas Towers making them look like Great Gatsby-style antiques. In side streets, vendors selling a huge array of quick bites, entire streets dedicated to food and an incredible, multicultural mix of people. If you haven’t visited before, Kuala Lumpur is a feast […]

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What to pack for a trip to Vietnam

I‘ve been lucky enough to visit Vietnam a few times and it remains one of my favourite destinations in South-East Asia. It has a distinctly peaceful vibe to it, a relaxing atmosphere that should feel strange given the constant buzzing of scooters and local chatter on the streets. All the same, it’s incredibly peaceful and […]

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What to pack for a trip to Cambodia

Planning a trip to Cambodia and freaking out because you have no idea what to pack? I feel ya. My packing routine consists of me procrastinating for as long as possible, then panicking at the very last moment and throwing whatever I can find in my house at my suitcase. It’s wild. To help you avoid finding […]

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What to pack for a trip to Germany

Planning a trip to Germany? Whether you’re visiting Berlin or Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt or even Düsseldorf, you’re in for an amazing time. Germany is a beautiful place and has recently climbed its way up the list of my favourite European countries. I fell in love with the warm, welcoming locals and their cool sense of […]

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