Europe, Sweden

Everything you need to know about visiting Stockholm

A city of contrasts, forward-thinking and ultra-modern, breaking boundaries and setting standards, set among centuries-old buildings and a rich history. Stockholm is a buzzing hive of activity, a beacon of change, peace, love and acceptance. Streets adorned with quaint cafe’s and Fika-loving locals, modern design and ancient architecture. It is, without a doubt, a feast […]

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Know Before You Go, Sweden

16 Things you need to know before visiting Sweden 

A bustling city, brightly coloured, historic buildings all around. Wide open spaces, houses painted deep red and sailboats gliding by. Locals sipping coffee, sharing a laugh, surrounded by lush greenery. Multi-billion dollar tech companies, innovators, and unicorns. Sweden is a unique mix of things and a visit here is not just about seeing the history […]

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Europe, Spain

The Mediterranean beach destination you need to know about…

Benidorm is arguably the favourite Spanish destination for British holidaymakers; a vibrant, fun resort town that’s been a magnet for holidaymakers for almost five decades. Visitors are drawn back time and time again to this Costa Blanca town by the superb nightlife, excellent eateries and the great variety of accommodation. But perhaps Benidorm’s greatest selling […]

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Europe, Iceland

Where to stay in Iceland: Luxe to Less 

It’s safe to say Iceland is one of my favourite places I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Matt and I found ourselves in this magical place after living in London for a short time, craving big adventures and far-off lands we’d always dreamed of seeing. Even though we were flat broke, we scrimped and […]

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Europe, Germany

The essential first timer’s guide to Frankfurt!

Planning you’re first ever trip to Frankfurt? Well, you’ve chosen a mighty fine part of Germany to visit, so congratulations there. I had my first visit to Frankfurt recently and was blown away by the contrast in old and new. One minute you’re overlooking a bustling business district, walking between skyscrapers and the next you’re […]

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Europe, Germany, What to pack

What to pack for a trip to Germany

Planning a trip to Germany? Whether you’re visiting Berlin or Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt or even Düsseldorf, you’re in for an amazing time. Germany is a beautiful place and has recently climbed its way up the list of my favourite European countries. I fell in love with the warm, welcoming locals and their cool sense of […]

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