North America, USA

Seattle’s Most Scenic Day Trips for the Nature Lover

A quick google search of ‘Things to do in Seattle’ reveals that there is no mystery as to why Seattle is nicknamed the Emerald City. Seattle is green almost year round with its ever-present evergreens and plethora of other trees, shrubs, ferns, moss, and wildflowers that thrive in the region year round. Whether the skies […]

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New Zealand, Oceania

5 of the most beautiful hikes to venture on in New Zealand

With one-third of the country considered protected national parks, New Zealand is a hiker’s paradise. With mountain ranges so ruggedly beautiful that they have inspired the career paths of some of the world’s most esteemed mountaineers, rivers so blue that they will have you questioning if someone has run amok with a paintball gun, and landscapes […]

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Australia, Oceania, Tasmania

How to spend a luxurious long weekend in Launceston

To be completely honest, when I first began planning my trip to Launceston, I found myself a little underwhelmed with the options that my online research suggested for things to do and see in and around the city. Whilst Cradle Mountain acted as the setting for my daydreams for many, MANY years, the lack of other things […]

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Croatia, Europe

5 Things you really, really need to do in Dubrovnik!

I can be a bit full-on when traveling, trying to fit as much as I can into a day; wanting to appreciate every square centimetre of a new destination. Although I am highly partial to this pace – preferring to rest in between destinations on trains, planes or automobiles (which I’ve become disturbing good at […]

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Asia, Japan

How to spend one day in Osaka…

Osaka might not be quite as beautiful as Kyoto or quite as exciting as Tokyo, but it’s still well worth a visit! Not only does it have one of the most famous castles in Japan, it is also known as the nation’s kitchen. Expect lots of delicious food. But first, watch this… Try some French […]

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